Rob Thomas-Dreams Do Come True!

Hi ya’ll!  We didn’t walk today because we got in really late last night or this morning rather and not only were we tired but we walked for around 2 hours yesterday and did 4 plus miles in downtown Indy in 80 some degree weather.  It was really awesome walking around downtown.

Just a few catch ups here–I gained another Bloglovin’ follower so thank you for that!  I also gained a few more blog followers so thank you for that!  We stopped at Starbucks and I had to have a frappuccino.  It tasted like pure sugar.  But never fear, the 4 miles walked it off.  I also was in a position to drink a Diet Coke for lunch although I have put the pop down and I needed one later for a flappy gut.  I am right back on it today though.  I don’t consider the Subway bread anything wrong.  I had to have something to eat.  I can eat a bit like that but not often.

The Old National Centre was in a part of Indy that I hadn’t been in and it looked really different from some of the other parts.  Also they had their own parking which was a great thing.  Anyway, we ate lunch at Subway and walked around downtown and went to the mall.  The buildings are huge and Indy is just beautiful.  I am getting ahead of myself so more on that in a bit.  I have heard it called the Murat Theatre and the room inside was the Egyptian Room.

IMG_1183 IMG_1187 IMG_1197

As y’all know, yesterday was the Rob Thomas concert in Indy.  We got the VIP package which included some other merchandise that should be here this week.  I have been a huge fan of Rob Thomas for years, like 15, 20 or so. He is the lead singer for matchbox twenty and they have so many hits.  He won 2 Grammys for “Smooth” with Carlos Santana and he also has a very awesome solo career.  I have seen matchbox twenty at Conseco before, and that was when Maroon 5 and Sugar Ray was touring with them.  That was pretty awesome too. I have since been to see Maroon 5 again, in February of this year.  I have just loved Rob’s music for years.  It isn’t all about what he looks like either.  He isn’t hard on the eyes but I think I am more starstruck than anything.  You know how it is, someone you have followed for years and listened to everything they have put out and listened to or read every possible interview you can get a hold of because you just absorb everything you can about them because you are a fan? You follow some of the things they stand for and you really appreciate them using their celebrity for something good?  You may pass out if you get to meet them?  Someone that for no reason at all you are just a fan and feel drawn to them?  You get it.  That is Rob Thomas to me.  I would be willing to say that no one has a clue what getting to see someone like this that you have admired for years, up close, means.  And the fact that my daughter knew how much I groove on him and she made it happen without any hesitation or reserve.  Lots of things there that made this an awesome show.  We had to wait two months after purchasing the tickets.  Seems like it took forever to get here.  We had no idea then just how awesome this night was going to be.

We had second row seats.  That was fabulous enough in itself.  There was a pit which was way too close to the stage.  The pics we took were fabulous.  A day or two before our show we got to reading on Twitter and Facebook that he was signing autographs for people after the show.  Well we decided that we were going to wait and see if that would happen in Indy.  Was a little disappointed because at the show the night before he posted that he wasn’t going to sign them so everyone would know not to wait on him.  We started tweeting him about an hour before the show so that he knows we wanted him to stay.  I tweeted that I had been a fan and have waited for 15 plus years to meet him and Annie told him that this was for my birthday and I would probably pass out if I got to meet him.  Well we will see how that turned out here in a bit.  Did he stay or not?  The suspense last night almost done us in.

I had called the venue ahead of time to check on parking and to reserve some but they were all reserved so in order to get parked in their lot we needed to get there early.  So I guess that the rest of the lot is first come first served.  I didn’t want to stomp around a part of Indy that I am not familiar with after dark so we left at 11AM yesterday.  I wanted to be up there in plenty of time to get a space, to stalk his bus since he was supposedly signing pics there and to eat.  I had no doubts that we would be able to amuse ourselves for hours.  We roll into the parking lot around 1:30 or so, after Siri took me around the loop AKA 465 and then onto 65.  It wasn’t the least bit hard to get to for those people who dread Indy driving.  Then again, I love driving and live for days when I can go places like that.  All in the perspective I guess.  We get parked and I call again to confirm we can park there and their only advice is to pay the attendant for parking anytime before the show.  It was a lot cheaper too than the rest of the places up there.  After we figured all that out we started walking and of course we found his bus, about three rows over from us.  That was awesome!  We took pics and things and I will post some throughout my blog.  His is the black one.

IMG_1180 IMG_1181 IMG_1182

We went across the street to Subway to eat lunch.  After that we went and took care of the parking fee and decided how to kill a couple of hours.  We decided to go downtown to the mall.  It was only about a mile away and we walk two miles a day. It was hot, in the mid 80s, but I still didn’t huff and puff. Yay!  Exercise is paying off!  So off we took to downtown.  We didn’t get hollered at by too many people but enough. We walked along checking everything out and I have to tell you that looking up at the skyscrapers is nerve-wracking to me.  I can lose my balance so easily.  But Indy itself is beautiful.  We ended up walking around the circle in our trek to the mall.  After we got there, we had to ride this huge escalator to the top.  That about threw my balance off too!  I just could not get on another escalator.  I took the elevator.  We didn’t spend too much time there because we had to hoof it to the show.  We got back about 530 or so.  Thank goodness the water I took in my cooler was still cold.  We were hot and very sweaty.  We saw people going on in so we freshened up and went on in.  We had to wait for about an hour but the cool thing here was we were first in line to get in the door and first in line for the t-shirt table.  That was awesome!  I do say after the show I love the smaller venue and the benefits that come with it.

We still had 15 minutes to wait for the doors to open inside after we got in there and did all we needed to do.  Once we got in, we were absolutely shocked by our seats. I know that standing in there waiting my guts were flip-flopping and I was getting so nervous that I had to look me up a Sprite when we got in.  Yes yes, it had sugar but I needed it.  Here is a pic after we got seated.


Holy smokes!  We really were close enough to Rob to see his eyes! That staff guy standing there, he had to come over and harass us too while we waited.  Wanted to know if we were going to give him any problems.  He was a hoot!  Glad to know that they hire people who have good personalities for stuff like that.

The first band that came on was Vinyl Station.  They did pretty good.


The Plain White T’s were next.  They were awesome!!   I loved all they did.  I am sure y’all remember “Hey There Delilah”?  They sang it last.  Awesome times there!

IMG_1256 IMG_1245

Then it was time for Rob!  I wasn’t too wound up because he had already been on the side of the stage Periscoping the bands and us.  He came out and I took a video first.  But wait until you see these pics!  Close enough to see his eyes!  For whatever reason, me and Annie seemed to be the only two in the front putting our hands up and clapping and stuff while he sang.  Rob’s guitar player kept looking at us and nodding and at one point, Rob came over and waved and smiled at us!  That was awesome!  I know it was us because I could see him looking at us and we were the only ones with our hands up.  Good times! The crowd was a relatively calm bunch.  Odd too that I didn’t notice too many people singing along with him other than me.  That was very strange. Hey I went to sing and hoop and holler, have a good time and see Rob up close.  I accomplished all of that.  He did several of his songs, three of his new ones, a couple of matchbox twenty–“3AM” and “Disease”– and “Smooth!”  Oh my goodness!  He said he was going to play for two hours and he did!  He has never disappointed me!  I have as I said earlier been a fan for years and will continue to be.  The next time though, will be a picture-taking moment with him.  🙂  Here are just a few of my Rob pics.   I can’t upload them all, since I took like 300 or so.  And a couple of these Annie took.  He was such a wiggle worm that it was hard to get clear pics but we did.  And the lighting in there clashed with my phone.  By the way, all these are pretty clear pics and all of them were taken with an iPhone.

IMG_1260 IMG_1262 IMG_1284 IMG_1288 IMG_1293 IMG_1310 IMG_1330 IMG_1339 IMG_1371 IMG_1373 IMG_1374 IMG_1385 IMG_1392 IMG_1407 IMG_1412 IMG_1434 IMG_1469 IMG_1489 IMG_1506 IMG_1513 IMG_1516 IMG_1536 IMG_1537 IMG_1538

After the show we ran to the bathroom and tried to figure out what was going on.  With his message on Twitter the day before we kept checking it to see if he said anything about signing autographs in Indy.  That was interesting too.  Not too many people other than the ones who live here know Indy is called Indy instead of Indianapolis.  Correct me if I am wrong but the nickname isn’t as well-known as the Big Apple or Motor City or the Windy City, right?  Anyway, he referred to there as Indy and that was cool. Another thing we couldn’t figure out was the way he said the Twitter message the day before.  Did that mean he would stop in the venue and sign or off the bus or what?  We sat down and collected our thoughts and decided to go outside and see if anything was happening.  Oh wow.  There had to be about 500 people there.  The place held 2500 so that was quite a few still waiting.  Little by little they kept leaving until there was maybe 150 there.   The show was over and we were outside about 1045 maybe and we decided to wait to see what would happen.  They kept shifting us on different areas and finally, about 2 1/2 hours later, they moved us over so his bus could pull up.  About 5 minutes later here he came!  He walked to the bus, dodged the door, and came directly to where we were gathered with the crowd.  Oh  My  Goodness.  He did say he didn’t have time for pics.  Looking at the back of my shirt it is a rough travel schedule.  My brain went on overload, Annie is handing me my paper for him to sign, and she is away from me trying to get hers signed.  I was trying to be polite with everyone else and so I could turn my recorder on.  I stuck my paper up there, he grabbed my hand to hold the paper steady and signed it.  Oh  My  Goodness.  …… took me a minute to really figure out what happened but as I did I snapped some more pics.  I of course thanked him, which not many people were doing but Annie did too.  My dream came true.  I always wanted to clamp hands on Rob, shake his hand and tell him how awesome he is, but apparently that worked the other way around and he clamped hands on me.  I still just get completely flabbergasted when I think about it.  I hollered at Annie, made sure she had hers, and I ran us both off so those behind us could get to him.  When we came out, people were lined up to his bus and I figured we would be last.  Nope.  Glad we stayed where we were and didn’t leave.  My feet and legs were killing me after the 4 mile plus day.  But I stuck with it.  Glad I did!  I was also hot and sweaty from hollering, jumping and stuff.   He does treat his fans well, makes no judgment on things or etc.  Now someone may argue with me that he didn’t even stay long enough for that but you can just tell when someone is sincere in their actions and stuff.  He was.  He didn’t have to stay but he did and I thank him so much for that.  So yeah,  I finally got to meet him even it was only for an autograph.

IMG_1525 IMG_1529 IMG_1530 IMG_1532 IMG_1540 IMG_1541IMG_1535

I have a video of it and I think I may upload it to YouTube and link it in a minute.  You can see him take my paper because of my nails and my ring and sign it.  Oh my goodness.

Needless to say, dreams do come true.  This has to be one of the best birthdays ever!  Everyone who knows me knows what a fan of his I have been and I am sure they think this was mind-blowing for me.  Now y’all do too. 🙂

Have a great day and I will have a regular blog tomorrow.  I am worn out and need to get ready for church in a bit.



7 thoughts on “Rob Thomas-Dreams Do Come True!”

    1. It was a dream come true! I have loved him and all his music for years! I had thought that not too many people have heard that Indianapolis was called Indy and thought it would be cool to include it. 🙂 Thanks for reading!


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