Nothing Much Just Some Ramblings

Hi y’all!  Today we didn’t walk because I didn’t have time to with travel and heading back to church.  Phone says I walked .6 miles so that is better than nothing at all.  Will be back to regular walking tomorrow.  I can tell I am still losing in how I look when I sit.  I don’t see so much gut.  My clothes are still fitting better and some day I will poke that extra hole in my belt.  I keep forgetting until I get dressed.  They got us pizza today so I was glad to escape McDonald’s.

I stopped this morning and got a Diet Coke for the drive. I know I had been avoiding them but since I don’t have time to make tea in the morning and since I don’t need all the caffeine of strong coffee, a Diet Coke it is.  It is a whole lot of nothing except chemicals and fizzy water.  And sodium.  If I notice that I am retaining water or something I will cut that out.  I don’t plan on making this too much of a habit anyway.  I feel better without it.  But for this week and for occasions in the future I won’t mind to have one.

This one tonight is going to be short.  Idiotest is on and I have an early morning tomorrow.  It is killing me sitting for so long all the time.  I will catch up my 30 day challenge with a few days worth  I don’t remember where I am supposed to be but I will finish this one this week I hope. Here goes:

Day 15–Bullet point your whole day:

  • get up
  • make breakfast
  • drive to training
  • eat lunch
  • drive home
  • walk
  • blog
  • sleep

Day 16–Something that I miss:  My aunt passed away 3 years ago today.  I was very close to her.  I sure miss her and wish she was here.  I can still hear her voice and remember the things that she did.

Day 17–I am supposed to be on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer.  As far as the traits go I exhibit traits of both. Do I think the horoscope has anything to it?  Nah.  I have never thought so.   I never read my horoscope but if I ever do, I read the one from the last week, to see if what it said actually came true.  That is how I roll.  🙂

I will post more tomorrow.  One more thing–I was mentioned this morning on Twitter by the Blog Centre and I want to thank them for that!  Here is the tweet:

Thank you again for featuring me in a tweet!

I am beat. Have a great night y’all!



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