Friday and some Goodies!

Hi ya’ll!  We walked for 56 minutes 2.31 miles.  It seemed like it was really hot this morning which was causing me to huff up the hills.  I still walked though.  I will keep it up because I am getting back into ol clothes that I haven’t been able to fit in.  I am liking that.  On our walk we again hashed out the Rob Thomas concert and the stuff that was coming today.  We had no idea what that was going to be in the VIP package.  It showed up today and we had a USB bracelet, that we will actually get the songs and the talking from the Indy concert, a pen, a leather-bound diary with RT on it and a lighter.  All those things are ultra cool and I can fit in the USB bracelet.  I plan on downloading the concert shortly.  Annie already downloaded her copy.

I got back and got my breakfast and got lunch and we ran in town.  Annie wanted to get a couple of tattoos.  Don’t panic, they are very cute and very small.  I like them.  As long as she is happy.  I sent her to Wal-Mart this evening and she got caught out in the rain storm that is coming through.  It has rained and rained and tomorrow that silly tropical storm is supposed to dump a bunch of rain on us.  Argh.  As long as it stops huffing and puffing and blowing up tornadoes out of the woodwork.  I am grilling tomorrow whether it rains or not.  We pretty well have stuff cleaned up so all I need to do is walk in the morning, read my devotionals and start preparing to grill.

Ok so tomorrow we are supposed to grill out.  Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary, been married for 17 years.  And Sunday is Father’s Day and my birthday.  I will be 39.  We were married on a Saturday so that is cool.  It has been an interesting 17 years.  Marriage isn’t easy.  It truly requires work and sacrifice.  But it seems like this far in we have that figured out (mostly).  We have seen some things that were extremely hard–Jeffrey having leukemia at age 10, his Mom and Dad passing away, and other things such as loss of income and hard times with stuff in general.  I have been so poor that I didn’t have a quarter for a quarter pop.  I have also had enough money to be fine until payday.  We have had stuff turned off, had to do without something we really wanted, and all sorts of stuff.  At other times we have been able to not have a care in the world.  But we made it.  I also suspect we will make it the next 17 and the next 17 after that.  God has seen us through and I have no doubts that He always will.  Happy Anniversary!  I love you!  ( I know you will read this.)

That is about all I have for today.  I am beat.  Will blog tomorrow I suppose and if not I will talk again on Sunday!  Have a great weekend!



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