Castles and Cats

Hi y’all!  Today we did 43 minutes with a total of 2.32 miles for the whole day.  It was a very hard day for me to walk.  I have been sitting in training classes all day, which is killing my back and knees.  The drive there is about an hour to an hour and a half.  I am all locked up and feel like I have been beat. I have a problem with my sciatic most days and in that joint but I have a new backache from sitting so much.  I hope this all goes away with weight loss too. But I got out and walked anyway!  It was raining on us but that didn’t stop me.  There were birds tweeting and animals all around.  For whatever reason today, we had a whole lot of cats that followed us.  They say you can’t herd cats, but they can apparently herd themselves and I have a pic to prove it!


It was very hot and muggy and I am sure you can see the wet road there in that picture.  And I can’t stress enough how miserable I was walking tonight but I did it anyway.  I am committed!  The music I had on was helping though.  I was listening to Pitbull’s “Fireball”and I don’t know about you but when I hear that word I think of the red fireball candy they make.  I am not sure if they still make it or not.  I couldn’t figure out how I made that connection fit in there.  I guess I did, but envisioning a fireball every time he said fireball was a bit disturbing.  Then I congoed it up the hill with Gloria Estefen if I spelled that right.  I am too tired to Google it up right now.  I huffed and puffed up that one.  My hip hurt, my knees were killing me, my back was hurting.  Meh.  If Rob Thomas would have been at the top of that hill he would have had to have waited.  I just could not get it going.  Heading back home though I got some oompf up and didn’t have to take a break so that was good.  Point is, I kept it going.  I didn’t take my weights because of the umbrella butt Jeffrey was so quick to point that out to me.  Ha!

I have been complaining all week of all the carbs I have had to deal with.  The positive thing there is that I am not gaining anything as my clothes are still fitting good.  I am glad!

The town I live in has a three-day celebration or so for the 4th of July.  We have a flea market, fishing contest, food, sports contests, things like that.   As I was coming home today I saw a castle in the street.  Yes folks, a castle.  There is something you don’t see every day.  I had to get a pic.


I was also invited to link my blog up with Iveth’s page over at  Please go check her site out and link up–it is awesome!  She is also on Twitter and tweeted about my link up.

It is awesome to link up and find other cool blogs to read. Thank you Iveth!

I am so tired that I think I am going to hush for now. Have a great night y’all!



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