Walking and Work

Hi y’all!  Sorry I missed a day there.  I had a day where I left work at 8PM and had to be back at 8AM so I came home and went directly to bed.  Apart from feeling like I have been ran over by a truck, things are going well.  I am glad to be back and they seem glad to have me back.  It will take me a bit to find my rhythm again but I will get there.  It is all coming back to me as if I had never left.  The sad part is the dogs and cats miss me. 😦  I know sometimes that we like to question what  God has in store for us and I am the same as everyone else.  But at this time, I will have to say I am in total agreeance. I believe this is the right move for me at this point in time.  Who knows where the future will take me but we shall see.

Friday I did walk although I had to go run errands.   It was raining and carrying on but we took umbrellas and walked anyway.  It could have almost been classified as a monsoon by the time we got back.  That was the EASIEST that hill that I talk about all the time has gone.  Ever.  But I did it and wasn’t out of breath much.  The other one on the way back was even easier.  It was a bit cooler but the sweat sure poured after we got back!   I didn’t take the weights because of the umbrella but that is ok.  Annie went Friday morning.  I sure missed walking with her but I love walking with Jeffrey too.  The total of walking including at work totaled 2.73 miles.  I know sometimes this isn’t the walking at one time thing that I try to do because I think that is what needs to be done but I do believe that any amount of walking like that is good.  I am still watching what I eat.  I have cut a lot of the fast food out so that is a good thing.  The only reason I had to load up on that was because of not being at home.  And because it is inconvenient to haul a fridge and a stove with me so I can make my own stuff…..I am also cutting back on the pop to about 2 cans a day. I hadn’t really gone over 2 cans a day but the point is I don’t want to start.  This is a tolerable level as I know, and from talking to several people recently, it does prevent you from losing weight if you drink too much.  I am picking up more on the water again. The main reason I added some pop back was because I had to find a quick way to get caffeine since the coffee is too strong for my weird heartbeats that I have every so often and because I didn’t have time to make tea in the mornings.  I have been eating a few carbs such as potatoes and things but I can let that slide a bit more than the sugar.  This of course doesn’t mean that I will consume 10 pounds of potatoes in a setting (ha as if I could hold that….) but you get what I am saying here.  The key is not to stop.  When you slack off, hop right back on.  Tighten things down and keep on keeping on.  I declared that Monday I would be able to tighten them down even more until I remembered I will still be out-of-town two more days this week.  I will just have to do the best I can.  I do hope to get the walking in in the PM if I have to on those two days.  I have to keep that going.  Even walking through Walmart like today is a great thing.  And I didn’t get to walk today due to my work schedule and needing to run errands but I ended up with a total of 3.04 miles after the shopping trip.  I posted on Facebook that that would put me over the edge, in more ways than one.  Ha!  Walmart does that to a person.  So again, even though it wasn’t all at once I still got some serious walking in today.  We will walk more tomorrow too.  We are going to see Matt Nathanson, The Fray and Train tomorrow.  OMG we get to meet The Fray!!!  I can’t wait for that!  We get a picture with them and backstage passes and everything!  This will be most awesome!  I will post pics.  I may not blog tomorrow because I will be there but I will on Monday!  We can’t wait!

I am going to post two pics here, one a recent on and one about a year old just so I can compare to see if I am doing any good or not.  Believe me when I tell you that when I weighed more I tried every which way to make my chin look less.  And I failed miserably.  Now, not so much.  You will see.


After work I had to run home and get a list to get my Mom some stuff at the store and I had to pay the water bill.  On my way to the water company I had to stop and get gas.  I ran into someone I hadn’t seen for years!  They have been following my progress on Facebook about my daily walking adventures and said they can really tell I have lost a lot of weight, especially in my face and chin.  Awesome!  That made my day!  I am glad to hear my chin is going down since that is the one part that makes me crazy.  I have always said that I could deal with the rest of me if my chin was gone, but apparently hyperglycemia cannot.  So it all has to go.  I did find a huge Atkins book with lots of recipes today so this should help.  Eating away from home is still a hurdle but I hope to figure that out.  Low carb cannot be completely zero carb.  I almost think that would be impossible.  Or at least impossible for me because I need something to eat.  It is hard wiping out everything.  I will say again this isn’t easy but I am doing it.  And I will succeed!

I have also noticed that I now have 54 followers so thank you for that!  That is pretty awesome!  Also to Iveth, thank you so much for the comments you left for me today! They mean a lot!  And thanks for having me link up to your blog too!  I appreciate being included and look forward to reading more from you on your blog too!

We ate at Arby’s the other day and I walked up to the counter to get our food and a lady was up there getting a drink  He told me that I needed to be careful with what I order and not to order anything too complicated because they always mess things up.  I turned to her and told her that I had the faith that they would not mess my order up.  I was right.  Mine was fine.  I cannot handle negativity out of people like that.  I am a, well to describe it, a person wound like an 8 day clock.  (I have never seen one of those but if anyone knows, link me up.)  I am not hyper, but I am loud and full of pep and sassy, and I just cannot stand negativity.  My sassiness has only gotten worse since I was saved.  I have become like a jacked up version of me.  I am happy and ready to share that with anyone who wants to hear me talk about being saved, or about anything in a positive manner.  We should be happy every day and not upset by things.  We got up today and are breathing.  We all have our issues but for the most part, speaking for myself here only, I am up and going. Yeah we all have off days but we can overcome them and be happy.  I just don’t get what she was trying to accomplish.  Her mood sure wasn’t going to rub off on me.  I don’t have time for that type of stuff.  God has to have His Hand in my mood every day.  If not, I may have smacked that woman.

Speaking of how people feel, I read where most songwriters write about things that have happened to them or about moods or whatever.  I blog for that same reason.  I blog to express myself.  For now I need to express my accountability for the changes I am making in my life and I need to talk about it to keep myself on track. I guess I am doing the same thing they do, except the music in my head doesn’t match a set of rhyming words.  Ahh it was just a thought…..

I better sign this off.  I have an early morning and an awesome show to go too.  Have a great weekend y’all!



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