Best Birthday EVER!

Hi y’all!  I have taken two days off from writing, and I need to catch up.  Saturday we did a shorter walk, 47 minutes 1.89 miles, because company was coming.  I used the two-pound weights.  I didn’t care for those because they aren’t made of the mushy stuff and my sweat just beaded up and made them slick.  Annie said the next time I could just use her set of one pound ones together with mine and walk that way.  And talk this way….ha!  Hope y’all got that.  Anyway, I did that today but more on that later.  While walking we heard something snorting at us in the woods and on the other side of the road something that sounded like metal falling.  Odd.

We grilled out Saturday for our anniversary.  We have been married 17 years now.  It was a rare occasion for Derek and I both to be home at the same time for it but we were.  We grilled out corn, taters, burgers and dogs.  My brother, my best friend of (it will remain unnamed) many years Larry was here, and Annie’s friend Cody from work came out.  We had a good time, food was good and Larry and Derek played music.  We refuse to say how many years we have been best friends.  Just one of those things, ha!  I am sure they all got tired of me hashing out the Rob Thomas concert but they never said a word.

In the afternoon we had to make a birthday cake run.  The next day, the 21st, was my birthday.  I was born in the daytime which in my opinion is pretty odd.  Guess that explains me.  Ha!  We ran to Wal-Mart.  On the way there I played the concert for my brother to hear.  With our VIP pack we got a bracelet that gave us a code to be able to download exclusive content.  That content was the whole Indy show!  I am so thrilled to have a copy of it!  It has some new stuff on it that I will get another copy of as soon as the album comes out.  And it is just awesome because for me I remember what I was thinking and feeling at every moment during the show.  The sound quality is awesome too.  Anyway, I played that all the way to Wal-Mart and home and he thought it was pretty awesome.  Also we framed our signatures.  I will add a photo below.  I will also re-add the link to the video of him signing it for me since it was messed up the last time.


Another couple of observations about our show.  The lady who kept trying to get us to notice her apparently didn’t realize she was in the presence of greatness–Rob Thomas.  I did.  🙂  Also, there weren’t any scalpers or people trying to buy tickets out front of the venue.  I was glad.  I don’t like stuff that is annoying and that is.

We get to Wal-Mart and are faced with the dilemma of what cake to get.  We both don’t need it, but birthdays only roll around once a year so we did anyway.  We got the chocolate and the white one.  I had to have the flower piece, of course, because that is what we do when it is your birthday.  The birthday person of course gets the flower.  Do I believe that having some cake is going to rimrack my diet?  No.  Do I believe if I eat that every day in some capacity or another it will?  Yes.  Absolutely.  So I have enjoyed it now, and I am good.  I even bought some pop to have over the weekend and  I didn’t have that.  There is some debate over whether diet pop is good for you with the aspartame or not.  I stand on that without an opinion. I use sweetener in other stuff, and in the water flavors.  I guess it is as healthy as a chemically created compound can be, but when you are trying to fight off diabetes to keep it from developing, sugar is the enemy.  I guess we do trade one evil for another but I have noticed that you don’t consume sweetener as readily as you do sugar.  I guess that is a plus.  Or I should say I don’t.  I did notice this too.  After not eating sugar for almost 9 weeks, since this starts week 9 of the diet and week 8 of exercise,  I sure did get a bit stoned on the sugar from the cake.  Ha!

So my brother and I planned some stuff that we want to do soon.  One thing is in September Annie and I have a concert in Lexington Kentucky.  On the way home, we are going to see if we can take a tour of Waverly Hills in Louisville.  (Bear with me as I know some of this is a repeat.)  I mentioned to him about going to the concert and to Waverly.  He is going to go with us and hang out in the hotel and work while we go see the show.  That will be awesome!  Having him along is a hoot.  He acts about like I do, or rather I act like him since he is older.  The kids act like me.  You see the pattern here. For example, Annie stopped me this morning on our walk, pointed, and said branch, and took off walking.  There was a tree branch in the road and she apparently felt she needed to point it out to me.  I am really happy with how they both have turned out so far and with how they act, which is more and more like me every day. More on that later.

The next day, the 21st, is my birthday.  As you already know, Annie gave me tickets to Rob Thomas, second row, which ended in a meet and greet with an autograph.  That was a dream come true!  My Secret Sister at church gave me a Denny’s gift card, which is my favorite restaurant, and two light up yard spinners!  They are awesome!  Later that afternoon, Annie couldn’t sleep so she blogged then she randomly tweeted to Rob Thomas.  Here is what she said.

About three minutes later she came running out of her room and told me to look.  She was absolutely flabbergasted.  This is what I found.

I almost come undone.  She almost come undone.  Rob Thomas took time, again, to talk to his fans.   I just think more of him every day.  I knew when I first heard him that he was awesome and now I have proof.  Thank you again Rob, if you ever happen to read this.  Two of your biggest fans are in Indiana.  You sure made my birthday rock!

Annie and Jeffrey both are two of the greatest kids ever.  She went out of her way to get those tickets, wait with me to get the autographs and then try to get him to tell me happy birthday.  Jeffrey was talking to me this morning and told me that he can tell I am losing weight but I was just fine the other way too.  He has a heart of gold.  I wouldn’t trade them for anything. They both deserve son and daughter of the year awards.

And we can’t forget Ben Gleib last week told me happy birthday too.  I also had so many birthday wishes on Facebook that I couldn’t keep up with them.  This birthday has been one of the best ever.  They are all good knowing I made it another year and spending it with family.  This one was just totally special.  I just want to say thank you all to everyone who made this birthday a special one!

Today was back to normal, sort of.  We walked this morning, 1.71 miles and 54 minutes.  We shortened it a bit today.  That thing was still snorting at us in the woods.  Originally thought it was deer humping (ha go ahead and laugh) but if they are still going strong after three days…..well that isn’t it.  My Mom said it was most likely a mama deer with a baby.  My uncle apparently tangled with one of those once.  I decided I didn’t want to tangle with that so we went another way.  On the other way we decided that maybe it was a Bigfoot.  We were then trying to figure out what we would do if we found one or what the Bigfoot hunters would do.  That is one question I would ask.  Once you find one, what are you gonna do with it?  I am not sure if they are friendly or not so this may take some thought.  Some states say it is illegal to shoot one, so that is out.  I hope it is a friendly one.  Like I said, as long as it lets me take pics, I am cool.

So we changed routes and went back down the hill and up and then back up again.  I had no issues with huffing and puffing too bad or breathing in general or dizziness.  That is good.  Tomorrow we are going to do the same thing again and see how it goes.  I want to work up to going to the crossroads here, which is down a smaller hill, up a large one, down a dip and back up and then you are there.  Once I get that, then I want to walk to circle, around the neighborhood.  I will get there.  For whatever reason we think that walking the hills is much better for us.  We like to believe that it works the guts and the butt more.  And the legs too of course.  I just want to get more of that burn in because it helps.  I also took a handful of two one pound weights and walked with those in each hand.  That still seems to be doing some good.  Lots of good really.  Still been hot, still really buggy in the mornings. That one stupid bug seems to like to fly in, land, and be obnoxious but only on the pavement part and only in a specific part of the woods.  I am going to look it up and see what it is and what repels it.  If it says to wash in tomato juice I would be tempted to just to repel it.  The dragonflies thought have disappeared too.  I rarely see one of those anymore.  I still plan on Googling them I just haven’t yet.

Our deep freeze has gone on the fritz.  I am not sure how we will handle that but we will figure out something.  I am about all typed out for today.  I have much more but I can catch up tomorrow again. Y’all have a great night!



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