Weight Loss! And a Stowaway!

Hi y’all!  Miss me?  I didn’t have time last night to write much after VBS and then Twitter just took a major puke on me Tuesday so I thought I would give it a day to get itself fixed.  And it did.  So yesterday I did 1.48 miles for 45 minutes.  It was very hot yesterday morning even though I was walking really early in the morning.  But I did it.  I did the driveway deal yesterday because I just didn’t feel like doing the hill in the heat.  The ones that are necessary between here and the driveway are bad enough in the heat.  And I took my weights.  I can still tell differences in my arms and my legs and in how I breathe and things when I walk.  And my clothes are still fitting looser so that is good.  Today I only did 1.35 but that was over the course of the day and since I had an appointment today I had to keep,  I will take this.  I am seeing the results though.  At my appointment I was weighed and I am down 4 more pounds which make this 28 pounds total weight loss.  Yay!  I can and I am doing this!  I am still not sure if it will give me the end result that I want as far as my health goes but at least I will look and feel better and will be able to walk with no issues.  I am just going to keep going and get myself healthy on many accounts regardless of how this affects the diabetes aspect.

So today I had an appointment and on the way into town we kept hearing something.  I stopped the car and sure enough, we had a stowaway!  A kitten had gotten into the engine part and it was just sitting in there mewing at us.  He wasn’t hurt or anything so he just got to ride in the car and hang out until we got home.  I am not sure why he got in there.  It sure hasn’t been cold, which is why they climb into engine compartments or at least the main reason why.  I guess maybe it was just done sitting outside or something and decided to get into it.  It is ok though, it was reunited with its mom.  Now it is just chasing us everywhere and seems to know us now unlike before its car ride!  Silly cats!

Tonight we had 10 at VBS.  I really enjoy doing the VBS.  I have a good time and the kids seem like they have a good time as well.  I hope we have as many tomorrow too.  Tomorrow we learn about Daniel and the Lion.  I have found some really good videos to show this time so that has worked out well.

I had been tweeting to Idiotest on Twitter and wasn’t sure they were getting any of my tweets but they responded today so that was cool.  I haven’t posted many tweets lately but I am going to post this one.  It was just cool.  🙂

I am also getting ready to link up with Iveth on fortheloveto.com  Please link up with her, she has an awesome site!

Also I have 1137 hits on this site now, 6 bloglovin followers and 55 subscribers on here.  Thank you all so much!  Keep following and telling everyone, would love to have more readers!

And a quick catch up on the 30 day challenge.

Day 20–Do you wear glasses?  And if you do, what are they for?  Well I wear them because I can’t see! Ha!  That is about half right.  I started in 3rd grade telling my Mom that I couldn’t see out of my left eye.  It was like there was a black thing in the middle of my eye and I couldn’t get the whole picture.  I have had to wear glasses since I was 9.  Dr then said it was lazy eye but several years ago I had heard tell of someone else having lazy eye and they had surgery to correct it.  Just the last time I was to the eye Dr two years ago they said I had farsightedness with an astigmatism.  What that translates into is slight Coke bottle lenses.  And as my sight gets worse with age, they will get thicker.  I used to have a huge one on the left but they cut some of it down since that eye will never get better which brings us to the next reason I wear them, and that is to protect my eyes.  But now at my ripe old age of 39,  I truly do need them as my vision is getting worse.

Day 21–Your favorite subject to study.  Well anything computers, the Bible, history specifically from the Pilgrims up until Anne Frank’s time, and ghost stories.  I love to read anything basically.  Been grooving on biography/autobiography stories in the last few years. And cooking.  I love to learn new things there.

This is all I have for tonight.  I have to go to work tomorrow.  I am still really struggling with the concept that I am supposed to be there and the fact that I can’t shake some of the feelings not necessarily of hatred but of dread that  I had the last time.  I pray to get this figured out but I am not having much luck.  I guess I will have to see if the reason I am there is revealed to me.  Also, please continue to pray for my niece.  She is still have issues.  And my brother got to come home Saturday and is doing great!  Please continue the prayers for him too.  Thank you all!

Have a great night, y’all!



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