Shopping and Walking

Hi y’all!  Today was grocery day so we didn’t take our normal walk.  I did however do 1.32 miles while grocery shopping.  It wasn’t continuous but any walking is good.  We will get back to our regular walking tomorrow.  I will still be using the 2 pound walking weights in each hand and going up and down the hills.  I think this type of walking is doing good for me.  I feel better after walking.  My knee has been killing me this evening but I am not sure why.  I did walk but maybe it is because I didn’t do my usual.  Or, <gasp>, at this age I am dealing with a touch of arthritis??  Oh.  My.  I hope that don’t start now.

I had to leave early today because of the shopping and getting back before he left for work so I didn’t get to make my usual tea and I was out of my regular breakfast food so I lived on the edge and took a Diet Pepsi with me.  We had the anniversary/birthday/Father’s Day party Saturday and we had some pop left over.  This is the 4th pop I have drunk since I have been on this diet.  I do say that the change in sweetener for sweetening things has made me believe that Diet Pepsi is ultra sweet.  I didn’t finish it contrary to my non-wasting nature but I don’t miss pop that much.  I do know I am not going to be afraid to have it every once in a while.  I have 5 cases of water here so I think I will stay with that with the flavor.  Again I can’t believe that water and flavors, checking carbs, avoiding sugar and walking and whatever else I do has become second nature and habit now.  I am glad.  I find it easier to stick with something if it becomes a habit.  I am glad that for once I have made healthy things a habit.  Although I have noticed that I am eating more things this last week that I shouldn’t.  Mostly if I am out it is hard to find low carb choices.  I don’t worry about potatoes too much, because I have been eating them once or twice a week, and that isn’t that bad.  Green beans are good with low carbs there.  I did stop eating the bread at home.  This leads me to tell you about this–I started a pot roast today.  I put potatoes and green beans and pot roast mix in it.  This is a different brand of pot roast mix but it sure does smell good.  I got it all ready, and got ready to go to church and checked on it before I left and I forgot to plug it up!  And the freezer is working again.  The only thing we can figure is that the plug was partially out and that caused it to not work.  But it is now.  Hope it keeps on but if it doesn’t I do know where to take it where it will be covered by the warranty.

This is random but I heard someone talk in church a few weeks ago about putting chicken in a crock pot and barbequeing it that way.  I think I would like to try that although I think that cooking chicken like that may scare me.  If anyone can direct me, let me know.  Or have a trusted recipe you use, comment it over to me.

I don’t rant much but I think I can’t figure this one out.  I sometimes can’t figure out that no matter how much planning you make, there are some things that you just can’t escape.  I had went at the beginning of the month and bought enough food and stuff to last us all month because money would be tighter at the end of the month until I get back to work.  Meat and stuff like that specifically I stocked up on.  I would only need to replace the tater chips and such.  Well the freezer quit and stuff thawed out.  Great.  That had to be replaced.  The point of this again was to stock up because the end of the month would be tight.  Then another thing happened and things end up being tighter than before.  I just get so sick of this.  I don’t get it.  I know things that happen are God’s will and I am not questioning that.  God will get us through and then some.  I just think I question myself because what could I have done differently to account for this or are there some things that no matter what we can’t account for?  I sometimes wonder just what is coming out of this, what lesson I need to see here, or what purpose is this for?  I know it is something.  This will just make me a stronger person and help me concentrate on other areas that need attention.  See, I am seeing the positive in things.

On a happier note, Idiotest on Twitter always talks back to me when I talk to them  Here is this interaction. I think that is cool as can be!

I just love that show! I am becoming an addict.  I will tell you why.  1–I love it because it makes me think (that some days I also am an idiot because no one is immune).  🙂  2– I love Ben Gleib’s humor.  Never fails to crack me up!  If you haven’t seen it, check it out.  Speaking of that, it comes on in a few minutes so I am out of here.  Have a great night y’all!



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