Matt Nathanson, The Fray, and Train–Oh My!

Hi y’all!  I was out-of-town all day yesterday but I did manage to do 1.11 miles walking while I was away.  I had some ribs for lunch so  I tried to cut out carbs where I could.  Today we got up and walked 1.65 miles which was 46 minutes.  We walked really early so it was really cool outside.  We hashed out many things today, including the serial snorter and The Fray.  The pics have arrived!!  We still can’t believe we met them, and how nice they were.  They were sooo tall (I am a tall girl but I still had to look up at them), and they were very, very nice and seemed like they appreciated their fans so much.  Back to the walk, we didn’t have any cats going with us or anything.  One mewed at us part way down the road but it went back.  So we went on, and took off down the driveway long enough to get the things snorting on video.  I am going to play it for someone who knows what it is, then I will post it on here.  It almost sounded like a bird to me today but why in the world would anything make this same sound in the same place this long?  At all hours of the day?  Just like humans, animals move in and out of their dwellings and it seems all hours it is there, doing its serial snorting thing.  Very odd.  Hopefully soon I will know what it is.  I am going to try to upload the video here so y’all can hear it.  Maybe someone can help me figure it out.  It is very quiet but if you listen closely you can hear it make the noises.

It was cool this morning when we started out.  I huffed up the hill again but it didn’t seem so bad today.  Annie made the comment on the second hill that it was hot.  I know it was heating up but we did good.  I took my weights, but I only found one set of them today.  Not sure what was going on there but one just up and walked off.  I work today so I may get another walk in, you never know.

On Sunday we had tickets to see Matt Nathanson, The Fray, and Train.  We left early so we could stop and see my brother in Bloomington before we went on.  After we visited with him we ate at Cheddar’s.  I had eaten at Cheddar’s in Evansville a few months ago and was very impressed with them.  I was not disappointed this time.  I try to get a half rack of ribs whenever I get to a place that has them.  I order them without sauce, now because of the sugar but also because of honey.  We don’t need to go there, just rest assured I know I am allergic and I don’t need to eat it.  My Mom thought I would grow out of it but a few years ago I had some sweet and sour chicken or something that had some sweetness that I found out later was honey, and it didn’t end well.  Annie had a huge chicken fettuccine salad type of thing and it looked good too.  There was a waiter there, and he kept walking by and eyeing Annie, and she got the biggest crack out of it.  I told her that he was her speed, and she didn’t disagree.  Ha!  Needless to say he gave her one last lookover going out the door.  Ahh the funny things we see.  I have one about like that.  At the restaurant I ate at yesterday, with the ribs, and again I get ribs when I can, I asked our waiter for a refill.  Now this waiter was a nice dude and I was quite impressed with how nice he was and the personality he had.  He told me that I could have anything I want.  I almost made a list…..ha!  Sometimes I just have a hoot!

We stop in Martinsville to get a frappuccino at Starbucks.  We whipped in there and got that and took off back toward Indy.  As we rounded the last corner there in Martinsville, traffic was backed all the way up the hill!  Holy cow!  I was not going to sit in that since it is just silly to do construction on a Sunday.  I had to try to get in the other lane and once I did, I backtracked through Martinsville and up 39 instead.  I am glad I know a few other ways to Indy.  If I missed this one I was gonna be MAD.

After we get on up the road and get gas, we get on the loop. Siri is telling me we have to go like 24 miles or so to our exit for Noblesville.  At this point  I am curious as to how long the loop is.  Not sure why I didn’t know, but I didn’t.  I tell her to look it up.  For your future reference, the loop is 54 miles around Indy.  Ha!  I knew we were going to drive at least half of it!  When Annie looked that up, she also found a  video of someone just driving completely around the loop that had videoed it.  Ha!  She played it and it was the funniest thing I think we had seen in a while.  Who would just drive it and record it??  Well we did part of it so yeah, us….ha!  And a happy ending to the I 65 story?  On 465 I believe I ran into where I would have landed at had I took 65 in Seymour a couple of weeks ago.  I told it hello, and it seemed to understand that I was on the other end finally.  A happy ending to the highway calling my name.

Once we took the Noblesville exit that put us on 69 North toward Fort Wayne.  There was just a mass of lanes on that sucker.  It does not make me nervous, but I just LOVE it.  Remember the references to the highway calling out to my soul?  There are reasons for that.  I love to drive and this was no exception.  We got there pretty fast and had about 45 minutes to wait until we could park.  We had a bathroom break and drove back and forth in front of the place, and finally decided to park after passing umpteen cops.  We were 5th in line or so to get in so once we got in, we were parked pretty close to the front.  We had to go pick up our tickets and find out what exactly we needed to be doing.  No one knew.  There were some other ladies there waiting to meet The Fray too and they couldn’t find out anything either.  The email said the gates open at 6 and the meet and greet started at 6.  That made no sense.  Found out a bit later the meet and greet was scheduled at 615 so that made more sense.  We were first in line at the gates and when time came to open them, we had to shove down about 4 gates to get in.  Somehow we got in first still and the guy standing there wanted to know how in the world we got tickets to meet them,  Email we said.  They will email about these type of things.

Notice VIP on the ticket!
Notice VIP on the ticket!

We got in and got our VIP stuff.  We got a bag and an autographed poster and our VIP badge, which you will see on me when I get the pic up here later.  So we have to ask exactly where to go to meet them and they direct us to a gate up the way a bit.  So we head up there and the ladies that were waiting with us was in the wrong line! The guy at the door didnt’ have a copy of our VIP pass but one of the guys working with The Fray came out and told him we were supposed to be there. The other ladies had gotten into the group to meet Train, although some VIPs for Train had already been taken in.  Somehow I ended up being first in line.  The guy comes out and tells us to just hold on, we would be going back soon.  We waited until about 620 and they came to get us.  Oh my were we nervous standing out there!  We had to go down this long ramp and wait close to a bridge like thing.  I am still first in line, as nervous and rattled as a doped up chicken. The guy comes and tells us when they get there, we can go up, one at a time, meet them, shake their hand, talk to them and get our pic with them.  There may have been 15 of us and I have NO idea why there weren’t more.  Come on now, this is The Fray!  Isaac Slade!!  What was wrong with people???  Anyway, in a few minutes, a bus door opened and here they came.  Oh.  My.  My brain kind of did the off switch thing like when Rob came over to us.

IMG_1723 IMG_1731 IMG_1732

Once they get lined up, he tells me I can go on over.  I start at the back of the line, shaking hands and they introduce themselves to me as I go . I get to Isaac, and he holds his arms out for a hug.  O.  M.  G.  I know I say “Oh my goodness” as I get a hug from him!  They are extremely tall too.  When I go in for this hug, I hear a chorus of awws and sighs from the crowd behind me.  He tells me later that he likes my shirt, and I had worn my Rob Thomas shirt.  Seemed fitting for another concert.  At this point they direct me to get my pic taken with them,  I am not really sure what is going on at this point but I get squeezed in the middle of them.  I am holding onto my ticket there, and I will say the first time I meet them I was pretty polite but the next time I am going for a hug for the pic!  I was quite nervous but that was so exciting!  I got to meet The Fray and hug Isaac Slade!  And I felt the vibes coming off them that they were so happy to meet us.  They were not in the least bit intimidating, or rude, or condescending or anything that some celebrities have been rumored to be.  They were totally happy to see us and you could tell that.  Here it is, the pic everyone has been waiting for!!

The Fray and I!!!!!

Yeah I am still pudgy but I am getting smaller! I do say I felt pretty dwarfed around those guys.  They were all taller than me! Obviously you can see that LOL!   They didn’t seem to care, and you could just feel they were very accepting of how everyone was.  You know you can feel if someone thinks you are icky or fat or whatever, but they didn’t have that going on.  It was just amazing and awesome and nerve-wracking all at the same time!

We get directed out of there and we go to get shirts and we are shaking and excitedly talking and all sorts of stuff running through our heads. We get our shirts and a drink and head on over because Matt Nathanson is already singing.  We are seven rows back and let me tell you, don’t go back farther than that.  You can still see them and see their eyes at that seat.  Just an FYI.

Matt Nathanson is a hoot!  He was out singing in the audience and was just funny when he was talking to us.  He put on a good show.  He sings “Come On, Get Higher,” “Faster,” and a few others I know y’all would recognize if you heard them.  And get this:  at the end of the show he threw his pick and I mean he skipped it like a rock. Annie got it!!  That was awesome!!

IMG_1737 IMG_1749 IMG_1751 IMG_1764 IMG_1771

Then The Fray was next!  Oh my how we looked forward to that!  They sang “Heartbeat” first and ended with “Over My Head” and “Love Don’t Die.”  They were absolutely awesome!  They even busted into a gospel song in the middle of the set.  I know I was the only one where we were that understood that one.  We were dancing and singing and hopping all the way through their set.  They were just fabulous!  I have several pics here.  And guess what???  We are going to see them AGAIN in August!  We have pit seats this time!  Oh my!!

IMG_1784 IMG_1800 IMG_1801 IMG_1814 IMG_1820 IMG_1865 IMG_1866 IMG_1886 IMG_1903 IMG_1925 IMG_1929 IMG_1934 IMG_1945 IMG_1947 IMG_1951 IMG_1959 IMG_1982 IMG_1983 IMG_2002

Train was up next and boy they put on a good show! He was out in the crowd singing too at one point. He had Matt and Isaac come back out and they did the “With A Little Help From my Friends” and then Train sang “Dream On” toward the end of the show which resulted in me headbanging and singing along.  They sang “Drops of Jupiter” last.  When he was singing, Pat Monahan would go and shake peoples’ hands, take selfies with them, and he even signed a shirt and threw out free t-shirts to the audience!  And CALM!  Everyone there was CALM!  There was no stupidness, nothing that would be classified as people acting crazy.  That was nice.  Here are some Train pics.

IMG_2010 IMG_2011 IMG_2013 IMG_2054 IMG_2055 IMG_2079 IMG_2101 IMG_2102 IMG_2104 IMG_2113 IMG_2115 IMG_2117 IMG_2122 IMG_2128 IMG_2130 IMG_2132 IMG_2138 IMG_2147

We had such a great time!  Will post more pics when we see them again.  Have a great day y’all!



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      1. I can’t believe it either. Every camera on every phone before this one didn’t work like this one does. I’m glad though. Makes it easier to take pics with one device.


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