Friday Ramblings, Walking and second Liebster Award! Woo hoo!

Hi ya’ll! Hope everyone had a great Friday.  First of all I have been nominated for a second Liebster Award, which I will work on tomorrow.  I do thank my daughter for that!  We did 54 minutes and 2.1 miles and later in the day when I went out I did an additional 1.18 miles.  It was hot and muggy again and buggy still.  I also used my hand weights but Annie chose not to so she could swat at the bugs.  This morning when I got up and put my walking clothes on, I could really tell that I have lost.  I also noticed this afternoon that my gut is becoming smaller and baggier, if you will.  It is like it is getting dimples because it isn’t so tight anymore.  I am liking all of that.  Keeps me motivated to keep going.  I do say that I do look like I have a huge booty because I have to keep my phone in my pocket so it will record my miles, and it is an iPhone 6 plus so it is a larger phone.  But  I can deal with that.

Before I leave on our walk every day I make a pot of hot tea, and take my meds.  I had bought a box of regular tea bags that had tags and such.  Before I had tagless tea bags.  I must tell you that the ones with tags, annoying.  I do not want to have to buy those anymore.  Takes too much time when you are running on a schedule in the morning.  I went through and untagged and unbagged all of them.  I showed them!  Ha!

On our walk today we discussed a variety of things, and we talked about night noises.  Annie said and I knew from past night shift experience that everything looks sounds and feels different at night.  I posed the question that are all night noises normal, or do they just not seem normal to us because the majority of us sleep at night?  She thought that some of the noises she hears at night are not normal and should not be happening.  These noises being stuff close to footsteps when alone and they aren’t yours noises of stuff being moved or dropped–basically noises that require another human on that end to be making, but should be impossible when there is only one there, like her.  It is an interesting thing to ponder on regardless.  Could be kind of creepy too.  But with me and her both, we are intrigued by creepy.  We have a concert in Lexington in September and when we come home, we are going to schedule a tour of Waverly Hills, so yeah, we groove on creepy.

The main topic today was discussing our upcoming Rob Thomas show.  I am sooo beyond excited that if I think about it too much I would absolutely flip out.  So we decided to make a list of concerts that we would be interested in seeing, meaning that if the band or person was the only one touring, we would go see them.  We had several that if they toured with someone else that we wanted to see, that would be cool. Here is our list, with some notes too.

People/Bands Annie and I would go see:

Aloe Blacc

Before You Exit–this is Annie’s

Bruno Mars–we both agree that Bruno would rock

Daughtry—-we both would groove on him too

Ed Sheeran–we both want to see him

Foster the People–mostly me but she would probably go


Gavin DeGraw–we both would see him I believe

Hunter Hayes—front row seats in September—one of Annie’s favorites

Imagine Dragons–funny story there.  She had tried to get us tickets to see them June 16 in Louisville.  She couldn’t find any.  The next week Rob Thomas tickets went on sale for what date?  June 16.  Interesting huh?  We were meant to see Rob.  Anyway, we both want to see them too eventually.

John Newman–mostly me but she would go too.

Josh Turner–I have seen and met Josh Turner and he is awesome.  She wants to see him too.

Katy Perry—one of 3 women singers I would actually go see.  All may be shocked at the second.  She is coming up on the list soon.

Lady Antebellum–front row seats in September.

Lady Gaga—love love love Lady Gaga!  I would go without a doubt.  Annie would too.

Lifehouse—we both would see them.

Luke Bryan–Annie’s idea but I would go too.

Macklemore–we both would see him.

Maroon 5–Annie saw them this year for the first time, and it was my second time.  Maybe third time I will get to meet them.

Matchbox Twenty–saw them once, and now I get to see Rob next week!!!  I am BEYOND excited!!!!

Nickelback–we both want to see them and she tried to get tickets but was the day before another show we are already going to

OneRepublic—we both would see them

Parachute–Annie’s—she wants to see them as bad as I do Rob Thomas

Paramore–Annie’s again and the same thing there too.

Pitbull–I would not object if he was touring with someone I was going to see.  Not sure if I would go if headlining.

Sam Hunt–Annie’s reason for seeing Lady A.  Hunter Hayes too.  I got roped into that one.  But I will go.  Ha!

Sam Smith–this is all on her.  I will have to sit through this because of what she is going to surprise me with one of these days.  I will survive.

Taylor Swift–I think we both could sit through her show.

Thomas Rhett–this one is all her.  I don’t know.

Train–they are touring with The Fray.  Will be an awesome show!

Nico and Vinz—they would be awesome!

I am waiting though, waiting and waiting, for Impractical Jokers.  I keep telling her that if she wants to see me have a panic attack it will be when I get to meet them.  Notice I didn’t say if I said when.  She will have the camera ready she said.  Stay tuned for that.

Derek and I had to go out this afternoon.  We flea doped the dogs before we left and they were not happy campers.  We ate lunch at a local buffet.  I ate what I normally would get but just less of it.  A few carbs here and there won’t’ hurt.  I did eat more mushrooms and ranch than anything else I think.

We had an interesting discussion on the way home.  He was catching his stuff falling off the dash as we were going up a hill and he decided that was due to my driving.  Gravity?  Ok anyway, I was talking to him that I am either on or off.  I have no in between.  I guess that really is how everything affects me.  I was telling him when I drive I drive like I am going to a fire (funny reference considering he is a fire fighter) or like Grandma.  Even when I am in the sun, I either fry like bacon or nothing happens.  My body even reacts in such a manner.  Cleaning is the same way. I want to do it all now, or not at all.  This could explain why I want to see more results with my weight loss.  I am putting all the time and effort into it now and want to see more now.  FYI next week starts week 8 of diet and 7 of exercise.

Going back to the driving thing, I four-wheeled over a tree once to get to Walmart.  Yup, it had stormed and I needed to go to the grocery store.  When the storm was over, I loaded everyone up in the Jeep and took off.  Down the road there was a moderately large-sized tree in the road and I didn’t have time to backtrack.  I put it in low 4×4 and drove right over it.  I thought of that when he told me today to watch out for tress in the road.  I put the car right between them and told him I avoided those like a boss.  Ha!  When I refer to car I mean my SUV.  We don’t own cars here.  Little redneck?  Maybe.  But it sure can be fun!

I called the boss at my old workplace today.  I need to work a bit for a while.  She thinks I will be able to come back to work.  Ever since I left the place I have been called back to it.  Well I had to–I lost my job when Jeffrey was sick so I needed to be with him.  I have had dreams of the place and something just feels like I am being pulled there.  I have often wondered if that is what I am actually called to do as far as a career goes and I have to say I hope that isn’t all.  I feel like  I am needed to do other things as well.  I guess we shall see.  It may be that  I am just supposed to work there, and not always in the same capacity as before.

I think I am going to stop here.  I will work on my Liebster Award tomorrow when I get back from taking my Mom to the store.  Have a great night!


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