Lawnmowers, SUVs and Mud

Hi y’all!  I was very busy today but I did get a small walk in after I got to work.  One of the girls wanted to go on a walk and I went with her.  We only walked 13 minutes which was 1.11 miles.  I will take that considering how busy I have been lately.  Tomorrow we will resume our normal walking in the morning, at least for tomorrow. I really look forward to resuming my regular schedule.  Jeffrey may have to help out some more but that will be ok.  I had a couple of Coke Zeros today and I really cut back on my food consumption.  I think that will be a big help too. Drank more water than anything else and that is good too.  I need to not overdose on the sodium in the pop but I think a few won’t hurt.  And getting out of the house and back to work is going to help me more than I ever thought.  It is like I never left.  It is rare you end up leaving a job and go back a period of time later and you fall into shape like you didn’t leave.  I have things I have to brush up on but I am good.  Glad to be back actually.

Just a small update–the relative that had surgery is doing very well.  Thank you to all who were sending happy thoughts and prayers to us.

This morning before I had to go to work we went to pick up the lawnmower we were buying from a friend.  Our old one went and puked and this one was very inexpensive and a John Deere to boot.  We borrowed my uncle’s truck again just like we did for the one that was free.  We picked it up, and it went right in!  The other one causes all sorts of issues trying to get it loaded.  It just sat too low or something but this one went right in.  We talk to him a while and then we head home and again I decide to go get him and let him back it into the bank of the yard and so he can look at the mower.  We get it back to the house, he backs it in and Derek drives it off the back of the truck . Then, with all the monsoon type weather we had been having, he got stuck!  There the truck sat, crossways in the middle of the road, stuck in mud!  Derek and I hopped in the back and it wouldn’t budge.  So we got a shovel, dug out some mud and put some gravel on under the tires.  Still wouldn’t budge.  He is about to spazz out because it won’t budge.  Oh but get this!  I go get my little fiddly SUV, and he is driving a F250.  I hook up my hitch, we attach a chain to it and to his truck ,and I pull it out!  I pull out a pick-up truck with my SUV!  That was about a hoot!  But again, 4x4s are amazing.  🙂

Here is today’s 30 day challenge:

Day 6–Your favorite season and why:  I love fall.  You would think I would like summer since it is my birthday or winter for Christmas.  But my favorite is fall.  I love the feel of the coolness in the air, the feel of wiener roasts and hot chocolate in the air.  I feel the ghosts and things around Halloween.   I can smell the pencil lead and diesel fumes of the school buses.  Fall, much like the highways, calls out to my soul.  Right after my birthday I get the fall bug that I cannot shake until fall shows up.  It almost throws me to a depression because I want fall to show up so bad.  I love the leaves, especially the bright yellow, orange and red ones.  They have to be a specific shade too.  I can’t wait!

This is about all I have for now.  I am about beat and I wan to walk early so I better head to bed. Have a great night y’all!



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