Weigh-in and Lawnmowers

Hi y’all!  Hope everyone had a good day.  It seems like it has been a long day.  I am pretty tired as I sit here and write this with a kitten on my shoulder, it rooting into my hair.  I love all my animals very much but I sure do love this kitten.  It brings new life in the house having one this little.  It is just as precious as it can be. I did notice today though that it was acting like the dogs. A kitten acting like dogs.  Only in my house.  🙂

Today was 45 minutes and 1.67 miles.  Had to cut it kind of short with an appointment this morning.  I did do something different today.  I actually jogged part of it.  Yes, folks, I jogged my fat booty right on down the road.  Annie said that I jogged longer than she thought I could or maybe she meant would…..Anyway after that I picked up the pace on walking and I did it thinking it will actually help me.  I am not sure but we seem to think that jiggling the rolls and sweating will help melt it off faster.  I sure hope.  If not faster then I hope it keeps it coming off.  I do know that I left this morning to our appointment feeling better than I have in a long time.  If jogging does that to me then maybe I need to do a bit every day.  Nothing says I have to jog the whole way, just part of it.  Then power walk some of the rest of it.  Yeah, I still got this.

So since we had to be at an appointment we had to get going to get our walk in.  Annie even walked in flip-flops!  She usually changes into regular shoes, with regular shoes meaning sneakers, tennis shoes, etc., bu we had to get going and she didn’t bother taking the time today to change.  She was not a happy camper with that and said at one time she could walk faster barefoot and she said she could keep up with me jogging if she didn’t have flip-flops.  I let her get ahead of me at one point and I had to run to get back to her.  It was good for me.  I do huff and puff but just like with the walking, a little here and a little there and I will be able to jog anywhere at anytime, as long as the ta-tas go down so I won’t knock myself out…..We did declare one thing.  Next Tuesday, as we walk a few blocks to see Rob Thomas, there will be NO huffing and puffing like I did with walking all over downtown Indy for Maroon 5.  That is a great feeling to know!  We also think we want to park farther at the stores too.  It will just be one more thing to do to keep it going and stamp out fat.

We both walked with our weights today.  And it was awfully buggy too.  Annie kept fighting off the bugs and I told her that was a great way to tone her arms.  She was talking about stepping on some sort of scale at work and it showed some weight loss too.  I told her that I can tell she is losing too and I see her every day.  We also discussed continuing this after we reach our ideal goal.  I told her we will have to maintain the diet and exercise just to maintain our weight once we get to where we are going.  Where is that you ask?  I want to fit in about 3 or 4 pants sizes smaller.  I am not sure if that coordinates to what I looked up for my ideal weight or not.  The Dr says I am 5’9″–I disagree because with shoes on I am a bit taller.  Well that was with shoes on.  I know I am taller than that but to save argument I will go with that.  A woman with a large frame, because I sure ain’t no petite, should weigh 170 at the most.  Me, weigh 170.  Bahahahaha!  I think that if I lose down that far I will look ill.  Like really bad illness ill.  But we shall see.  I do have the one goal of the size pants I want to wear but also, where ever I need to go to to keep my blood sugar in line.  That is the main goal.  This should also shape up my blood pressure but it is well controlled with meds.  But who knows, I may be able to get off those too.  I also mentioned to Annie that for me, it will take about a year to get off as much as I think I need to.  She knows she said.  By the time that I reach that she will be starting to maintain hers.  And walking really does help.  I think I go on about this every time but I can see such a difference with walking.  We also discussed walking in bad weather.  I had just made a comment to someone on Facebook yesterday that I couldn’t wait to huff it in the ice.  We decided that we would have to find another exercise when it was really nasty and cold outside.   I think I can handle moderate cold but really cold isn’t good for anyone to breathe and I know how graceful I am on ice, and Annie takes that same skill after me.  So DVD exercise or the bike it may have to be.

Now for the news you all have been waiting for.  When we got to the Dr today I weighed in again.  Y’all know how I have been flapping about thinking I put it all back on.  Wrong!  It was nothing astonishing as I just weighed last week, but it was 1 pound!  1 POUND DOWN!  That makes 21 for starting week 7 diet and 6 exercise!  Hot dogs!  Every pound is a HUGE victory!  I ought to celebrate but I will just cheer to myself.  🙂 Now I can stop freaking out thinking that I gained it all back in a day.  An average of 1 to 2 pounds a week is good.  I hope the jogging will bump that up to 2.  If I could hit 3 I would be ecstatic.  I am also torn between weighing myself frequently and not.  I go to the Dr office once a month to get prescriptions so I could weigh then and only then.  I shall see.  I guess what I am really trying to say is 1. I don’t want to see weight gain even if it is 1 pound from a bad week and 2.  I don’t want to bum myself out if I don’t lose but 1 pound a week.  Hard choices but I will figure out an appropriate weigh-in schedule.  My clothes are fitting better.  The shirts really do fit better and the pants are baggier but it is a weird place to be.  I know I can’t fit in smaller shirts but the ones I have fit better.  I know I can’t fit in smaller pants although I can pull them 2 to 4 inches away from my non-sucked-in gut and also need more belt holes.  It is just a strange place to be.  But one day it will be glorious to walk into a store and buy 4 or 5 sizes smaller pants!  I can’t wait!

I had talked yesterday about how Jeffrey wasn’t into the Best Friend Day stuff.  Today he put a pic about that on Facebook and tagged me and Annie and Derek in it and Derek liked it too.  Call me wrong.  I really did judge that one wrong.

This afternoon we had to go pick up a lawnmower that our friend Bill was going to give us.  It was an old lawnmower and it wasn’t being used.  So I had to go borrow my uncle’s honker pickup to go get it.  By honker I mean huge, as in Ford F-250 huge.  Yes folks, me and my son took off in this huge truck to go get a lawnmower.  Good thing too as it fit perfectly in there but it would have been too big for Annie’s I think.  Plus, the Ford has air conditioning and considering I overheat if I hold a hot cup of coffee, well it was a no-brainer which truck I preferred.  We get to Bill’s house and we go to where the lawnmower is and we get ready to load it up and it dies.  This was as he was hung halfway up the ramp trying to load it in the truck.  So he had to re-jump it and the deck wouldn’t clear the truck bed!  We moved to a lower part of the driveway and it still wouldn’t clear it.  We ended up backing up on a bank so he could just basically drive it in there.  That time it worked.  Three times!  Three times of trying to get that silly thing in the truck.  But I would love to say we, but HE got it.  All I did was move the truck. And it was hot!  He and his daughter’s family were trying to clear out a tree that fell the other night in a storm that came through.  In such heat!  It was close to 90 and probably over in the noon day sun.

We got it back home and decided that to get it out of the truck to back it up to our bank in the yard.  We attempted it with boards like he had but that was not going to work.  Neither was me backing it up.  I needed to go get my uncle so someone could stand in the road in case someone came by.  So sure enough, as soon as he got the truck backed up, someone had to wait on us to get it out of the truck and turned around.  We got it out of the truck and into the yard.  Mission accomplished.  And no one got hurt.

I saw a story on the news today where a little boy got a wish fulfilled in the southern part of the state by getting to ride in a Sherman tank.  I think stories like that are wonderful.  I was just waiting because I knew what they were going ot say.  Sure enough, he was fighting leukemia.  I know how that goes.  I never was a crying person.  I prefer to get mad first.  If I cry after I get mad, y’all better look out.  Just saying.  Anyway, when I hear of anyone fighting leukemia, it makes my blood run cold and I just want to cry.  I know what they have to go through.  But if they hang in there they can beat it.  My Jeffrey sure did.

Well this is about all I have for now.  I have been blogging and watching the Reds play. Yes, I watch it even when Derek isn’t home.  Have a good night!



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