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Hi y’all!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  We sure did.  🙂  I will do a post on that when we have the picture they took of us when we met The Fray.  They were very tall, and very nice!  My daughter and I both got a hug from Isaac Slade and I just couldn’t believe it!  Oh wait until you hear the whole story!!!

Yesterday I know we walked close to 4 miles.  It was just hot all the way around there in the venue and otherwise.  Today we didn’t walk.  I got up tired from going to bed at 3AM but mostly because the temp was 95 degrees with a heat index around 111.  It was absolutely stifling outside.  I do not think that I, in my still heavy state, need to go outside and try to truck in that.  I don’t think it would have had great results.  One of my meds tells me to stay out of the sun and I do notice when I am in the sun, I get hot, and I don’t mean hot but HOT, fast.  But,  I did do 1.29 miles at Wal-Mart so that was something.  Something is always better than nothing.  Also I tightened down the carbs a bit today.  I got to make my tea and I found some unsweetened Dean’s tea.  Oddly enough, it seems like the sweetener really tastes good in it cold as opposed to how I have thought I have had to mix tea hot.  Don’t get me wrong. fresh and hot and sweet tea is still good but I have a serious hankering for Dean’s tea and I discovered today it isn’t just the sugar, it is the way the tea tastes.  I can mix it myself as far as sweetening it goes.  Just wish me luck that I can find it more often!  And, and, and, get this!!!  I bought some concert shirts last night.  Two of them came in XL for the biggest size and one was a XXL.  I still prefer that as I have enough room, but the XL fit!  I looked at myself in side view at Wal-Mart today and I look the same as I do in a XXL!  That is awesome!  I am making progress!!!  I just have to get the exercise thing going again and keep with the tightened down carbs.  As you can see I do something everyday even if it isn’t the usual.

So the reason today I had to go to Wal-Mart was I needed some stuff, obviously, but I had to go get a new washer.  I went ahead and got a dryer too.  The ones I have are just not cutting it.  It will be easier to get a new set because the service call alone would buy a cheap washer or dryer on sale.  This just makes me so mad because since I have had a washer and dryer, for the last 5 years now (it was laundry mat before that  I cannot express how much I do NOT miss it), I have run through 4, one of which was given to me so I can get started when Jeffrey was sick.  I just hope this set will be awesome.

I have had the opportunity to be a guest blogger on  I truly appreciate the opportunity!  I want to say a special thank you to Sandy Nene for allowing me this opportunity.  I wrote about the beginnings of my journey to get healthy and where I am now.  Please, click on over and check it out!  It is just an awesome web site to check out!

Healthy and Fit, Could That Describe Me Someday?.

I have an early morning in the morning and there are tornado warnings all around so I better catch a nap while I can.  Have a great night y’all!



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