There is more than corn in Indiana

Hi ya’ll!  Hope everyone had a great Friday.  We started it out by walking for 1 hour 3 minutes which amounted to 2.11 miles.  That is pretty good.  I decided this morning that it was time to add an extra lap, to account for the idea that I can’t seem to work in exercise in the PM currently.  It was hot and muggy out today, and buggy.  Everywhere we walked we had bugs, some small, some that looked like jet planes, swarming all around us.  One of them kept lighting on us and biting us and it got me several times and once real good by my wrist.  Then it landed on Annie and on her face and it kept landing on her face but she was able to shoo it out before it bit her.  There was also a huge dragonfly and it was a neon yellow.  I hadn’t seen one like that but they sure are pretty.  Annie doesn’t like them but again she doesn’t like any bugs.  I had to go out to the store this evening so I added an additional 1.07 miles in all the walking I did this afternoon.

Talking about bugs made me think of my face.  I have had to have gotten into something that I am allergic to.  My face has been really dry this winter and I have been on a quest to find something to moisturize it with so I will stop looking flaky.  I found a moisturizer that is supposed to be for sensitive skin.  I used it last week and I am not sure if it was it, because I have used it before and it only turned my skin red, or something in the laundry soap.  My cheeks have been red, and only on them, and peeling.  Peeling like i have a huge sunburn or something.  Today has been the first day that I still have peelage but just minimal.  I hope it clears up soon so I can stop looking stupid.  Just aggravates me that I try to do something to help myself and true to the way it always goes, it fouls up and backfires.  Meh.

Anyway it seems like I have felt like my chin is getting bigger or something and I think it is time I did something else too other than walking.  I know I talk about this frequently and it is as if I am arguing with myself.  I want to add something else on for exercise and I determined yesterday that it would have to be the same way I do the morning walking and that is once I commit I will have to make sure no matter what it is done.  I guess the issue I have is this:  do I want to walk more, or add something else like an exercise video or something?  I need something that works more of me.  I really just feel kind of bummed, or bloated or something.  Not sure what is happening with that but I think I am still losing and on the right track.  This is not a whine to change all the work that I have done up until now, but I think I need to do more.  I feel like it.  I think I need to stop blogging on it and just pick something, try it and see how it turns out.  I think that maybe I get myself all wound up and panic for no reason.  And I just need to chill.  On a related but different note,  I have been using the generic Splenda for sweetener at home.  I just like it better for some reason so I use it.  I had been using one brand and ended up buying a huge bag of Wal-Mart’s generic and I am not sure if it is me or what, but it just tastes better to me.  Seems like it was sweeter and sweetens stuff better.  I am not sure if there is a difference between all brands and how they taste but there may be.

Annie finally got her post up for the Liebster Award that I nominated her for. Her post is here if you want to read it: I have to say that one of the things she had answered really shocked me.  One of the questions that I asked was who your hero was.  She replied that she didn’t really know but she thought that her hero would be someone who does more for someone else than themselves.  She proceeded to say that it was her Mom (me) or any of her family members.  These responses always intrigue me because I just plod along, doing what I think needs done to help people out, never thinking that anyone notices. I guess I was just raised that way, to share and to help and to feel better after doing it.  I don’t consider myself to be selfish but I have never ever considered myself to be one of those people who put their own wants and things on hold to ensure someone else is ok but I guess I may be wrong. It is very tiring physically and mentally sometimes, but when they are gone,  I will have no regrets in knowing that I did all I could to help.  Wish the whole world felt like that.  I am not sure if I expected her not to notice or what, but I never pay attention to it.  I guess I see now why she does all these things, like concert tickets and stuff, for me. I never really even thought about what others, especially my own kids, saw in me and saw me doing. Kids do really notice things that we do, even if we aren’t paying attention to it or to them noticing.  In all reality, I guess I don’t do much for myself. Oddly enough, I have always considered something as simple as an hour to read or listening to music in the car something for myself (music in the car involves loud rock music up and singing as I go—funny to those who know me huh?).  In the grand scheme of things, either I am easy to please or I never thought that doing something for myself involved something bigger.  I do sometimes wish that I would be able to have some time and stuff for myself but maybe some day.  Sometimes I wish I could just have one wish or dream come true.  If I had to pin that on one, I have no idea what I would pick.  At this hour of the day, why even contemplate it, since it may never happen anyway?  Not a Debbie Downer here but, who knows what God may have in store for me.  Heaven for sure, but while I am still here?  I don’t have a clue.  I only pray that a fraction of my dreams come true and that they match up with God’s will for my life.  Sometimes I feel lost and spinning my wheels in mud that I will never get out of.

So we stopped at a place called the Dutch Pantry while we were out.  They have the best ham salad and potato salad ever.  I had some for my breakfast and I hope I didn’t shoot past my carb limit.  I will walk it off tomorrow though.

No one tweeted at me today that was ultra cool but this did happen.  One of the local weather guys here, they had shown his feet during the pet feature today.  He was wearing a pair of neon green shoes with a suit!  I did tweet about that to him and he favorited it so that was pretty awesome.  And if this thing is right, Twitter uses a misspelled word–favorited.  Ha!

Ok. to the title of my blog, there is more than corn in Indiana.  There are woods.  Lots of woods.  Trees,grass, lots and lots of forest, and crops.  I took several pictures today while I was out, just to show what this area that we live in looks like.  I am going to post those now, and describe a few more later.

IMG_0929 IMG_0932 IMG_0953 IMG_0954 IMG_0958 IMG_0959 IMG_0965 IMG_0966 IMG_0968 IMG_0969 IMG_0971 IMG_0975 IMG_0978 IMG_0980 IMG_0981 IMG_0991 IMG_0992

The next few show the areas where we walk every day.  We are truly out in the woods.

IMG_1001 IMG_1003 IMG_1006 IMG_1007 IMG_1008 IMG_1009 IMG_1010

That is about all for today.  Have a good night!



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