Walking and Bugs, Grilling and Bugs, Idiotest and no Bugs

Hi y’all!  We got our walk in this morning, 56 minutes and 2.1 miles.  It was hot.  No jogging it was so hot.  We did resume with our weights and Annie was half mad because she said she couldn’t swat the bugs away with the weights on her hands. It was buggy too.  It has been buggy all day. There were bugs of all sorts, things I don’t even recognize but no dragonflies.  I haven’t looked that stuff up on dragonflies yet but hopefully when I do I can learn if they avoid heat.  More on buggy later.  It was hot enough early this morning that I was huffing and puffing up the hills.  I don’t like days like that.  I also don’t like it when you stop you sweat like a water spicket, or I guess spigot is the correct term although spicket I like better.  Ha!   But during our walk, spiders had strung webs across where we had just walked at I know at least in 3 places.  I had to knock all those out-of-the-way on the way back through.

Our talk this morning consisted of telling Annie how Derek and I got together and how to figure out if that person likes you and how to approach asking them if they do or if they want to hang out or something.  She asked how I got to the point where we got together and how we figured all that stuff out.  Well here it is.  I told her I didn’t remember the exact moment of how we decided to go out, but now I believe someone may have mentioned it to him or something and we did have a mutual friend involved somehow and I don’t remember all of that but I do remember he asked me to the movies or something.  Someone else at one point had encouraged me to ask him to go eat or something too.  This was in late 96.  Annie had just turned 1 and when she met Derek she ran up to him and held her hands up wanting him to pick her up.  Kids know, you know.  🙂  So we went out then and we just didn’t click or something.  Later on, in February of 97, I ended up wrecking my car.  That was a sad story and I will tell that another day.  That was on a Wednesday, on Friday the 13th we ended up getting back together and somehow we figured out that this was what was going to work.  I know there was outside interference in a good way, friends encouraging me and him both to get together which was nice.  But we had to make that connection ourselves.  It took a while but here we are, 18 1/2 years together and in 9 days we will be married 17 years.  We were married the day before my 22nd birthday.  Back to back celebrations there.  This year I am going to grill out on my anniversary for both the birthday and anniversary.  And go next week to see Rob Thomas.  5 days!  5 days!  I am so excited I could jump up and down.  Ha!

We also discussed again how to get her a car.  Or a truck.  We are just going to have to go and look. We discussed the cost of repairs and how some brands are rumored to cost more to fix than others.  We also talked about a car that I traded in many years ago that I wished I still had.  It was a 1990 GMC Jimmy and I wish I still had it.  It would go in any weather anywhere.  The odometer stopped in it at 185180 or something and I drove it 3 1/2 more years after it stopped and I KNOW I had to roll that over a million miles.  It was one of the best cars I have had.  The one I have now is awesome too because it used to be my aunt’s and she gave it to me when she got sick, before she passed away.  It has more value to me than any other car I have owned and I know she smiles down from Heaven knowing that the main reason I love the car is she gave it to me.  Well SUV rather.  I can’t get my tall self in a car successfully.  I look like I am doing some sort of watoosie getting in and out.  OMG that got even funnier because WordPress wants to correct that to tootsie  Yeah, I did a tootsie getting in and out of the car!  Hahahahaha!!!!!

Speaking of grilling, I grilled lunch today too. Hot dogs and potatoes and that was a few too many carbs but that is ok because I haven’t had potatoes for a while. That was after I ran out to pay a bill and get a new battery for the riding mower that Bill gave us.  So we got home with that and it started right up and ran but the cord melted against the battery and that got all messed up but with my uncle’s help we got it unscrewed.  The yard has been manicured pretty well.  We just have some trimming to be done but that depends on the rain and what time we finish running errands tomorrow.

Back to the grilling, it was hot hot hot outside grilling today. There was very little breeze walking today, and we usually always have a breeze on certain parts of the road, and definitely not when I was grilling. And it got buggier!  Derek must have stirred up the bugs when he mowed.  They were swarming and biting and just everywhere.  I told my aunt about sitting out in the bugs and she didn’t think I needed to be getting bit so much with them.  I will have to get some bug spray because they do annoy me.  The kids are going to an amusement park Sunday so I will get the sunscreen for them.  Shouldn’t be too buggy though there.

I have just noticed that I have 30 followers on here.  That may not seem like much but thank you!  I hope to get more eventually so please follow!  I promise I won’t be boring and if I am, I am open to suggestions.  🙂  And I just gained another as I write this blog!  Thank you!

I tweeted to Idiotest and Ben Gleib again today and Idiotest favorited my tweet!  I think that is just awesome that they take the time to respond like that.  I am sure they will hear from me a lot!  Ha!

On our drive today and on any drive, I like to listen to music and pretty loud.  It is one of life’s little pleasures that I just delight in.  When I do that, I tend to think.  It is actually a method to creative thinking, which I had a class on last semester that I just loved!  Anyway, when I can drive and blast music, or even sit at home and blast music, I can get down with all sorts of creative nutty thoughts.  I had three today, and they are more like ponderances and things I don’t have an answer for. I actually got an answer for one of them today.  The county that brings the water lines to our house, there is a river between here and there.  I wanted to know how they got around that.  I had to pay the water bill today so I asked. They went UNDER the river.  The lady explained that they drilled under the river with something that acts like a protective cover to the water lines and then they run the water lines through.  That is pretty cool!  These next two I don’t have a clue about.  How do women who faint at the sight of blood deal with that time of the month?  Good question and I have never got an answer for it.  This last one has stumped me all my life and especially now being adult I still don’t know.  How do teachers who have three months or so off every year make it?  Here is my logic–I know from my experiences just making it is tough let along saving money when bills are due.  Running with that concept, how do they save up?  I also hear that some aren’t paid that great.  Also I know that unemployment wouldn’t start until about the time they start back to teach so that may not work.  How does that work?  These may seem silly to some people but they are things I have no answers for!

We got the grass mowed and now we can fire up the fire pit at any time!  I am truly excited about that.

Our kitten is silly.  It was sitting on my shoulder, where it hangs out at, and starting biting and chewing on my face!  And it loves to chew on my necklace which I have to hide from it all the time.  I think it is just silly.  It finally settled down and went back to sleep.  It usually sits on my shoulder when I type but it is up and running around tonight.

Day 5 of the 30 day writing challenge–List five places I want to visit.

1. New Orleans—been there but I am itching to go back!

2. New York—have wanted to go there since I was a kid.

3. Canada—no where specific, just to Canada.

4. Ireland–the mother land. I have some Irish in me.

5. Waverly Hills in Louisville–We are planning on stopping there on our way back from Lexington in a few months.

So there is that.  We have errands to run tomorrow, and I am sure it will turn out to be a bloggily beautiful day!  Have a good night!  Drop me a line or comment or something, would love to hear from y’all!



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