A Little Bit of Everything Link-up #4

Hi y’all!  This week I will be co-hosting the #Alittlebitofeverything link-up again with Iveth from fortheloveto.com.  I am very, very excited that Iveth asked me to co-host the link-up again with her!  This is Iveth’s 11th link-up party and my 4th being the co-host.  Iveth, thank you for being such an awesome friend and thank you so much for inviting me to co-host again!  Be sure you swing by Iveth’s page and let her know how much you love her sharing the link-up every week.  I know I sure do!

Every week I will be featuring one of the blogs that received the most hits . This week’s post is from Kristen over at Musings of an Average Mom with How I more than doubled my Pinterest Followers in a Month.  Congratulations Kristen!

I would like to invite everyone to invite their friends and retweet this to everyone that you can.  The link-up is a great way to meet new people and read new blogs.  I hope that everyone who reads this will connect with our link-up!   Please retweet!!!

Here is how the link-up works:

The link-up is on from Wednesday until Saturday night to give enough time to all bloggers out there to come and share their favorite post with us. I hope y’all have an awesome time reading and commenting and meeting new people.

Link up rules

1. Comment on the hosts post to say hi, and comment on at least 2 other post, to start building our friendship

2. Share it on Twitter- mentioning @fortheloveto and@poothead using #Alittlebitofeverything, we will retweet it.
3. Finally, follow the host (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) and co-host(Twitter andFacebook) it would be great!

Any post (Beauty, PR, Lifestyle, Giveaway, etc) is welcome.. But remember they need to be family friendly
In order for the link-up to work, please comment! and share.

Click the button and follow the instructions to link-up!  Thanks for joining us this week!

Have a great night!  I look forward to reading all your blogs!



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