VBS! Exciting News!!

Hi y’all!  I hope y’all are doing well.  Before I even get into my walking stuff I have some exciting news I cannot wait to share! I will be helping my friend Iveth over at fortheloveto.com host her link-up!  I am very excited about this opportunity and look forward to reading new blogs and meeting new people!  Thank you Iveth for the opportunity to do this!  It is going to be great!!!!  I will have more information posted later in the week!  Please feel free to check it out, link-up and share the news!

Yesterday I did 47 minutes which was 1.61 miles.  I didn’t get much walking done today but I had to undecorate the church from VBS and I worked so I did 1.75 miles doing all that so I will take it.  I have been doing relatively well with my eating again but I have to say I had a milkshake today.  I didn’t care, I was needing something to pep it up a bit and that helped.  Of course it doesn’t help that the best milkshakes are right here in my hometown.  I have had milkshakes in a few places in my life but Bo-Macs is the best.  No contest.  Anyway, I have been able to crank the food down a bit and escape a lot of the restaurant food which has helped.

The walking is helping too although I have to say that there is a very confusing thing going on that I cannot figure out for the life of me.  They say to walk, to lose weight and to get healthy all the way around.  Some of the issues I have had with my back should leave when I start walking.  Once I get walking and get some weight off I should start having less pain there.  Well, no.  It seems like I walk in the mornings, and things are good.  I then go to work or whatever it is I am going to do, and driving tears my knee up.  Walking further at work tears my knee and my back up.  I sit it hurts.  I stand it hurts.  I walk it hurts.  But I keep going which I think is what I need to do but again am I just messing things up?  I am not sure but I do know I am perplexed with this and this will be a topic to address at my next Dr appointment.  I sure don’t know what is going on but I know i am tired of it.  And for the record, I am a very busy person.  I have had to go back to work part-time and I do tell you that if I worked full-time that whoever had decided that two days off work was enough to rest up, they are wacko. Certifiably and completely wacko.  I can’t get rested up with what I have working fifteen hours a week!  Holy cow I don’t know what is happening!

I have had VBS all week.  I have had such a great time!  I just do what I think God is directing me to do and VBS is one of those things.  On the last day we had a drawing for some prizes but everyone got something.  And the thing they looked forward to?  The Pastor and my son Jeffrey both got hit in the face with some cream pies!  That was a hoot!  When we lured them to come over to where we were, the kids were hesitant to throw the pies at them, although they know they were supposed to!  But it was good times!  We studied the underdogs of the Bible–Joseph, Daniel, Esther, and David.  It was very good.  I look forward to doing it again next year!

On the way to town today, there was a little baby deer just walking up the road.  It still had its spots!  It wasn’t the least bit afraid.  We were afraid someone was going to come along and hit it so I tooted my horn and it jumped off into the weeds.  We figured it lost its mom somewhere and couldn’t find her.  I hope it found her.  Stuff like that bugs me.

So the husband tags me in a post on Facebook of this old country song.  I look it and the lyrics up and it was apparently considered a very racy song in the day and was apparently banned off the radio, I believe I had read.  Ha!  It was quite mild compared to what is out there today.  I am going to see if I can find it and link it up here so y’all can see it.

Work this week went much better.  I am not sure what my problem has been.  I am so torn between getting my dream job, and God only knows what that may be, and between being there.  I don’t know what I am doing wrong because regardless of how many resumes I send out, I never get a call back.  I know that maybe I need to call them, but I don’t want to be a stalker.  I have had some places tell me not so nicely that if they are interested they will call me.  Although this week was good there are some days like today that makes me question anything I have ever done and if I am or ever will be good at anything.  I feel like I have lost my touch or something.  I think maybe I am just very tired and I need to rest. I think I will get myself back together this week.  I know I will.

I think that is all I have for now.  I look forward to helping host the link-up party!  Have a great night y’all!



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