Hi y’all!  Today we walked the harder hills again.  We did 1.52 miles, for 43 minutes.  Again it isn’t the longest time or mileage but it is up and down some serious hills.  It was close to 80 this morning when we walked.  It was so muggy and sticky too.  I hope the hills help me lose a little better.  I also have been eating a bit more it seems.  I am not sure why.  I just feel hungrier.  I know I go through these weird phases where I am hungry then I eat less.  Must be the time for the hungrier phase.  I hope that I can get that regulated.  I don’t usually have any trouble but I don’t want to start now.

I had talked yesterday about trying to go back to work at the group home that I used to work at.  I found out today that I got the job!  I am actually thrilled.  I missed the girls there. I have over the last few years been split about going back.  I want to think that my schooling will pay off and I can get a job to make 7 figures (HA!  I really need to start my career in comedy with that attitude).  But I feel pulled to go back there.  I have dreamed of it.  And out of over 300 (!) applications, yes over 300, since I had to leave there in 2010, this is the place that takes me back.  I am so very thankful but I am so split in my head.   I want to be able to do more with myself.  I am so split between wanting to finish my Master’s degree and just going to a regular job, saving for vacations like a normal person, and proceeding with normal life.  But yet I also feel called to pursue higher education.  Honestly, I think that helping the people with their everyday goals is a good way to do more with myself.  I may as well face the fact that I have missed the place and enjoy helping those girls.  If you are fuzzy on what a group home is, then feel free to ask. I am going to run on the assumption that you know.  Also, the biggest thing I don’t want to admit is this:  I was good at this job and interacting with them yesterday, I see I haven’t forgotten or lost my ability.  So many things to contemplate.  Bottom line is this: God wants me there. First place in 5 years to welcome me with open arms.  God must want me there and made a way.  So here I go.

I don’t have too much to say tonight which is a rare occasion.  I have had good news today and some other rather sucky parts that just disgust me.  But I will get through because God will see me through.  Have a good night y’all!



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