Past Ramblings

Hi y’all!  We didn’t do our walk today because this is our one day a week when we don’t walk.  I sure miss it though. Kind of glad today we didn’t walk much because it was 81 before noon but we would have been done walking way before that.

I had church this morning and this afternoon.  Two very good messages today.  There was something that just occurred to while at church today.  I was thinking about how wonderful the people are that I go to church with and how I didn’t know them before now.  The only places locally I would be would be the store or the laundry mat.  I am just glad I know these wonderful people now because they add so much to my life.  My Pastor and his wife are wonderful too.  I have never known anyone quite like them and I love and appreciate them very much and the messages they have for us every week.

The pot roast today was very good but for some reason today I have been starving!  I will need to get back together with my diet tomorrow.  I don’t think I did too bad today but I need to tighten the carb intake more.  And I will.  Some days this is a work in progress and other days it is like I have done thins perfectly forever. I can’t figure out though why the appetite fluctuates so much.  I do notice that I am slimming down so I don’t want to mess it up.  This will hopefully be the week when I add more exercise every day.  I will just make time.  I have to.

I think I have mentioned this before but I love to drive.  I love driving anywhere at anytime for almost anything.  You want to go to the city, call me.  You need something from town and I am not busy, call me.  There is something about driving along, with the music as loud as it can be, that it totally exhilarating and exciting to me.  I love exploring new places and I have to say the maps on the iPhone and iPad are so far the best map applications I have ever used.  Anyway, I had gone to the Dollar Store the other day while I was out and at this particular one, you pull up on the street and basically parallel park.  There was a space open and I had to parallel park.  Yeah, I had that.  I put that big old SUV of mine right in there, no issues!  I was pretty proud of myself because that was the first time I had parallel parked in years.

I haven’t had this blog for very long but I have over 400 views I believe.  I get several each day and some places on Twitter retweet when I blog.  I must give a shout out to @BloggerBees, @TheBlogCentre, @TheBloggersPost, @lovingblogs, @RTYourBlog and @TheBlogGuideRT for always retweeting my posts of my blogs!  Thank you so much!  I know some people may not think that 20 hits or so a day is good, but hey, I’m cool with that.  I really love writing and have since I was a teenager or so.  I have always thought I would love to write all the time and still do.  I can combine my love of writing with my love of computers and that works out really well.  I do think that blogging like this every day helps me stay on track and clear my head both of which are necessary evils now a days it seems.  I just hope y’all enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it!  A huge thank you to everyone that reads this too!  I hope my silliness can get a laugh or something may be in there that could help someone.

Going back to the writing thing, I decided when I was 12 that writing was the thing for me.  I remember spending the extra class time writing on novels or stories or whatever it was that I had concocted.  I remember showing my stuff to people and most of them really liked it.  Or they said they did.  It was such a passion then and it still is.  Back then I wrote things, like TV scripts and fictional stories.  At one point I had decided I could never do like the big time fiction writers of today do, but now that I reevaluate this, I think I may be able to handle it.  It is like I have all this inside me and I have to write it down.  Some people who know me know I get all giddy and excited when I get to design a web page, and it is just as bad when I get to write!  You will never find “normal” stuff in my purse, like bandaids (there are now but usually not) or wipes or stuff, but you will find a trillion pens and a note pad or two so I can write when I feel the need.  If I am writing something huge for school or even for myself I must have a written, literally written, copy first then I can type it up.  I have just gotten used to blogging in this form and I don’t mind it.  But I do keep notes on my phone of topics I wish to blog about.  Anyway, once I got to college, I was asked to edit the newspaper and was an assistant editor for a semester or two.  Then I got to take it over.  I think one of the funnest things I have ever taken part in was writing and editing that paper.  My professor had enough confidence in me to put me in charge of it and let me run the meetings, and that confidence has rubbed off on me with many things. I was the only one who could interview people, such as the Dean and President of the university.  That really made me understand I can do anything.  But it really convinced me I was a pretty good writer.  I contribute a lot of who I am today to him.  But I did that while I was there and I also had a couple of articles in local papers too.  I had decided at that point that I wanted to write real stuff.  One day that same professor asked me, or told me, if I realized that writing for a newspaper was not that great of a paying job.  Well I rethought all this out and decided at that time I didn’t know what I was good at but finally hit me it was computers.  I can combine my love of writing and computers together.

Well I suppose I have rambled enough for now.  I will ramble more tomorrow I am sure.  Have a great night!



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