Happy 4th of July!

Hi y’all!  Happy 4th of July everyone!  It has been a good day.  Early this morning I got my daughter up and we started our walking again at the right time of day. We did 41 minutes for a total of 1.37 miles.  We went shopping later at Wal-Mart and that added more for a total of 2.52 for the day.  I accidentally hit zero when I try to type this and I ended up with 2052 first. Ha! I did not walk over 2000 miles today.  I took my weights today again.  It was cooler and not many bugs were out.  We saw a bunny again today.  This just isn’t any bunny.  We see this bunny almost every time that we walk, no matter who is walking and what time of day.  I also slow down for it when I drive through there because it is like our buddy.  It is pretty and hangs out for a few when we see it but if we make a move to try to get close to it it runs.  As I have said before I love critters.  I came across a dead possum the other day and was like “Aww” when I saw it.  I am probably the only person to feel bad for a dead possum.  It has feelings and deserved to live like everything else.  Anyway, we came across a dead snake too.  Remember that funky colored pink snake that Jeffrey ran off the road a few blogs back?  (From https://pootsnotes.wordpress.com/2015/05/17/snakes-cats-and-snake-whisperers/) I think this had to be relation to it because it was right up the road and it was very bizarre colored, like a rose-colored on the bottom and a darker rose on top.  Very strange indeed.

My clothes are still loose and guess what?  I remembered to punch that hole in my belt finally!  My regular around the house clothes today showed me that my lower dunlopped gut is going away and my top one too.  Ha!  Remember the gut divisions on women who wear their pants higher?  Yeah, mine are getting smaller.  My backside too.  My chin is and I can tell a bit difference in my fat arms in the reflection when I drive.  So I am getting there.  I must continue on.  I also have learned this.  It helps to have something you want every so often so you don’t overeat in a fit of “I WANT THIS NOW.”  And the key there is avoidance until special occasions, and then moderation.  Don’t eat a whole bag of taters or a whole cake at a time.  It has been said it is good for diabetics to have sugar every so often.  So I am taking that idea and running with it too.  I also have declared that I won’t put all I lost back on from one piece of cake.  That is good.

We talked about her trip to the Catfish Festival last night.  I think she had a good time.  I used to be gung-ho for it when I was younger but now I don’t care if I go or not.  It isn’t all that interesting.  I am not even interested in the fireworks this year.  I am just truly worn out from all the travel last week and I have one more day of it Monday to finish up. . Hmpff.  Again, travel is funner when I follow what my soul is telling me to do.  I get to do that a week from Sunday.  We are going to see Matt Nathanson, The Fray and meet them, and Train.  Should  be good times!  Will also get some good walking in then too.  It won’t be on 65 but 37 to 465 is just as awesome!

My brother came down to do whatever for the holiday . We usually grill out but today we decided we wanted some pizza.  Our usual place wasn’t open so we just ordered from Pizza Hut.  We also had to stop at Wal-Mart so we can get him a cover for his tablet.  And we got cake.  As much as I have been dieting, we still decided to have cake.  This is random but I know I had been harping on diet pop having too much sodium.  I checked and one can only has 40 mg.  And get this!  We <GASP> used algebra with the info on the can to figure out the total daily allowance.  So a couple of cans won’t hurt anything as long as it don’t get out of hand.  It is easier to get caffeine when busy for sure. I don’t plan on overloading on it at all either.

So we ate, hung out at our Mom’s for a while, then came back to start the fire pit.  We had several good large flare ups but it didn’t stay burning.  So we watched Idiotest.  I have declared there were a few on there that made me believe I was an idiot.

Annie did pick the new 30 day challenge so I will start that today too.

Day 1–Your middle name and how you feel about it–My Mom had picked out two names, Stacey Arlene and Theresa Jan.  She asked my brother what he thought and he picked Stacey.  Thank God!  I do NOT look like a Jan.  So I am perfectly content with my middle name.

I have church in the morning so I am going to hit the sack soon, and I crazy couple of weeks coming up.  I need to rest as much as I can when I can.  Have a great 4th!  Happy Birthday America!  Night y’all!



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