Tuesday Adventures

Hi y’all!  Don’t forget the link-up party starts tomorrow!  I hope to see everyone out there who has a blog linking up!  Or at least those who read my blog.  Pass it along to your blogger friends too.  It is a great way to meet new people and find awesome blogs to read.  Again I can’t thank Iveth enough for inviting me to help host her link-up party!  It is an honor.  Check out Iveth’s blog at fortheloveto.com.

Today I had to take my uncle to Rural King so I ended up walking 1.34 miles there.  How did I do that you ask?  Well it is a huge store, and everything has been moved so a lot of it is hunt and peck to find something, you know like how people type one-handed.  They look and look and finally find it.  So it was at Rural King.  We got that done and headed home.  On the way there we kept driving into what looked like a massive storm but it barely sprinkled on us.  That was good because it looked like a rough one.

We got home and I got lunch ready and took a nap (gasp! I know–I have been so tired lately).  I have been trying to crank the carbs down like the dr told me to do and also the exercise.  So there will be more crock pot cooking here and other things.  He also told me to eat more protein.  That will help me more than anything.  And he also mentioned about how now that I am not used to eating a bunch of sugar, how I will feel awful after I do.  I have indulged in a milkshake the other day and it was a reasonable amount so I didn’t feel too bad but I can tell a difference in how I feel when I eat more on the wrong side of things than I try to eat better.  It is just hard because again of being out and about a lot and also because finding low carb snacks is hard.  I almost wrote low barc.  I guess those may be hard to find too.

Fall must be going to be early this year.  The wind was blowing when we took our second walk and leaves that were yellow were falling.  And the grass–the grass is starting to die and look like it is fall.  I am ready for it.  Fall is my favorite time of the year.  It is cooler and it just feels good all the way around.

Later this evening we took another walk for 41 minutes 1.31 miles.  We walked to my Mom’s house.  Yes we went down the hill.  But I had Gary bring us back up the hill.  I am crazy but not THAT crazy. Last time I did that hill going up was the second day I had been walking when I started all this and I had to stop three times, and I felt dizzy and light-headed and I am not ready to try that again.  After I get another 20 off I will, but not now even with what I have lost so far.  I will get there. I just need to hammer down on the exercise so I don’t know if that means to walk more or add more.  I will get that adjusted too.  All I know is I need to kick it in gear somehow.  He also agreed that one day a week if I have done well I can have a few things I like.  Awesome!

Tomorrow Jeffrey goes back to school.  Tomorrow is also shopping day.  I don’t know much else new so I am going to stop here.  It is kind of short but that is ok every so often.  Have a great night y’all, and I hope to see you all at the link-up!



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