5 weeks in and the weight loss is……

HI y’all!  Today we did 51 minutes and 1.82 miles, in a fine, misty rain.  It was rather cool this morning.  I took the hand weights and we both declined the rope.  Annie wasn’t feeling too good so she just wasn’t feeling the weights today. Indiana weather is spastic. Saturday it was 81 before 11AM and we had a serious storm move through parts of the county.  Today, it is a fine misty rain, not exactly sprizzle but a mist, and the high topped out at 64 or so.  It was in the 50s when we walked this morning.  Needless to say I wasn’t the least bit uncomfortable.  That was good. Wish it would stay there all year round.

Speaking of all that, I am finding it hard to deviate from this particular routine I have now.  I don’t want to have to rearrange my exercise time, or my devotional time, or any of that.  I also find it hard to eat somewhere other than here.  I can, don’t get me wrong, but the carbs kill me later.  The point is, once you get in these routines to make yourself healthy, and they stick, it is hard to break them and that I think is excellent.

I had to run to town this morning to get my prescription and when I went in there I weighed myself.  Guess how much??  I have lost 20 pounds in 5 weeks!!  20 pounds!!!  Holy smokes!  I did have a complete lifestyle change but it is worth it. I take my Mom back on July 1st so I will check again.  It is normal to lose around 2 pounds a week on a carb diet so I shall see how that goes.  I refuse to really check it frequently.  Back when Jeffrey was sick a few years ago, I was 12 pounds heavier than I was a few weeks ago so all total, from my heaviest weight ever, I am 32 pounds lighter!  Yay!  I still say or want to believe there is nothing wrong with being a little heavier.  There aren’t many wrinkles in your face, or weird bony looking parts on you but I guess the health thing is much more important.  Obviously.  My Mom keeps telling me that me and my aunts have always been able to lose weight real easily.  I told her that she misses the hard work:  the walking, the cooking, the counting stuff, the limiting of stuff.  She agreed.

I am noticing differences all over.  My rings are getting looser.  I don’t like that but it can be dealt with.  And for all you girls, am I the only one who still wears pants up on my gut?  I have like an upper gut and a lower gut.  I can’t stand to put them on my hips because they would feel like they are gonna fall off.  Anyway, my lower gut is getting smaller.  And I like that.  People are saying they are really noticing it in my face.  I sure hope.  I hate my chin with a passion and it is finally leaving!

I stopped my toast for breakfast today which also means I stopped my cinnamon and sugar butter.  Didn’t need it anyway I suppose.  I am also going to start keeping a carb count.  I have just been mentally doing it but I suppose that keeping one will help in all sorts of ways,  They say if the low carb stops working to cut back on what you are eating.  I do believe the low carb is working obviously but there is nothing wrong with going ahead and working toward that to keep a better carb count and to see where I can cut at.  I keep writing this but I need to add a second exercise in the evening.  Oddly enough I always get busy and can’t get that in.  I need to.

Usually I am pretty cheery and happy and all that and I truly do see the happy in every situation.  But today I must have been bit with the cranky bug or something.  Some of the talks Annie and I have really make me think and re-evaluate lots of things and make me ask particular questions, questions that pertain to my life, her life. etc.  One of the consistent themes that come up in our walking talks are friends.  There are certain things we both don’t get.  Take these ideas for instance:  why is it when you put someone on top of the list for a friend or to see or hang out with, you never make their top list although if you hadn’t gotten that feeling from them they would have never made your top list? Why does it seems that people. and these are people who should be all rights be excited to see you, are never excited to see you and they never think of you first (or it seems that way)?  Why does it seem that YOU are the one who always, ALWAYS contacts people first, and they are always chatty for the conversation, but they never, but if they do, rarely, contact you first?  Are you that inferior to them?  Are you just a convenience, such as when we are needed?  What makes the difference that just being friends involves some sort of hidden levels to determine how people are treated?  I just don’t get it.  I think I have just been in a sour mood since winter and sometimes I think I think too much.  I think.  Do you think?  I realize, well more like know and believe, that God has this and He is the only stable thing we have in life to depend on.  But I am still human and as much as I hate thinking things that aren’t positive, I just don’t get why things sometimes just don’t make sense.  I think that maybe I just need to let it go.  Move forward, follow where I am being led, and only let positive in.  Sounds like great advice.  So in a typical Stacey manner, how can I spin a positive out of this?  Well currently it will cause me to focus on what I need to do to make myself healthy, and to follow my dreams and where I believe I am being led.  There really is positive in every negative thought or action!

This is all I have for now.  I have MUCH more, and it will be positive.  I must apologize for the rant but if y’all have any ideas, please share them.  Say a prayer for us tomorrow, as my brother is having some surgery in the morning.  Thank you!  Have a great night!



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