Forests, Landscapes LOTS of Diet Pop, and LOTS of Sillies!

Hi y’all!  Today we had a change-up in routine.  I had to drive out-of-town for job training.  This made for around 2 hours worth of time for me to blow my ears out with music and think up my blog for today.  Odd that sitting in training all day will produce a blog like this but here goes.  Let me start with the main reason I blog first.  We didn’t walk until this evening and it was really changed up.  43 minutes with a total of 2.3 miles for the whole day.  That is pretty good.  Jeffrey walked with me this evening. Changes, remember?  It was 76 degrees but most of where I walk is in the shade and the good Lord saw to it that I had a breeze right when I needed it.  It was pretty cool for the most part.  Don’t worry about me being dehydrated in the heat.  Wait until you hear that story.  I heard bugs and birds and wind and there were all sorts of things running in the weeds beside us.  It is like the forest came alive, welcoming me back with wonderful foresty embraces since I had been gone all day.  So did two dogs who had to both jump in the chair, love on me and give me kisses.   I missed them too.  Jeffrey said they would hear a car, think it was me and mope when I didn’t come in.  Awww.  I love my babies.  The cats were happy too but you know how the unherdable cats are.  You know they are happy only when they want to show it.  Also I can really tell today that I am still losing and how the walking is affecting me.  I can tell how I look when I sit, how my arms look and feel and most definitely in how I breathe when I walk any distance.  Just gonna keep it up!

Speaking of forests, the one thing about traveling in Southern Indiana is that no matter where you are, what type of highway there is or buildings, street lamps, whatever, there are rolling hills and forests.  It is just beautiful to travel here.  And the landscape is just rolling hills.  With trees as far as you can see.  It almost sounds like I kind of love the place where I live doesn’t it?  Yeah, I am a little biased.  🙂  Kind of like the weather here where you can go from heat to a/c in a matter of hours, you can go from metropolis to farm in a matter of a few minutes.

Oh that is one way they say (whoever they is, let me know–I can tell you all sorts of stuff) you can tell someone is from Indiana–we measure distance when traveling in minutes or time rather, and not miles.  I always thought it made more sense to measure going somewhere in time anyway so you can figure out when you need to leave and stuff.  And streets—who uses that other than Siri?  The part of Indiana I am from “over yonder” is a direction, a place and a final destination when going somewhere and everyone knows where that is!  Streets get you lost, over yonder puts you where you need to go with time to spare! More like landmarks and the “turn left at the big tree there at the end of the drive there”–those kinds of things.  Anyway, I didn’t think much about the minutes things until I reread my post on Facebook this morning, telling about my time to training not miles.  And when I walk, the first thing I list?  Time of course!

I get to where the training is and realize that I had been there before.  I just didn’t remember it because it had been so long ago.  Funny how some things you never forget and others come rushing back at certain times.  Training for me was a review of things I already know but have to go through anyway.  Again.  Moving on to lunch, I had to have McDonald’s, since my time was limited and it was closest.  I had a Sirloin burger and fries and Diet Coke.  I had been drinking on sugar-free lemonade, the kind of powder that you put in the water, all day besides that Diet.  After this week I have got to hammer the carbs back in check. I will just have to cope but remember that I am still walking and avoiding sugar so I still have that going for me.

I had to finish my lunch during training because there wasn’t enough time in 35 minutes to site in line for 20 and drive back and eat.  But it turned out all good.  Training turned out all good.  I feel like this is where i am supposed to be no matter how much I think I want to argue that.  I have a sense of peace I never had the last time.  I think I am going in the right direction right now so I hope to see where this leads and what the reason is for the peace.

On the drive home I had to stop and get gas.  It was one of the pay first then pump places which seems like where they have all gone.  I go in and pay and decide to get me a Diet for the ride home.  Yeah, I really lived on the edge today.  I needed the caffeine and wanted something cold, so I got a Diet.  As you remember from above I have already been filling up on lemonade and one other Diet.  I got my cup and filled it up and realized that I didn’t just get pop, I got the largest one they had!  I had thought that the cup seemed bigger.  I get to the check out hauling this honker sized cup and the cashier asks me if I need anything else.  (I can’t even concentrate because I cannot figure out the honker cup of Diet.  At this point it could just as easily be 75 gallons. And to answer that could I have a porta potty for all the pop I am stuck with?)  I am so confused that I tell her the wrong amount of gas and then I have to tell her the right amount.  (Can she not see I have a lot on my mind, like what to do with 75 gallons of pop?)  I pay and my pop and I waddle out to the car.  Goodness I am still drinking on this!  It argued with me all the way home.  But it didn’t argue with me as much as the water this morning.  I was driving and trying to get a flavor put in a water.  I got the lid off, laid it and the iPod on my lap.  iPod went in the floor, lid disappeared and so here I sit, driving with a bottle of water in one hand and an open flavor in the other.  I had to put the flavor in, reach over and grab the water bottle I just finished and take that lid and put it on my bottle.  What a mess!  Thank God I had a red light in there to do some of this.  Oh the messes I get in!

Some other random thoughts for today–where the training is at is close to 65.  So I drove under it to get there.  It was calling out to my soul, wanting me to hop on and go to Indy or Louisville.  I had to shut that down or I was going to forget why I was there in the first place.  I LOVE to drive.  I know I have said that before.  There is a line out of a song, “Guitar Town” by Steve Earle that goes like this: “Hey pretty baby don’t you know it ain’t my fault I love to hear the steel belts hummin’ on the asphalt.”   I love many songs but I have to say that this one describes me to a capital T.  The other news is, the way the place where I trained at is laid out, if you get bored you can sit in the lot and watch the traffic on 65.  Oh it still called out to me all day, but I had to be a good girl and focus.  And not on buzzing up the road either.  😦

On the way up this morning I saw a little place by the road called Gobber’s Holler.  It was a gas station type of place.  It wasn’t open on the way back or didn’t look like it but I swear I would have stopped had it looked open.  Up the road from it was a covered bridge that I would have also stopped at had I not been going somewhere.

It was a good day all in all.  Thank God for safe travels and I know He will see me through all week.  Thank God too for giving me the gift to make all this stuff a bit more amusing than necessary.  🙂  Well I had better hit the sack . 530 will roll around way too early!  Have a good night y’all!



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