Twitter and New Job!

Hi y’all!  Today we did 1.42 miles and 43 minutes.  This afternoon we had to run out to the store and that added an additional .83 miles for a total of 2.25 miles for the day.  That is great!  It was hot this morning!  No rain close to moving in so the coolness wasn’t there.  When I got back I had sweat pouring.  I used the weights again today.  They seem like they are really helping.  I am really grooving on my walking although next week I will have to alter the time I walk.  More on that later.  I know how much important exercise is and I want to do more of it and if I can’t then I want to be sure to do the parts that I always need to do daily.  I wish I had figured this out several years ago.  I guess maybe it wouldn’t have worked as well had I not started it now. The hills are getting easier and I am able to go up and down with little to no stopping.  I still huff and puff and talked all the way up one this morning but I made it.  I think all things are in God’s Hands and they all happen for a reason at the right time and place.  You remember, Rob Thomas concert?  You get it.  This is one of those things too.  I am very thankful that I get to get myself on track before it is too late.  Thank You God.

I have been buying some sugar-free cookies.  I know they aren’t totally LOW carb but I want something sweet every once in a while and they work well.  At least there are more varieties out there than many years ago when my uncle was diagnosed with diabetes.  That stuff was almost unheard of.  I don’t think it hurts to have on every so often.

I got the call today that my background check had gone through and I can start training Monday. Can I even call this a new job since I am basically returning to work?  Not sure.  I am supposed to bring my high school diploma but of course I can’t find that but I can use my Bachelor’s degree diploma. That is kind of cool.  This is awesome that I can train now instead of at the end of July but it would happen on a week when I didn’t have much extra money.  I would be the only one who has had the fastest background check in the history of background checks.  I am thankful though because I do know and have always known no matter what mood I was in that God’s plan will work out just how it has to.  I am really glad to go back and do something.  I haven’t worked since I lost my job when Jeffrey was sick.  I had been finishing my college and now working on my Master’s degree but I have forgotten a part of who I was.  I was never one to sit around and stay home.  I have always wanted to find a good job and when I get finished with school I know there will be a job that will knock my socks off.  Guess one way to get to that is to get back in the workforce and break the unemployed streak.  I thank my friend Martha for that.  I told her today when I go to training I will have to remember that I am not heading to a Reds game since that is the way we go.

Speaking of that, being landlocked in Indiana does have one advantage.  Where we live at we are only a few hours away from several huge cities.  Indy, Bloomington, Cincinnati, Louisville, Lexington, Evansville, Springfield  and even Chicago is only a few hours away. That list isn’t the all-encompassing list either as there are others just close too but ones I don’t normally think of like Columbus OH and stuff like that.  Just an FYI Alabama is only 6 hours away and St. Louis is about the same as Chicago and I could make New Orleans by nightfall.  I have always thought that nothing happens here.  Well, no, if you are old enough to drive, there are a variety of things that go on that is just a short distance away.  Chicago and Lexington would be the farthest but if something is awesome enough to go there for, then I am staying the night and making a day or two of it.

Twitter has been a source of interesting things for me since I have been being more active there and blogging.  One of the things that I have found interesting is the amount of accounts that will retweet your blog.  If I went over all of them I would be here all night. I want to thank every one of you who have done something to promote my blog for me.  One stands out with me.  They were one of the first places to promote my blog and put me in their directory . Today I received their newsletter in email and they had my article about Rob Thomas featured in it.  I just wanted to thank you, Blog Centre, for always promoting my stuff!  I appreciate it so much!  I think I may take a while in a future blog to thank everyone who does promote my blog.  Again, thank you all so very much!

Twitter also has been a source of being able to talk to celebrities.  Here are some things that happened just this week.  I always seem to talk to Ben Gleib and Idiotest, and I have a couple of those. They like my posts even if they don’t respond or tweet it out there.

Last night Under The Dome came back on.  Jeffrey just loves this show.  I noticed that Dean Norris, who is a fabulous actor, was tweeting, I sent him a tweet and he responded!  How cool is that!  Check it out:


By the way I think Rob is following me.  He was singing on the radio at Walmart.  That was awesome!  

More of the 30 day challenge–I think I need to start on day 10 today.  It says to write about something that I feel strongly about.  Ok–I can do that.  

Day 10–Pets.  Animals in general.  I love them all.  I have always had pets since I was a kid.  My first dog was a dog named Fudge and another named Jack.  Jack stayed with us for many years.  I also had chickens, one that I named Pet.  It was a Rhode Island Red and it was beautiful.  I have had ducks for pets, so tame that they come running when they hear me.  I had turkeys too but they were mean.  I didn’t mess with them much.  I lived on a farm but I didn’t mess with the pigs much because the sow was always mean and didn’t mess with the cows much either because I guess they didn’t want me to get kicked or anything.  I have had many cats and things and at once time when I was a kid I kept a duck and a hairy legged chicken I named Goofy in the house.  I loved them all and still do.  I do believe that one of my regrets is that I don’t have room enough to save them all.  I have many now and they are all so precious to me.  I follow a bunch of pet pages on Facebook and I can’t hardly take it when one passes away or I hear tell of them being abused on the news.  The only movie that I have ever watched that made me cry was Marley and Me.  Anyway, I feel strongly about animals and loving them and they deserve our love and care.  

I will continue from there tomorrow.  I am beat, and I have a whole day of laundry to do tomorrow so I will have clothes for next week. . I am also making some adjustments to my new layout so let me know how that looks now.  Y’all have a great night! 



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