Walking on an Off Day?

Hi y’all!  Today was supposed to be my day off walking but since I had some extra carbs at a family reunion I had to walk.  42 minutes and total for the day including walking at the reunion was 2.25 miles.  At our reunions someone always brings dumplings.  In case are not sure what that is, I will give you the basics.  You boil chicken to make broth, or you just start up some premade broth.  You add in a mixture of flour and butter or however you make your dumplings.  The ones I make are made from butter, flour and boiling water and are dropped from a spoon into the boiling broth.  The result happens to be a bowl full of deliciousness.  If you want the specific recipe I use, just holler at me.  Some people then shred the chicken back ito the dumplings or noodles but I don’t.  I love them and have loved noodles forever.  And being on a low carb diet it isn’t exactly on the plan.  But I had some and don’t regret it at all.  I think I walked it off.  Or I hope I did.  So we went walking late in the evening and it was HOT.  I left my church clothes on but I wish I had put on my shorts and tank top.  I used my weights as usual.  I did notice today in the shirt I wore that my gut isn’t as large.  Last time I wore that shirt all I could see was my gut sticking out when I stood.  Not so much now.  I see flatter.  I am by no means skinny or slim but I don’t mind this as I am a work in progress.  I also noticed for the first time that my sleeves had some gathers in it.  My arms before were too fat to see the gathers in the material  I have a pic I will post.  I am a work in progress, but I am seeing results.  A lady in church told me this morning that I look like I have lost a lot of weight.  Wow.  I am getting there and feeling better all the time. My glasses always make me look funny I think.   And let me tell you about the walk.

IMG_1660 IMG_1669

The walk today–today is supposed to be my day off.  It just worked out that way.  I eat at the reunion and declare I have to walk this off.  So we did.  I payphoned my way up that hill, and I kept a steady pace and I seriously could tell a difference in how I got up it.  I took my break then I powered my way up the next one.  I miseried it up the other hill.  I slowed a little on that one but I powered up both of these hills and I am very impressed.  I haven’t been able to do it.  I followed my idea, sung my way up, and kept going.  Will this huffing up the one get better?  I sure hope so the more weight I get off.  I am by no means an exercise guru but I sure feel better and feel the need to do this as much as I can.  To think simple walking can do this to you!

The bugs were going nuts.  I put on bug spray and Jeffrey didn’t but they kept swarming with him.  I did see one huge bug that I swear was the same size as a hissing cockroach cross the road.  Or maybe it was a mole.  But it was funny whatever it was.

On our walk today we had two cars pass us in a row . One had some serious exhaust fumes that I thought were going to give me a contact buzz.  We had another one pass us on the way back. All these people just wanted to stop and stare and putter up the road.  Have they never seen fat girl trying to get skinny before?  I am not sure what the deal was but they moved on.  Odd.  The other day when Annie’s car broke down 6 cars went on by without asking if she needed help.  The 7th was the tow truck.  Odd how that works too.

At the end of our last hill my bunny came out and I was able to get a good pic of it.  I thank it too.  It is just a precious little critter.  Here it is.


You have heard me talking a lot about talking to people on Twitter.  I tweeted Ben Gleib again and he favorited my tweet!  I think that is just awesome!  I just spout out whatever it is I am going to say.  🙂


That is all for now.  I have to drive out for one more day of job training tomorrow.  I am about beat from last week.  Have a great night y’all!



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