30 Day Catch-up and New Blog Layout

Hi y’all!  Today we did 43 minutes which was a total of 1.44 miles.  There were some serious storms up north in the area.  We could hear the thunder and thought we were going to get rained out because they were coming toward us.  We stopped part of the way through and checked the radar. It was pretty close but at that time it looked like hail was coming close and I know it looked like a tornadic cell was above us.  We made it though.  After we got back it clouded up to where it looked almost nighttime out and the wind blew and that was about it.  I am glad that we got it in and the storms settled.  We are supposed to have some storms that may be severe here later but I hope they go on.  It was cooler this morning with the rain moving in.  We could feel it in the air.  And the hills!  The hills were really easier especially in the cool.  On the return hill, I made it to the top until we stopped, unlike I normally do in the middle of that one, which is my Mom’s driveway.  We will go down it again soon after we make sure the snorting has stopped.  I figure we will do this way for about another week or so then we will add the driveway again with the hopes that the snorter has gone, or start going the other way on a trial run.  The hill on the other side here is huge.  I kind of dread it but once I get to where I can do the ones we are doing now without much huffing.  I got to thinking this morning that all of this huffing and puffing can’t be good for anyone!  But I guess the truth is if you don’t huff and puff through it, you will never develop a way to get up and down the hills and get used to it.  Don’t panic, I do take breaks in between these hills.  I want to get fit, not huff my way into a heart attack or something.  I am lighter than I have ever been at least since the birth of Annie but I am in no means tip-top no health concerns shape.  Getting there though!

We remembered the bug spray this morning.  Annie smeared it on her face but I didn’t and that stupid biting bug kept trying to light on my face.  It finally went on.  I just don’t get this bug.  Anyway I walked with the weights today again.  I hope they keep making me feel like they are really doing some good.  I know that 2 pound per arm isn’t much but anything helps considering I went from a sedentary lifestyle to where I am exercising good now.  In fact, for whatever reason, Derek got up early and the first thing he asked was whether we had walked yet or not.  I guess everyone is getting used to the new ways  I am doing things.  Or we, as in Annie and I rather.  Speaking of her, we talked about her job and about me going back to work today.  She declared that they will want me there more than 15 hours a week.  I suppose she could be right but I don’t want to give up that freedom so I can do my schooling and help others if I can.  We shall see.

I had been checking out other blog posts that are tweeted about on Twitter and one I had seen was one that asked why do we blog?  Well,  I may have talked about this before but humor me if I have.  First and foremost I love to write.  It is one of the biggest addictions I have.  I love to make things look pretty and explain them in ways that make sense. If I can’t do that then I like to put an entirely different spin on things and at least make it funny and interesting.  I love to spin a good story.  Oddly enough all the stories I am spinning are real.

The next thing is I am blogging about my quest to become healthy.  I hope it helps someone who is reading it.  If they see that I can, in my state of mind and body shape, then anyone can.  I am not that far gone but far enough that this isn’t going to be an immediate thing.  Also, one of the really important reasons I blog is it keeps me accountable.  I post on Facebook daily my mileage and time, and the standout things about our walk.  I then blog about it and talk about what we talk about and about the day in general without, I hope, boring anyone.  I feel like that is the basis of my blog.

The third thing is that I hope I get good enough to hone my skill to where I can professionally write someday.  I can keep on dreaming there but you never know.  I like writing about things that are real.  This gives me that outlet to do it.  I am thankful I can.

I added a new design to the blog today.  Let me know if it works or it if is a no go.

I have determined today that I have a backache in my back fat. . Only me.  I told him earlier that I was gong to have to have him massage it out later.  Go ahead and laugh but an ache in your back fat isn’t a pretty thing.

I have gotten behind on the 30 day writing challenge and I mean way behind. I stopped on day 5.  I am going to catch up a few here now or more than a few.  Here we go:

Day 6–List 5 ways to catch my heart.  Well, the husband and kids and the fur babies know how to make my heart melt so we will leave that at that.

Day 7–List 10 songs you are loving right now.

1. Trust You–Rob Thomas

2. Wind It Up–a new Rob Thomas song

3. One Shot–another new Rob Thomas song

4. Streetcorner Symphony–yes you guessed it, Rob Thomas

5. Smooth–again, yes, Rob Thomas

6. Sugar–Maroon 5

7. One More Night–Maroon 5

8. Little Grains of Sand–Troy Q–a local guy that plays at church and I love this song!

9. Heartbeat–The Fray

10. matchbox twenty–Unwell—Imagine that!  Ha!

Day 8–Share something I struggle with:  Ok.  I struggle with this frequently.  I know I am to depend on God for everything.  I sometimes think though that my self could prevent the issues that I get into so I could become more self-sufficient and when I can’t do this become totally disgusted with myself.  That isn’t God’s will at all I know so I should be happy to have things as they are.

Day 9–Words of wisdom that really speak to me:  Well the one that I can think of here is my brother encouraging me to do anything because I can.  My Mom always said that a stopped clock is right twice a day meaning that everyone is right every once in a while.  And Matthew 17:20–He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”  My favorite piece of scripture because nothing is impossible with God.  

I think I will stop there and catch a few more up tomorrow.  I think I am supposed to be on day 18.   I will get caught up soon. Maybe next month I can find another one to do too but next month has so much stuff going on that who knows how much time I may or may not have!

Also FYI I have 39 followers on here!  That is awesome!  Thank you for reading!  Send your friends, I try not to be boring and just tell it like it is.  That may not seem like much but I am excited about it!

That is about all for tonight.  They have put us under a severe thunderstorm watch since I published this.  Yay.  Y’all have a great night!



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