All Sorts of Madness!! Walking, Turtles, Frogs and Lawnmowers

Hi y’all!  Today we walked 47 minutes for 1.76 miles.  It was coming a monsoon today so we had to walk with our umbrellas so there was no using the hand weights.  Hopefully in the morning we can go back to that.  There were some hard storms that moved through up in northern Indiana but they settled down by the time they got here.  I had started to develop one of those nasty headaches that hit in behind your eye and drive you nuts and I was not interested in staying up all night with storms so I thank God for that.  Oddly enough after that, I slept so good!

We talked about a variety of things today on our walk but the funniest thing was Annie had all these wires connected in her pockets today.  She had a larger set of headphone and a larger wire there than the usual headphones she uses and then she had a wire running to her portable charger in her back pocket that was connected to her phone!  I told her she looked like she was all wired up for medical tests of some sort!

So we ran into a turtle crossing the road on the way down the road.  From up high it looked like a ladybug.  We wanted to see if it ever crossed when we came back but it was moving and trying to go.  I took a few pics of it.  I also saw a very tiny frog and it was moving but it was hard to get a pic.  I’ll post what I took but not sure how clear it is.  We saw the remains of a turtle that had been smashed a couple of dead frogs.  Amazing how much stuff is dead on the pavement that we never see when we are in the car.

IMG_1121 IMG_1127 IMG_1128 IMG_1130

I have been really concerned with putting weight back on. I keep thinking that everything I have lost I have put on.  Derek tells me to stop being paranoid.  I was talking to my aunt and we decided that in order to actually gain the 20 pounds back that I have lost, it would, OBVIOUSLY, be impossible to gain it all back in a day without being sick.  I think I am doing ok.  She also told me that some weeks I won’t lose anything and other times I will and she had done that very thing.  I just feel disgusted because I feel like I am getting no where although I know I am.  I feel changes and I can for sure feel differences in how my clothing fits and how I walk and my energy level.  I just need to keep doing what I am and not worry.  This is week 7 of diet and 6 of exercise so I have a long way to go.  I will get there.  It is too early yet to determine that all I am doing is for nothing and it won’t be if I stay clear headed, dedicated and keep going.

And just like my exercise routine I also have a blogging routine.  I think I had talked about it a little yesterday that I really enjoyed blogging and writing.  I set time aside every day to write and post it out there so others can read it.  It is so exciting to me!  It was so exciting that I had a dream about it last night.  I don’t exactly remember the whole dream but I remember we were going somewhere and we went in the wrong lanes and I remember turning around and going back and the main thing was, I was going to put that in my notes so I could blog about it later IN MY DREAM!  I must be grooving hardcore on writing if I am having dreams about it too!  And like I said yesterday I keep notes so I can remember what I want to write on later. When I blog our kitten sits on my shoulder.  I did feel like Ace Ventura earlier, I had two dogs and a kitten on me, and when I sat down to the computer I had a kitten, a dog and another cat that wrapped its tail around the computer screen.  The kitten likes to get on you and root down behind you or in the top or your shirt.  I sure do love all our critters.  🙂

Speaking of stuff that I love, Derek’s computer fouled up on him last night.  The computer screen went out.  He took the battery out and all and it didn’t fix it.  I got it this morning and let it set for a while to see if it was going to come on so I then took the battery out and it didn’t want to come out . Once I got it out and back in, it worked.  I can only figure that when he did, it didn’t go in right or something.  I am not sure.  I spend more time fixing computers for people than web designing.  I love it all.  And like writing, I get all giddy with the web design and fixing them.  There is nothing on a computer than can’t be fixed or backed out of, I don’t care how serious it looks.  Unlike life, there are so many things in computers and writing that can be edited or deleted or backspaced out of.  Wish life was like that sometimes.  I am so into computers and writing that I end up using that terminology to describe my life and stuff.  Remember a few blogs ago I was talking about reprogramming my life and my choices and stuff?  Yeah.  You get it.  Anyway, you would think that being in technology like I am that I would groove on new technology but some of it not so much.  I love the Apple stuff.  That is awesome.  In fact I think I may buy a Macbook very soon, just so I have straight Apple across the board.  Washers though are another story.  I had used one of the high-efficiency ones and I hated it.  It was just ignorant.  I didn’t smell the softener like you do when you use a regular washer. There are just some things that the old model is the best and that is one of them.  Our poor washer now expresses its dislike every time it is used.  Someday it will be retired.  Hope it can keep hobbling until then.

Today was supposed to be National Best Friends day.  I reposted a thing on Twitter to my daughter because she is truly my best friend.  Kids grow up and they end up becoming the best friends you have.  I think that is just wonderful.  My son and husband are too, but you know how guys are.  They don’t do all this mushy stuff.

So a week from tomorrow is our Rob Thomas concert.  OMG the closer I get the more excited I get!  That is going to be a blast.  Second row!!  I can’t wait. We should be getting our VIP packages in the mail this week for Rob Thomas.  In July we have another good one too.  We are going to see Train and The Fray and we get to meet The Fray!  That is going to be a hoot!!  That will be as cool as can be to actually meet Isaac Slade.  I hope to have a few more pounds off by then so I don’t look like a cow.

This is random but I think I will find someone to tweet to on Twitter again this week and see if they will respond.  That was so cool when Ben Gleib tweeted back to me last week.  I will keep you posted.

I saw a pic on another blog I follow about a 30 day writing challenge.  I decided I would do it too.  The first thing it says to do is list 10 things that make you really happy.  Here goes and in no particular order:

1. my kids

2. my husband

3. writing

4. my pets

5. good food

6. Impractical Jokers

7. shopping

8. good days

9. achieving a goal

10. knowing that someday I won’t be fat!

That is the only one for today.  Tomorrow should be interesting too  And speaking of interesting, we have been needing a lawnmower.  A friend of ours has one we are going to buy when we get the money but before then he dug out one that they aren’t using and is going to let us have it.  I am going to go get it tomorrow.  Thank you Bill.  Wish there were more people in this world like you.  Not just for lawnmowers but it would make it a better place.  How cool would it be if everyone cared for everyone else in the same level of emotion that we all cared for ourselves and our own family?  Keep wishing.  I will probably hit that 7 figure income that I keep saying I’m gonna make someday before that happens. But if it did…

I have rambled on and on today.  Hope y’all have a great night and we will talk tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “All Sorts of Madness!! Walking, Turtles, Frogs and Lawnmowers”

    1. I saw them several years ago when Maroon 5 was the opening act. I am so excited to see Rob, where I can actually SEE him! I will have pics posted! And they are awesome live aren’t they?

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      1. I think it was in 2003 maybe, that I saw them. That was 12 years ago. I know Maroon 5 started out around then. We just saw them again in February and they had mentioned they were still going after 13 years or so. Yes time does fly! But some things never get old even when time flies, like Rob or matchbox twenty. 🙂

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