Capsized Turtles and Twitter…Again!

Hi y’all!  Today we did 43 minutes and 1.32 miles which I added .47 more miles to when we ran out to town.  It wasn’t as hot today.  The wind was blowing a cool breeze so that felt good.  Made me think of Fall. I always start wanting it to be Fall right after my birthday.  Fall is my favorite time of the year.  I love how cool it feels, the feelings I get in the air of ghosts and things, and the awesome colors.  I can’t wait!  Anyway back to the walk–I walked with my walking weights again.  The hills are getting much easier.  I don’t huff and puff as much and on the return trip home,  I didn’t take any more breaks (in case you were wondering what happens when I blog, I have my huge cat sitting by the computer, stopping me every so often to scratch him and getting head bonks from him–his name is TB which is short for Tubby Butt but we call him Tubs–he waddled so cute when he was a kitten).   All of this is an accomplishment because I usually stop again when I go up the hill and today I didn’t.  Also I noticed that all the way through the walk the huffing and puffing is slowing down.  Yay!  I think that I said this before but when we walked around Indy I didn’t huff and puff at all!  I am getting there!  The clothes are still fitting better and that is awesome!  If I can do this, anyone can do anything!

After I got lunch fixed today for Derek we had to run out and get some medicine since I won’t have time next week to do much of anything other than drive and take training.  We went to the Family Dollar and decided to eat Chinese.  It was pretty good but I have to tell you about the vegetable lo mein.  When I got to it it was at the bottom of the barrel so to speak.  The stuff in the bottom is obviously closest to the heat and gets crusty fastest.  I went on and on about crusty lo mein.  Annie just died laughing every time!  I think she was just loopy from being up at work and then staying up but I laughed so hard at her laughing at me.  Good times!

Speaking of her, she was doing the 30 day blog challenge too and was asked who inspires her.  Here is her answer:

Day Four: Write about someone that inspires you.

Okay, well I just said a minute ago that my mom is crazy, but she is probably someone that inspires me. She also writes a blog that you can find here. She always tells me, you’ve got to get your blog done! And I try, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. But she inspires me in other ways, too. Sometimes I don’t know how she deals with some things that life throws her but she does. Some of the things, I don’t even think I could deal with them. But I applaud her for these things and it inspires me to not let anything get in my path of what I want to do. So she’s who inspires me most of the time.—  

Well that one was a bit of a shocker.  I do talk about my kids a lot and for the most part I know how they feel.  But I just plug along and never think that anyone really notices or even cares at times how hard things can be. I obviously know they care but on the same note apparently they notice more than I think they do.  I guess since we don’t always verbalize what we think, see or feel we assume that no one notices or cares.  It is hard when the world crashes around you to remember those things.  One thing that I know she is referring to is when Jeffrey had leukemia.  I don’t honestly know how I got through it other than God had me when I didn’t know Him like I do now.  I am thankful that I do because now He carries me through, sometimes with me kicking and screaming and not at Him, but at myself and the messes that creep up.  It is by God’s Grace that some days we make it through some situations that should just put you at your wit’s end and then some. Another thing I have noticed that I do is that other than not panicking much, I can find joy in the smallest of things during the most horrible of situations. A good meal, a good song, something odd I may see, or a smile can change one’s perceptions of the day and situation, even if it is just briefly, Just a brief mental break can make all the difference in keeping a positive outlook or not I have noticed.  I can truly find things around me to improve the day. Anything like that can really help make any situation better.  Sometimes it may take all day to find a bright spot, but they are there.  Remember, getting up for another day is enough to really change one’s mind because we were given that gift again.  Anyway, Annie I appreciate you thinking that much of me.  I do love you and Jeffrey with all my heart.  🙂

On the way home we came upon a turtle.  Not just a regular old box turtle either.  This was a baby snapping turtle!  We had to stop and move it out of the road.  It was sitting in a place that could have gotten it killed.  And no, I am not going to eat it.  I love food but there is something about eating reptiles that just would not agree with me.  Anyway, Annie got out and shooed it across the road.  It ended up being capsized at one point!  Poor old capsized turtle!  If that is the worst thing that happened to it during its lifetime, then that is ok.  I just couldn’t let it get killed.  I should have took a video or something but I didn’t.

I have really gained the views.  I am up to 748 views on my blog and I thank you all for that!  I also have 41 people subscribed now and I thank you all for that!  Please read and leave comments!   I love any feedback!

Another thing on the 30 day writing challenge–I will do a few tonight.

Day 11:  Write something that you think “What if….” about.   I have often thought about that with several things in my life.  I don’t think about it too much because I firmly believe that things happen as they are supposed to.

Day 12: Write about five blessings in your life.  1. My God that saved me.  2. My family–that is all of them–husband, kids, brother, Mom, uncles, aunts, in-laws.  3. God’s timing. 4. The wonderful things that happen to me.  5. The not so wonderful things that happen so I will know the difference and appreciate the good more.

Day 13: What am I excited for?  A good meal, the fact that I am losing weight, an upcoming concert, and making money again.  And seeing who will talk to me on Twitter.  🙂

Day 14: Post your favorite movies that you never get tired of watching.  There is one for sure, and that is Ghostbusters.  I love it, will watch it a million times in a row, and almost have it memorized.  Gone With the Wind; The Fugitive; Star Wars; anything with Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, John Candy; Christmas Vacation; Ghostbusters II and a few more but I can’t recall those right now.

Back to Twitter again. This morning one of the places that I have retweet my blog named me a top blogger pick of the day.

Thank you again We Tweet Blogs for that honor!!

You all know how much I love Idiotest.  This was the conversation this evening.

There are many people out there following Idiotest and Ben Gleib and they take the time to talk when I tweet at them.  I just think that is awesome and if you by chance are reading this, thank you so much!

I believe that is all I have for today.  I need to get some sleep.  Church tomorrow and some more work so I can get to training successfully Monday.  Ribs are on for tomorrow.  MMMMM….Have a great night y’all!


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