The Serial Snorter Is…..

Hi y’all!  I had to work Saturday morning early after leaving later so I had to get home and rest.  Last night I was just too tired to even think about doing anything so I just rested.  I have to go in early in the morning for a while but I am going to blog.  I don’t feel so tired tonight thank God but I am still beat.

Yesterday I walked after I got home.  I had already walked around a mile at work, so then I did 1.4 miles in 88 degree weather that felt like 94 or so.  It was hot and very humid!  I didn’t care.  I did it anyway.  I have to.  I also took the weights again.  I am getting really discouraged though.  It seems like I can’t get my diet under control when I am out and I have had to be out the last three weeks or so.  I haven’t put any on but I don’t feel like I have walked enough to accomplish anything.  After next week I think things will settle down so I can get back in my normal routine.  I am going to crank the carbs down tighter tomorrow.  I am also going to cut out the pop again and drink just my tea and water.  I know and realize that I am not putting it back on but I also don’t want to risk that just because of my crazy schedule.  I guess I can’t shake the feeling that I think I should be further along than I am and I cannot figure out why.  Other than the fact I need to cut the carbs again and walk more but with my weird schedule and stuff,  I will just have to make time.  I do notice that I am getting smaller but not in my infernal chin.  Ugh.

So a while back we had changed up our routine due to some weird serial snorter we heard in the woods.  I have lived out here in the woods all my life and I cannot recall something that sounds like this.  When we went to see my Mom Friday I stopped and listened for this thing and sure enough,  I was able to record it good enough so we could hear it.  I took it to my uncle and guess what?  It was a bull frog!  I didn’t know no bull frogs snort at people!  Again I don’t mess with frogs and reptiles and things of that nature but there is an old pond there up in the woods where we were hearing the noise at and it is an old bull frog!  Well hmpff.  There goes the bigfoot dreams.  But it explains why it was there EVERY time we went by.  It lives there.  Not as exciting as I would have wanted it to be, but we can start back on our normal walking now and avoid that big hill if I want to.  Yesterday I did avoid it.  It was just too hot.

My Mom had an interesting conversation for me.  She asked me if I thought I was taking on too much today.  Nah, I told her.  I sometimes wonder myself.  I really wish I didn’t have to go back to work.  The last two weeks I feel like I have been flattened by a steam roller.  My back isn’t getting any better and my knees, especially my right one, is killing me.  You would think that that would stop with all the walking I am doing and the weight loss that is taking place.  And even if the weight slowing down, surely I am still strengthening my muscles, or loosening them up to work better, right? I am not sure what is going on.  That just adds to my frustration of trying to learn new co-workers and them trying to learn me.  I don’t feel like getting into that jazz but I have also come to the conclusion that I am different that I was before.  I have seen my son almost die. I have been saved of my sins. I don’t smoke anymore.  I have different priorities now. I can tell by my speech and my actions that I am NOT going to be the popular one at work.  That is ok.  I don’t care.  I am not there to amuse or please the co-workers.  I must remember to work at this job as if I am working for God.  If it wasn’t for that verse many times last week, I am not sure.  Honestly?  I think I am so dadgum tired that everything is irritating me.  I know full well that I am good at that job.  I know full well that I am not one to be lured into any foolishness.  I think that maybe I need to give it more time before I declare it a bust.  I was put there for a reason.  I am determined to figure out why.

Also we had another interesting conversation, me and my Mom today.  I was driving along and I told her to watch where I was going.  I had to wipe my eyes out since my eyes started burning and watering.  I told her to tell me which way I needed to since I couldn’t see anything.  She proceeded to tell me to go “thataway.”.  Thataway?  Which way is that?  I got a chuckle out of her because she didn’t know which way to tell me to go but thataway.  LOL yonder would have worked better……

I am just bleh here today.  I am still tired.  See, I just can’t seem to get it together for some reason.  I just don’t know what I think so stay tuned for that.  So let me go into some things that irritate me.  I heard one thing today that irritated me and there is a saying out there that irritates me.  I may have talked about it before but I am going to go into it again.  So the word blouse.  It is a shirt, not a blouse.  That word just irks me.  My Mom proceeds to tell me they used to be called shirtwaists. Well wow.  That would be kind of cool and old school to go back to talking about a shirt.  The other thing that bugs me is when people say “it is what it is.”  What???  It is what it is..  I am glad you pointed that out, Captain Obvious, because I had NO clue it wasn’t going to be what it isn’t.  I thought that was an unwritten rule.  It is obviously what it is because it isn’t going to be what it isn’t!!  Grr that one just annoys me!

I also have a badge up if anyone is interested.  Let me know if it works or not.

I think I have rambled enough for today.  This one is short but I will crank out a good one tomorrow.  Have a great night y’all!



4 thoughts on “The Serial Snorter Is…..”

  1. You’ll always have those times in your diet where things will.. go, for lack of better words… wonky. I guess. If I can use the southern term correctly. Idk. Anyhoo…. I have fallen into a slump too and haven’t done the things I normally do. Doesn’t mean I don’t care. I do have to say though that the hot weather has kinda pulled me away from walking much.

    Aside from all that, popularity at work is really not necessary. Although I can’t say I’ve ever really been popular much of anywhere. You are a good person, you are good at your job and dagnabit! Jesus Loves YOU!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed. :). I’ll just suck my buttercup up and do what I know is right. Been walking anyway in the heat. The eating out is killing me. I’m not gaining but I’m not losing either. Ugh.


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