Thursday Ramblings and Other Stuff

Hi ya’ll!  Today we walked 2.4 miles for 1 hour.  During our walk we rehashed the Rob Thomas concert.  I will be talking about that one for a long, long time.  Y’all will probably get tired of it but I hope not.  It was good times.  My dream sure came true.  Then we also hashed out the other shows we are going to this year.  An interesting side note, we both tweeted to Vinyl Station who opened for Rob and they responded and liked our tweets!  That is cool!

So I walked with my walking weights today.  They are only 1 pound each but tomorrow I think I am going to take my regular 2 pound weights.  I seem to be toning the arms up so I need to increase the weight.  I also was so surprised because I didn’t huff and puff at all Tuesday while walking in 80 some degree weather, and at one point talking on the phone!  That was cool.  Again the exercise is paying off and apparently in other ways too.  One of the ladies at church told me last night that she can tell I am really dropping the weight.  Awesome!  That made me feel pretty good when some days I feel like I am getting no where at all but I know it is paying off.  Just have to remember what my aunt told me and that is again how I feel compared to now as opposed to how I felt before.  I can tell a difference in endurance of activities and things like that too.  Standing too long and walking too long still cause some significant pain in my sciatic area and in my foot and leg, but that I hope will ease after I get some more miles logged and some more weight off.  And next week will start week 9 of diet and 8 of exercise. That many weeks in of exercise and I can tell a huge difference in how I react to stuff!  Side note too, Rob’s concert t-shirt fit very well and it is a size smaller than I normally wear.  It is either extra big or I am getting smaller.  I like to think it is both.  I forgot my dadgum bug spray this morning so the bugs were thick.  There is one specific bug that just lights, hangs on and bites away.  I don’t know what it is but I am gonna knock it into next week if it don’t go on with itself.  And when it bites it draws blood!  Argh.

My dieting all seems normal to me now.  They say 22 days to become a habit.  Ok, I can buy that.  I feel like less carbs, making sure of the carb count, water with flavors, tea with sweetener instead of sugar, it all seems normal to me now.  I am used to it and wouldn’t have it any other way.  I have also switched my flavor for the water again and have been drinking pink lemonade.  I have had Wyler’s and Wal-Mart’s and I have to tell you I like Wyler’s better I think.  They are both good choices because they are sugar-free without carbs.  The sweetener that I use in my tea has a carb or two per serving.  I have decided to keep my carbs at 20-30 a day.  I think that is a good amount.  I still stopped the bread at home.  That hasn’t bothered me in the least.  Not sure why I thought of this but I do have a sugar-free cake and icing here.  I may see if  we can make that tomorrow for our cookout Saturday.  Yes I am grilling Saturday for our anniversary Saturday and the birthday Sunday. Yummy!  With that in mind we have been cleaning all day and will finish it tomorrow.

We actually got the VIP pack for the show which came with a USB bracelet with recordings on it and some other stuff.  It wasn’t ready to be sent before the show so it will be here tomorrow.  Can’t wait to see what other kind of cool Rob stuff they sent.

One thing Annie and I discussed on the way to Indy was the idea that when objects age they are old but people aren’t. Such as, I am going to be 39 on Sunday.  Most people consider that young.  If I would be a car, I would be considered old. Not sure exactly how or why that is but we can’t figure it out.  Any ideas?

I learned this the other day about WordPress.  If you link to your Twitter or Facebook, WordPress counts those as followers. I disconnected that so I can see how many I really have.  Odd that it does that.

There were a couple of annoying things that happened Tuesday. I didn’t want to write them yesterday but that was an awesome blog I did if I do say so myself.  Most of the time it is parking, or things like that but no issues there.  This don’t fall in that category but on our trek to downtown Indy I saw a dude digging in a trash can for food.  He dug out what was in there and took off with it.  I was just in shock.  Makes one think that is for sure.  Anyway, at the venue, things there went well before the show.  As I said yesterday we were first in, first to get shirts, got a pop and got to the seats.  The security guard harassed us but hey, he was a hoot. After the show started and Plain White T’s were on, Annie yelled at me to get my purse.  Some one with brilliance spilled their beer on the floor and it was running everywhere.  Eww.  I don’t drink and I sure don’t want to smell like beer all the way home.  So we had to stand in that the whole time.  It was sticky and hard to move in it.  But Rob was worth it but if I could have found who did it I wouldn’t have been able not to either throttle them or pour a cup of beer on their feet.  The lady in front of us kept dropping her glasses and her phone and stuff in it.  She was a story in herself.  She kept turning around, blabbing, wanting us to look at her and talk to her.  Sorry lady, we paid to see Rob, not your lit self.  Those were about the only things that were wrong.  Insignificant really but annoying all the same.

This is an interesting thing.  You would think that driving after dark in a place you aren’t too familiar with even with Siri directing you would freak you out, but it didn’t me.  I don’t know, I guess I am just used to driving in Indy.  Not sure why that struck me as odd but it did.  Or even occurred to me at all at this point.  When leaving Cincinnati in the dark though and going through Louisville that is a bit nerve-wracking.  But I manage.  That is where that was coming from I guess.

Oh and the pepper spray!  I bought some pepper spray that would fit on a key ring back in February.  I have never used it or needed to thank God so I told Annie I wanted to be sure it worked.  I flipped it, aimed it toward my car and let out a little quirt.  She took off running, I turned to see why and I saw why–the stuff was way away from us and it burned your nose! Just the fumes was burning the nose!  I ended up sneezing it out but goodness.  If I had to actually use it I would have to hold it far away or run to keep from dousing myself.  But it is good to know it works.

Another interesting thing– I tweeted to Ben Gleib and to Idiotest yesterday about the next show on last night.  They both favorited it and then Ben Gleib quoted it!  Awesome!

But it gets better!  Today was his birthday so I tweeted him and told him happy birthday and how it was a good week for birthdays because mine was on Sunday.  He told me happy birthday!  Just how awesome is that!

Also we tweeted to Vinyl Station since they opened for Rob.  They liked our tweets and responded to Annie.  That is awesome too!

I think this is all I have for today. Have a great night!



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