Walking and Driving and Walking

Hi y’all!  Sorry I missed yesterday.  More on that later.  Yesterday I didn’t walk all at once but I did 2.45 miles yesterday and today with grocery shopping I did 2.83 miles total.  I think I feel so messed up again because I haven’t had my regular walk at once with my weights.  I had some stuff going on that I couldn’t but I will get back to normal tomorrow I think.  I also have to talk about eating.  Eating out on the go is a nightmare.  I finally ended up at a buffet today so I could meat it up and stop eating fries and excessive bread on sandwiches.  Next week I am going to tighten the carbs down and the portions. I knew that last week and this one I wouldn’t be able to because of being away from home with all the stuff going on.  But I will more than make up for it next week.  I don’t know why they dont’ have something in places specifically for low carb people.  Not everyone can eat the same.

I have notice this concept too.  No matter how much you try to dress and look good, you just cannot all the time no matter how hard you try.  There are always clothes that make you look like you haven’t lost a pound, or they look frumpy or something.  I have noticed that recently.  I can put on my black pants which are now leaning toward a dark gray and I look fabulous, and can tell I have lost weight.  I put on a regular blue pair and I look like a chub.  I can tell a difference obviously but my reflection sure can’t.  I hope to acquire some more black pants soon.  But if you remember, wearing black is my thing.  I just feel more confident in it regardless of my weight loss.

Yesterday and today both I was with a relative who had some major surgery.  More on that in the coming weeks.  I don’t want to talk about it yet until I know things are pretty well healed.  Anyway, I did much walking yesterday and today.  I had to.  I was tired of sitting.  I have sat so much last week driving to training and this week too waiting and driving that my legs and knees and things were all just locking up on me.  And I can feel the fat gathering on my rump so I have got to get back at it.  I know the circumstances yesterday and today prevented me from carrying on normally but the good thing is, unlike in the past, I am willing to hop back on my program the next day and proceed instead of giving up.  I am enjoying the feeling of walking and not breathing like a telephone breather, and my pants are smaller and the holes in my belt are getting further around it.  I am enjoying all that.  So anyway we walked yesterday and today several times through the hospital and I still didn’t find the morgue.  Found pathology, and a room by it that we thought was the morgue, but no.  Someday I will find it.  It was a good reason to walk like a mad woman through the hospital.  It is probably under my nose and I just didn’t see it.  Anyway, my relative that had the surgery is doing fabulously well and I thank all of you for the prayers.

This all brings me to this idea:  why as children do we have the notion that parents and siblings and other relatives are indestructible?  I have had a couple pass away in the last years, some of which I know were indestructible.  They were so indestructible that death should have never gotten ahold of them but it did.  They would take care of things for me, fight for me, fight icy roads for me, do anything in this world for me to help me.  And my relative that just had surgery, they were always thought of to be indestructible too.  But when someone had some issues and you see them in this way, it breaks your heart.  I guess even Superman had issues.  It is just amazing how things we think when we are a kid never leave us as an adult and then we wonder why.

Tomorrow I start back to my new/old job.  I have worked there before so this is nothing new as far as what the job entails and the clients who are there.  I do know I look forward to it.  I hate to admit that I missed the place or anything because admitting things like that shows a side of me that not too many people know I have.  But I did.  I am really glad to be back.  I know it is going to wear me out quite a bit but that will be ok.  I will get used to it.

So one thing again I always notice when I am out and about is how the highway always calls to my soul.  It seems that 37 doesn’t call to me as much as others do.  I guess it is because we are very familiar with each other.  I have a first name basis with 37, aka Indiana 37, aka I 37, etc.  I know it as 37.  It nods to me and speaks quietly, knowing it won’t be long before I grace its stripes with my presence.  I will see it Sunday when we go see The Fray and Train.  I will see it twice next week as I make two more trips to Indy and to Bloomington again.  It knows I am not gone long and therefore it saves me the indignity of being sought after and made miserable with its calling.  Yeah, I am a little weird.  But you gotta love me!  The same thing applies to the loop, 465.  It knows I will be back therefore it don’t try to entice me before I can make it back.  This is random but the last 2 days I have viewed several out-of-state cars.  I guess 37 called to them and they had to answer…..:)

I must catch up my 30 day challenge so here goes.

Day 4–Write about your closest friends.  I have a few close friends.  My bff is a guy.  Yes folks, my best friend in the whole world is a dude.  His name is Larry and we have been best friends for @#$Q$ years.  Ha!  I always like to say that but seriously for 25 years or so.  We have been through some stuff and some good times but we have always been there and will probably always will be.  Also there is Suzann.  I met her at VUJC.  She is like me, one of a kind and a character.  I love both of these guys to death and am very thankful they are in my life.   And there is Janet from Wisconsin.  I don’t get to see her too often but I would love it if she lived closer.  I think we would really be a big help to each other if she did.  And just hanging out more often too would rock.  Of course my husband, kids and brother and mom are my close friends too but you know I talk about them all the time.  🙂

Day 5–Tell us your three favorite colors.  Purple is my favorite color.  Hands down, fire engine purple is awesome.  I also love black.  Any and everything black can be found in my wardrobe, all the way down to black fingernails.  Yes, I love them.  I wore black nail polish when you could only find it at Halloween and stock up!  And the other one I would have to say is a fuschia type of color.  Yeah, I can deal with pink only if it is HOT pink.  Like WILD pink.

And now to the Twitter part of my blog.  Y’all know I love Twitter.  I have been able to meet and talk to people I otherwise would not be able to.  I do get invites to link up to blogs and I want to thank Iveth for that.  I will linking up as soon as I finish this blog.

Also y’all know about my obsession with Idiotest. I got a few favorites and a reply today! Whoo hooo! I love it! I just love knowing they will talk to you, you know?

Screenshot (33)

Screenshot (34)

I just think that is so awesome!  It means a lot that they take time out of their day to acknowledge me, and that goes for anyone on Twitter.  Thank you all!

I think this is about it for tonight.  I am about beat and I need to rest for work tomorrow.  Have a great night, y’all!



2 thoughts on “Walking and Driving and Walking”

  1. I really admired your determination…. it is something I have always struggle with…. really enjoy your post… thanks for sharing #4Dlove2Linky …& thanks for the shout out!!! like I told you before : you are the best !!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you! Thank you for thinking I am the best. Some days I don’t feel like the best but I sure try. 🙂 I am determined this time to do this. I have to! I will keep blogging about it–it does help me!

      Liked by 1 person

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