Nate Ruess!

Hi y’all!  I am back!  I have been so busy and worn out that I just took a few days to get things together and now I am back.  I am glad to be back although this week will still be extremely busy.  Saturday I did 2.3 miles at work and shopping then I came home and walked for 40 minutes which made the total for the day 3.82 miles.  When I got home from work, and got my Mom’s groceries put away and the church decorated for VBS, it was almost dark but we went anyway.  Those hills really got me!  I huffed and puffed up that one that gets me all the time.  Mercy it was rough!   I even had a few second pause.  But I moved on.  My daughter told me I was huffing an awful lot, and I responded with I did though didn’t I and didn’t give up!  The second hill on the go back Saturday was ok.  I dealt with it ok.  When we got back we were sweating up a storm.  Literally.  I haven’t been that hot for a long time walking.  It seems like when I walk I don’t sweat much, but when we stop I sweat and it literally pours.  I thought your body was supposed to sweat to cool you off but I don’t get extremely hot when I walk contrary to how I feel most of the time.  I am not going to argue that but you would think you would sweat a bit.  Well I do but I guess the real sweat session comes after you stop.  I have been out of the loop of the hills now for a while.  I still get my time in, at work or whatever, but I think there are more benefits to walking, for a consistent amount of time, at once.  This week I will be able to get on that.  Also every week when I tell say I am going to crank down my carbs I end up not being home to do so.  This week though, I will.  Yesterday I rather well and had a small piece of pie for dessert.  Today has been well so far and I intend to keep that way, at least in my range that I try to hit.  Yesterday was church and I didn’t walk but we finished the decorating and I ended up doing 1.18 miles doing that.  It is good to take what I can get as far as walking goes when I can’t hit it like I need to.  This morning though, we did 43 minutes and 1.37 miles which will go up after VBS tonight I am sure.  That hill that gets me?  I puffed up it this morning and it wasn’t so bad.  Didn’t take so long to get back in the loop.  And the second one wasn’t too bad either. I powered up it and kept on going.  It did drizzle on us a bit this morning.  We saw our rabbit in a different place and we think it was another one.  And no bullfrogs tried to get us.  🙂  I guess that walking all the time is like riding a bike.  Once you get out of it for a minute, and when you start back up, it is like you never stopped.  I can really tell a difference.  Remember I said I wouldn’t huff and puff in Cincinnati?  I didn’t!  I hit that goal!  Now I guess I need to set another one.  I am torn between fitting in smaller pants or not huffing and puffing doing certain things.  I think I better stick with the huffing and puffing thing since I think that I need to be able to walk more and in better health than my pants size, but that is important too in order to hopefully stop diabetes before it starts.  Whew!

It seems like I feel better if I get my walk in every day.  I just cannot seem to get myself to relax.  It is like my muscles tense up and I cannot get them to wind down.  I don’t know if it is just me, or I just can’t seem to let go because I expect the hammer to drop on something or what.  I hope to get un-tired this week.  I can keep on wishing.  And this ignorant cold I caught, it has gone except for snot stringing down my throat.  That is driving me mad.  I hope that goes on too.  I do say with not smoking for as long as I have, colds are not as severe as they used to be.  Annoying still but not as bad.

We decorated Saturday and yesterday for our VBS at church. The theme is Underdogs of the Bible.  It will be a really good VBS.  Today I think we start with Joseph.  Jeffrey will be doing crafts.  If you are close we would love to have you come out.  It will be a good time!

And now we come to Nate Ruess.  My daughter, as you know, loves to do stuff and I usually get to help pick these things or suggest things.  So now we are going to see Nate Ruess, from fun. in September.  Oh that will be good!   I like several of fun.’s songs and I like his solo stuff.  It ought to be good.  Will of course post pics.  I wonder if he will sign afterward?  Will find out I guess!

I have had several  cool things on Twitter.  Of course, Idiotest interacts with me all the time and that is cool.  Wish I knew who was running that account, if it was Ben Gleib or someone else.  I may have to ask someday.  I have met several mom bloggers on there that I connect with and I thank all of them for that, and several blog retweeters that I really enjoy and I thank for retweeting me, including The Blog Centre and a few others. The Blog Centre mentioned me in their newsletter they sent out today.  You can read it here: Blog Centre. Thank you again for featuring me!!!  And Daniel Goddard, who plays Cane on the Young and the Restless favorited a tweet I sent to him.  So all that is cool.

I also better catch up the 30 day blog challenge.

Day 14–Do you have siblings?  Talk about them or what it’s like to be an only child.  I have a brother, that I have talked about many times.  He is the most awesome brother in the world.  He has had my back from day one, vowing to always look out for me no matter what.  When my Dad wasn’t around he did a good job of doing those things that he was supposed to do.  He has always helped me out and then some.  And an update on him, he got to come home Saturday and is doing very well after his surgery.  I am so thankful to God for that!  I would do anything in this world for him, and him for me.

Day 15–Tell us your favorite junk food.  Well believe it or not, I can take junk food or leave it.  With this diet, I don’t get much obviously.  If I had to pick one, I like Reese’s anything, and  I love cake but I am not sure you count that as junk food or dessert.  There is no junk food out there that I can’t live without but I guess my favorite would be pop.

Day 16–Your favorite Disney Princess movie.  Hmm.  I guess Beauty and the Beast.   That is my favorite one, went to see it in the theater when I was a kid.

Day 17–My thoughts on Ugg boots.  Not for me.

Day 18–Do you drink soda more often than milk?  I suppose I used to but I drink more tea and water than anything.

Day 19–The initials of your crush.  I am married so that don’t count.

The 30 day challenge is caught up.  If there is anything you want to know about me, or want me to blog about, just comment it to me.  I would love to answer things!  I think I will close it for now.  I need to get lunch and get ready to head to VBS.  Have a great day y’all!



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