Rob Thomas! Impractical Jokers! Weight going DOWN!

Hi y’all!  I know it has been a while!  While I have been gone I have been working the new job.  Still loving it!  They truly do make me feel like I am welcome and definitely don’t make me feel like I am a new hire.  All those are good things in a job!  I walk a lot there.  A LOT.  It is mostly spinning circles but it is there.  I kept my phone in my pocket the other day, and one day I walked almost 5 miles and yesterday, Monday, it was almost 6!  I am not sure but I think this will be doing me some good.  Does anyone have an opinion about that?  I am beat by the time I get home and walking for another half hour is almost out of the question. I have decided to start doing sit ups before bed and when I get up.  When I get up may not happen this week, but the before bed is.  I have been needing to do some toning like this anyway so I hope that that along with the excessive walking will keep it going.  On days when I am not at work, I plan on walking.  That may be only one or two days a week at this point. I am also cutting down how much I eat.  I have been eating a few carbs but I don’t overload on them and try to stay within my 20-50 a day.  If I go over 1 or 2 it is ok.  I had been drinking sweet pop and tea at work only so I could have some caffeine since I go in at like 7 in the morning, but I cut that out this week.  I am taking my water flavor packets and putting it in tap water.  That water stays so cold in the foam cups at work.

But, BUT, I had to take Jeffrey to the doctor last week and I am down 35 pounds!  35 since April!  Holy cow!  I did this by walking, cutting carbs, cutting sugar out completely, and drinking water.  I will tell y’all though, I have had some cake and things along as I go.  I think 35 in 4 months isn’t too bad if y’all ask me.  I made the commitment to do this and I am going to until I get to where 1. I want to be and 2. it will help my health.  I am not sure again if those two will be the same or not but we shall see.  And I also like the idea that I can eat what I want every so often.  It would be a miserable existence if I had to cut it all out NOW.  I could do it but it would suck.  I do know that it feels so nice to walk and your gut not flop, and to look down and see your gut going away.  And to put your hands on your hips and feel it going down.  It totally inspires me to continue on and keep going.  And I am fitting in 1 to 2 sizes smaller shirts.  I haven’t fit in those in forever!

Ok on to some other news.  School is back in.  I know this semester is going to suck.   There is a lot of reading in one of my classes and the other is starting on my Master’s research paper.  I need to have the first part of that done by the 24th and I am still swirling around the topic in my head.  I am at a loss.  I will get it I hope.

Remember how we got to see Rob Thomas in June?  Well guess what?  He is going to be around here close again and we have PIT seats this time!  Holy smokes!  She got us seats to see him again.  Only my daughter!  I cannot wait for this!  I hope he signs again after the show.  I know we already got to meet him once but I wish I could do it again.  And maybe a pic this time!  That would blow my mind…..

EVEN more news:  I know y’all have frequently read about me posting something about the Impractical Jokers.  I have never in my life watched a TV show that can make me laugh that much.  I have seen funny stuff, don’t get me wrong.  They are just on a different level of funny and I love it.  Anyway, they are touring this fall, and we have been waiting for this.  We have FRONT ROW PIT SEATS WITH A MEET AND GREET!  HOLY SMOKES!  I am so excited I cannot wait!  Y’all thought I was going to be nervous to see Rob and get a chance to meet him, y’all ain’t seen nothing yet!  Somehow I kept it together with Rob.  I do say that I drive along and it occurs to me frequently that I have MET Rob Thomas and I have met Isaac Slade TWICE.  It just boggles my head.  🙂   I hope I don’t have a spazz of some sort when I get to meet them.  Just an FYI, I love them all but Q is my favorite.  I am sure my daughter will video my reaction especially if it turns out that I have a tizzy.  Ha!  My daughter was determined that at any cost we were going to see and meet the Impractical Jokers.  And we are.  🙂

Tomorrow our #Alittlebitofeverything link-up party will open.  Please invite all your friends that blog and retweet for us!  We want to see everyone who blogs join in.  It is a wonderful way to meet new people and find some awesome blogs to read.  I have read so many good blogs out there!  I have a blast every week doing this with Iveth from over at  Stop by and say hi to Iveth.  And if you would, say a prayer for her and her family. I think the world of her and want to thank her again for inviting me to help with her link-up!   Information on the link-up including my featured blogger will be posted here tomorrow.  We hope to see y’all there!

I think I have rattled long enough.  I will have more later in the week I am sure.  I just don’t have as much time as I did but I will blog when I can.  Have a great night y’all!



11 thoughts on “Rob Thomas! Impractical Jokers! Weight going DOWN!”

  1. Congrats on the weight loss and well done on sticking to it.
    The walking at work should count for something – do you count calories a good app for energy in and energy out is My Fat Secret, if you disciplined to record all you eat/drink and activity


  2. You are doing an amazing job! Great idea cutting out the sugary drinks this week- I’ll bet you’ll see your weight loss speed up. I’m not a certified trainer, but I am a fitness coach… and what I’ve seen in my clients is that walking at work, if it’s a daily activity… does not help much with weight loss. Our bodies tend to get used to the things that we do daily. Have you considered HIIT at all? Also, Impractical Jokers cracks me up every time AND I’ve had the pleasure of going to two Matchbox Twenty concerns years ago- a Rob Thomas concert sounds like so much fun!

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  3. I usually drink coffee at home and water with sugar free flavors but I hadn’t been having time to make coffee. I have cut all that I was drinking out again. I wasn’t drinking much but any is too much for the sugar content. I don’t miss it, I just wanted the caffeine. The one thing I do have going for me is that this is a part time job, and I haven’t been there long, so I am hoping that will work for me. The biggest thing I have issues with now is time. I don’t have time to walk, especially after I have spun circles all day and am about to drop. Nor do I have time to get much of anything else done. I am hoping in a few weeks I will get adjusted and be able to resume all my normal activities. In the mean time I plan on cranking down my portions and things so I don’t put any back on. I am so motivated but dadgum my time is so limited between work and school! I don’t know what HIIT is…..Impractical Jokers, I just love them and am sooo excited! And I got to see matchbox twenty several years ago, so this will be my third time of seeing Rob. I cannot wait for that too! We got to meet him last time so I hope we get to this time too! I am sure I will blog about it. Check out my other blog about Rob and The Fray if you get a chance! Thanks for reading! 🙂


    1. Oh my yes it is! I figure I will have a spazz when I get to meet them. I held it together with Rob and Isaac Slade, I hope I will be ok with them. I can’t wait! And I need to walk more not at work. Soon the walking I do at work won’t be doing any good for me anymore. Been so tired and busy but I will just have to make time again once I get used to this schedule. Thanks for reading!


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