Walking, Laughing and a Tea Bath

Hi y’all!  Today I only did 2.26 miles but I did it between several stores.  I had to go in to work early this morning to be passed off on meds so that is done now.  Now I can successfully perform all aspects of my old/new/old job again.  I feel a little better about the whole situation now.  I think this will be a big help.  Or at least make me feel better.  So while talking to the nurse I was catching her up on what was going on with me, since I worked with her before I left when Jeffrey got sick.  I told her about my hyperglycemia and my quest to lose weight and all.  She told me some unsettling stuff that I already knew.  She said if I was going to get diabetes, I was going to get it regardless of what I do.  Well ok.  I knew that deep down inside but you hear so many stories of people overcoming it and whatever else.  But like I told her, even so, I will be looking better.  I went ahead and asked her what the normal blood sugar was for a non-diabetic.  She said it used to be 110 and below, and even 120 at one time but now it is 70-100.  Well if that is the case,  my fasting sugar is high every day.  I declared this evening that this may not be a bad thing but a blessing (always looking on the bright side I am).  If this is what it takes to get me to slim down and get my health together, then ok.  I can deal with it.  I don’t WANT it, but if it is what is dealt me, I am going to make the most of it,  In other words, if I find out at the next DR visit that I am developing it anyway no matter the weight loss, then I will deal.  That doesn’t mean I am going to eat like a hog and gain it back.  I have a vision and I must get there.

I returned home and ate.  I am still fighting the low carb thing when I go out to eat.  I have been out and about so much lately that I cannot seem to get it back under control.  Things are going to settle down and if I can at least keep the walking going, I shouldn’t put any back on.  I am worried because first of all I want to look better and be healthy but I also don’t want all I have done to be just for nothing.  Remember me talking about getting aggravated about repeating things?  Yeah.  You get it.

We went to go see my brother today.  Remember me talking about a relative that had major surgery recently?  It was him. I plan on doing a whole blog on that journey maybe tomorrow, maybe in the coming week.  I don’t know.  I just want to be able to logically put my thoughts together and that is coming soon.  Anyway, before anyone panics, he is doing great!  Says he feels better too.  We visited him for about 3 hours and then we went to get my VBS stuff.  Vacation Bible School is in about a week or so, so I needed to get all that stuff together.  If anyone is reading this that goes to church with me, thank you all so much for all the help to make this happen!  I couldn’t have done it without God’s and your support.  So in the middle of all this we decide to get something to eat since we had been out all day.  Let me tell you where that goes.

The food is good as always at Denny’s.  They go out and I pay the bill.  The guy behind the counter was talking to me about his gut that was all wrong.  Needless to say, that turned into an interesting conversation about running people out of bathrooms and you see where it went.  So I went to the car, told my Mom about it, and she clips off something totally hilarious as I am swigging my tea.  I, for real, sprayed it out my mouth, out my nose, all over my wheel, dashboard, shirt, pants, and the excess ran under my butt.  I look like a kid that was potty training that missed!  Oh my goodness!  I haven’t laughed that hard since we got into a laughing tizzy seeing my brother earlier.  He hadn’t laughed like that since his surgery he said and he thought it would do him some good.  That was hilarious too.  All in all it was a good day and I accomplished what I set out to accomplish.

Now I am still up and writing my blog.  I think I have been resting too much lately  I figured I would stay up a bit later, and get up early to walk, and rest all day tomorrow so Wednesday we can see our rescheduled Reds game.  I am beat.  When I say I am beat, I am not kidding.  My legs, my back, my knees, even my BACK FAT is hurting!  What in the world is so bad that your back fat has to hurt?  I don’t know but mine sure does.  I hope I can stretch out and just relax tomorrow.  And do laundry and walk of course.  And I think that is one reason too.  I need to consistency of walking EVERY day at the SAME time.  Otherwise my body does something ignorant like buck everything I want to do.

Now I need to play catch up with the 30 day challenge.  Here goes;

Day 9–Favorite meme at this time:  I have seen a few recently I like but I don’t remember them so let’s go with none.

Day 10–Talk about your pets, or pets you would like to have:  I have Sheba, a Min Pin, Tink, a Chihuahua, Max, a Min Pin and Shih Tzu mix, and Coco Chanel a German Shepard mix.  I also have Tubs, Carter, Toby, Izzy B and Jinx cats.  We have a few cats outside too, Jetty and Zippy and Shaleigh.  We love our critters.  Sometimes they understand me more than society.  The only thing I can say about pets I would like is that saying I saw a while back: I only regret I don’t have a mansion big enough to house all the homeless cats and dogs in the world.  I think it said cats, but I love dogs too.  I think I should have been a vet as much as I love critters.

Day 11–Your top three favorite bands:  Well this is easy.  Rob/matchbox twenty.  That was a no brainer.  Still can’t believe that after 20+ years I got to meet him! The Fray.  That was a no brainer too.  Still can’t believe that I got to meet and HUG Isaac Slade.  Hmm mhhmmm.  And Maroon 5.  That one needs no explanation I am sure.

Day 12–My thoughts or opinions about Harry Potter.  I have read them. I loved them.

Day 13–Your thoughts or opinions about Mean Girls.  I am not sure, the movie?  With Lindsay Lohan?  Is that it?  Is this the one where the one girl choked on a jawbreaker?  Meh, I didn’t care for it.

Well now that is caught up.  I hope they get better than that.  That is all for today.  Have a great night y’all!



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