Just Another Monday and Upcoming Link-Up Party!

Hi y’all!  I am so excited because in the next day or two I will be hosting the link-up party with Iveth!  Look for that soon!  Please stop by and link-up your blogs!!!  Iveth is an awesome person and has a great blog over at fortheloveto.com.  Stop by and say hi!

Today I didn’t specifically walk because I knew I was going to have to go shopping for my Mom later in the day.  This awarded me with 1.37 miles and I will take that.  Wal-Mart about puts me down though.  Something about that floor just really kills me.  We got it done though.  Tomorrow will be a regular walk so I am excited about that.  I do have a question to pose to my readers.  What other things can I do that will help me lose more of my gut and get healthy?  I was never into push ups and sit ups and things like that so surely there has to be another way.  I have been sticking with my water better.  I haven’t had pop now for a few days and I don’t mind leaving it behind because even though I am busy I am still having time to make my tea in the mornings.  Those are good things.  I just need to figure out how to eat less carbs at work and on the go.  I had to take Jeffrey to the dr this morning and I asked him (the dr) and he gave me a few suggestions.  Scales still show I am almost 30 pounds down so I am not about to stop now.  He had several suggestions and I plan on following them.  I am still stumped by snacks but I am sure I will figure that out.

We did Jeffrey’s school shopping today.  We ended up with several good gel pens and 85, yes 85 tablets!  We all seem to run through tablets pretty wild around here so we stocked up.  At .17 apiece who wouldn’t?  Still need to get a graphing calculator for him.  The ones we looked at today were almost $100 each!  Holy cow!  I don’t think so.  I hope to find a cheaper one on Amazon or somewhere.  That is just highway robbery!  I hope they don’t assign some sort of wild assignment the first day because it may take a while to find a good one that isn’t so expensive.  I don’t need much like that for my classes, just pens and paper.  And books.  I will get those ordered next week.  I am doing the major project this semester and it really gives me a slight feeling of dread.  I have to do this in a scientific manner and what I wanted to do is apparently not scientifically measurable they way I wanted to do it.  I guess I will just need to rethink this situation or panic. I am leaning more toward number 2 there but I am not a panicker. I am not sure how long I have to complete this because I know that I will have to use a good chunk of that time to figure out what I am doing which was supposed to be done last semester or at least a good idea was supposed to be figured out.  All I figured out was I don’t know how to figure this out. Bleh. I will conquer this.  Somehow.

On the way home I passed Annie.  I always call her Is Nan, because she is Nan.  Ha!  So I pull up beside her, and holler Is Nan out the window.  She just told me in a message that that was a new one and I needed to blog about it.  So here ya go.  🙂  It was a new one.  And I will probably do it again.  Ha! Her schedule has gotten changed on her and I don’t get to walk with her as much as I would like to.  She has some days off coming up so hopefully we will get to walk again.  Or do something.  More like blow my diet at the Chinese place probably.

OK so back to the job thing.  I emailed a professor of mine from my old college who also happens to be a good friend of mine.  I asked him what I was doing wrong in my job search.  He basically explained that companies don’t do things like they used to.  And the job market was just harder and being called in for an interview is almost a thing of the past.  Well, I do say that doesn’t make me feel better but yet it does because maybe it isn’t me, for once it really is everyone around me. I don’t know but surely I will hit on something one of these days.  I am just disgusted because a BS is supposed to be that magic potion that helps you succeed.  I know I have a great job coming.  I just need to be patient.  And of course I can use him for a reference.  🙂  If you do happen to read this, your advice is priceless, regardless of what it may be.  Thank you.

I had tweeted to Ben Gleib the other day and he favorited the tweet so that was awesome!

And real quick the 30 day challenge catch up.  (Annie please catch yours up!  I miss reading your answers!)

Day 22-Do you play a sport?  If so tell us about it.  If not, tell us about another hobby.  Well, I used to play pool really well but I don’t much anymore.  I need to get me a pool table.  I love to watch baseball though.  I have many hobbies, including collecting ink pens, reading, writing, messing with my computer (a variety of things there–web design, fixing my own stuff, etc. since I am a computer geek ya know), walking, shopping, etc.  One of my favorite things to do is drive, so I love to go places.

Day 23–Your opinions on Lady Gaga.  Love her!  I love her music.  If you listen really close to her, she can sing anything in this world that you could imagine.  I would love to hear her put out some gospel songs.  Yes, I think she sings that well.

Day 24--Oh my, the last movie I saw in theaters I think was Toy Story 3.  That has been a while back.

Day 25–Tell us about the last book you read, for leisure or for school.  Well the last book I read was the Bible which I read in a bit ago.  But I read a few for school, one of which was “Borrowing Brilliance.”  It was an awesome book about how no idea is new–all ideas are borrowed and made your own.  I did a research paper on it, in the form of an interview, and got an A.  Professor said he hadn’t seen anyone do one like that and was happy with how mine turned out.  🙂

With that being said I don’t dread the research paper, it is the set up and execution of my data finding process that is killing me.  Bleh.

Tomorrow I gotta run out to Rural King and then I need to get my stuff ready for my missionary meeting on Wednesday.  I will be around though.  Have a great night y’all!



5 thoughts on “Just Another Monday and Upcoming Link-Up Party!”

    1. Thank you! I hope I can figure it out! I have always loved school shopping with my kids. They grow up too fast though. Thanks for reading and linking up! #Alittlebitofeverything


  1. I haven’t started any school shopping…I will be the one whose trying to scoop up the remaining scraps of what’s left when it’s the first day of school. A procrastinator I am. Welcome to the land of hosting a linky! Glad to see you as a co-hostess for the fab #alittlebitofeverything.

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