Saturday and Catch Up

Hi ya’ll! Yesterday I did my second Liebster Award blog so I didn’t do a regular blog. Be sure you check it out.  Today I will play catch up.  Saturday we  walked 2.16 miles and 57 minutes.  Later on in the day I added an additional 2.23 miles or so to that when I went shopping.  I basically made up for not walking today.  We take Sundays off.  I will be glad to get back on it tomorrow.  We are thinking about adding another lap there on the road that we walk on.  Still doing the weights too.  It is all adding up.  I am walking better and not huffing and puffing and clothes are fitting better.  It just takes time and I don’t have patience.  I was talking to my aunt about that yesterday and how I wished it could come off faster.  She said not to gauge anything by that but gauge it by how I feel and how much easier I do things, and how my back will stop hurting and things like that.  I see what she means.  All those things are happening except the back yet.  It will come maybe after I get some more weight off.  I just have to keep with the program and do this.  It was 81 degrees Saturday morning.  It was hot!  But when it is really hot the honeysuckle smells so good.  That alone makes the walk so worth it.

On our walk we always see a variety of animals.  We saw a rabbit sitting in the ditch and when we walked over to see it it took off like a streak.  Almost like it was being shot out of a cannon.  It was moving on.  I have also noticed a huge amount of little tiny frogs hopping on the pavement, and all sorts of bugs that just seem to be getting worse.  We did spray ourselves with the sunblock but by the end of the walk the flies were getting in our faces and I didn’t put any on my face but Annie did.

So later as I said earlier I had to go shopping.  There was a laundry basket laying on the side of the road and of course I had to say a tisket a tasket someone lost their laundry basket. I got to wondering exactly what the deal was with tiskets and taskets.  Google says that basically they are just words meant to rhyme.  Hmm–kind of a boring answer to some interesting sounding words.

So we got to Jasper and had a few errands to run and we went to eat at Grandy’s.  Grandy’s has to be one of the best places to eat in the world.  I had my “Don’t Call Me Mustache” shirt from Impractical Jokers on and the guy behind the counter called me mustache!  Ha!  That was amusing.  Q originally said it and it was funny as can be then.

After I got home I put ribs on in the crock pot for today.  I found some sugar-free barbecue sauce and it was good.  The ribs in the crock pot tasted like they were fixed in a restaurant.  I will have to do that again.  I need to figure out other stuff in the crock pot too.  I have several crock pot cook books but I will have to watch the carbs and sugar.  Oddly enough, everyone here has been eating stuff with no sugar and drinking more water after I started this.  I keep regular pop and other stuff but the majority of us are eating the sugar-free stuff and that is cool.  I also notice a change in my taste too.  Things taste different not eating as much sugar or drinking it either.  It isn’t all bad either.  I am just glad I am making it in a manner that seems awfully easy to just quit eating sugar cold turkey.  And tomorrow starts week 8 of the diet and 7 of exercise I believe.

At church this morning I heard someone referring to something as dying the death of a rag doll.  That is another one of those things that I have no clue where it came from or why.

I had this weird dream about Rob Thomas last night.  I actually got to meet him and hang out with him a long time and I got to take a few selfies with him.  That would be awesome but I doubt it will happen.  You never know. I know I am getting excited for this on Tuesday!  I will post many pics.

Annie and Jeffrey went to Holiday World today.  It is a local amusement park.  I know she is becoming more responsible because she is looking out for him, making sure he has the proper things he needs like the sunblock he needs and checking in to let me know what is going on.  She is 19 but she is very responsible.  I appreciate that so much.  I hope they had fun and didn’t get too fried out there today.

I think this is all I have for today.  Have a great night!



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