Life Ramblings and More…You guessed it…Twitter!

Hi y’all!  Today we didn’t walk since we usually take Sundays off.  I miss it when we don’t get to but it is church and it is just as important to nourish my soul as it is to get myself in shape physically.  Tomorrow though I will be walking at a different time of day.  I will unfortunately have to revert to what the Dr originally said to do and that is walk at least 30 minutes a day.  I will of course use my weights and stuff.  I don’t normally dread walking but I will have to get up super early after 5 years of not working and drive a long way to training all week, and I know I will be beat by the time that I get home.  And it will be hot!  But I must soldier on!  I am concerned about my eating this week as eating out will not give me a good choice of carb-less ideas.  This makes it twice as important to keep up the walking this week, even if only for my 30 recommended minutes.  I need to get my diet back under wraps too.  All last week I had a serious  case of the hungries and I must reel that in and get back with it.  I didn’t derail much.  I had taters maybe an extra day and I lived on the edge and drank some diet pop.  I also had been having some sugar-free cookies but they didn’t have that many carbs but I need to get it under control.  I haven’t added any weight since my clothes are still falling off of me but I don’t want to foul up.  In other words,  I don’t like to repeat work twice. You know you just mopped or swept and someone not more than 5 minutes later tracks is up and you have to do it again?  Nah, that irks me to no end.  Therefore I don’t want to re-lose this AGAIN.

Tomorrow is the big day where I go to train for my job.  I have went through this training for the last time I worked there so I don’t think this will be an issue.  I do this job well and the girls still remember me.  I look forward to doing this again but at the same time I don”t like the idea that I have to change everything around.  Looking on the positive side of this, Jeffrey is completely cured so I can go back to work with the assurance that he should be ok now.  That is a blessing!  I do worry that all the driving and sitting all week will wear me out to a place I haven’t been in a while.  I also worry my back issues will interfere again.  I do however think that all the diet and exercise that I have done so far will help ease a lot of this.  Next week starts week 10 of diet and 9 of exercise.  I look forward to how I will look a month, three months, even a year from now if I keep at it and on it!  The kids don’t seem to mind that I will be out and about now again.  I do know my critters will miss me.  After I actually get on the job it won’t be as continuous as this week of training.

I have been talking a lot about Twitter lately.  Just an FYI I am @poothead there.  Anyway, I had signed up and then didn’t use it for a long time then a few months ago about the time I started blogging I got into it again and I have made so many cool connections on there.  I had talked the other day about the Blog Centre and how they had really helped me out when I first started blogging.  They tweeted this to me earlier today.

I always appreciate everyone out there who has helped  me out and reads my blog!  Now I have 43 followers I believe!  Thank you for following and reading!

I could ramble on all night but I do have an early morning.  Will let everyone know how tomorrow goes.  Have a great and Blessed Sunday!



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