Saturday Musings and Liebster Award!

HI y’all!  I am cranking out two blogs today because the first one was all about the Liebster Award. It is given to new bloggers out there to help get them going.  That was pretty awesome and I really appreciate it!

Started this morning off with our walk, 50 minutes and 1.63 miles I believe.  We did cut it a bit short because Annie’s bed was going to be here today.  We talked about more finding her a new truck and that ended up taking us on a trip this afternoon.  But it was hot this morning and seemed like I was huffing and puffing more due to that. Annie even said she was huffing and puffing too.  I know it is messed up if she is huffing and puffing.  We didn’t take our ropes due to our time today but we did the walking weights.  At one point, I couldn’t figure out why there was a breather in my music, and it was me! You know like the old-timey breathers that would call on the phone and then hang up after they breathed in your ear after you hollered hello at them 14 times?  Ha!  Then I had to run to the drug store and run a few other errands and I noticed it was 81, said the Ford, before 11 AM.  No wonder I was huffing and puffing!  If this is starting in May, what is August and September, which are the hottest, going to be like?  Mercy sakes I am not looking forward to this.  I always said that moving to Louisiana the heat would kill me but I am thinking I may end up getting used to it up here if it keeps this up and go on down someday…..On a positive note that honeysuckle smelled good and farther up and down the road it seemed because of the heat.  That was awesome!

I have talked about this several times and I hope that y’all don’t get tired of it but I have to say that my idea of what pretty is may be different from the world’s idea.  Let me explain.  I was having a conversation with a close relative (if you read this you know who you are) and we were talking about me losing weight.  He is super proud of me for staying with it.  I was talking about how much weight I wanted to lose.  He advised me not to lose down to where I am nothing but skin and bones because those people are too skinny (I am paraphrasing what he said.)  I said I was not going to do that.  Now mind you, I do have a lot more to lose, but I don’t want to push it.  My ideal weight and what most guidelines say are two different ideas.  I guess I need to lose enough to where I am healthy.  What if that is close to skin and bones?  Surely it wouldn’t be.  I don’t want to lose so much weight that I look sick, not sickly but just straight up sick.  I have an ideal pants size I want to fit in so I guess my goal is to get there and see what the DR advises me to do.  Also, I am a very large girl.  I am 5’9″ tall and with my bone structure I could never get “little” or skin and bones anyway.  I don’t plan to.

Got my nails done today.  It is the one luxury that I like to indulge in.  I don’t care about too many other silly things, but books and purses are a necessity and that is that.  So I had them done today.  I love them!  Here is a pic:


I had originally thought right before my school was out for this semester that Annie and I needed to do a podcast.  I thought our musings while we walked would be awesome to sit down and talk about.  Well I went this direction and we both started a blog.  I have to say I am really grooving on this.  I am getting people to read it, it is being recognized with things and I am loving it because not only do I feed my need to write and create (I blame that on my brother ha!), but I can keep myself accountable and motivated to lose weight and do all that I can do.  And I get to put my crazy thoughts out here so someone else may laugh.  That is worth its weight in gold.

Now to our other adventure–we went car shopping.  Annie found a couple on a lot that was closed, of course, but we are going to go back on her next day off next week.  She wants a huge Dodge Ram or something similar to that, that is 4×4..  Good girl.  This brings me to my kids.  You know, you hear people talking all the time about how much they love their kids and this and that and you hear those things all your life.  You never understand until you have a couple of your own.  I have to say I love those two kids of mine more every second of every day.  It is a feeling that I cannot describe, when you see what you have created and how well they turned out.  I can’t take all the credit, since my Mom and all my aunts and uncles and my brother helped too, and Derek’s Mom and Dad and brothers and sisters. I have been very lucky all my life to have all those help raise me, then help me raise my kids along with the help from Derek’s family.  It really takes a village to raise a baby, but they are more precious every day.

After we ate and my nails were done we ran to Wal-Mart.  At the checkout there were about 5 self check registers open that would take only cards.  I was waiting on the others that took cash.  The cashier there had to ask if  I paying with a card.  I really wanted to say nope, no literacy problems here so I am waiting, but I simply replied no.  On our way out, a guy carrying a kitten was coming in.  This cat looked like one of ours when they were babies.  I turned to my daughter only to see her and my son running in front of me and burst out laughing outside.  I thought she was running so she didn’t try to take the cat from him.  No, found out she was just laughing because she found it hilarious.  I was not aware it was bring-your-cat-to-Wal-Mart day today and had I know, we would have brought ours.  I have no issues taking your critters in anywhere with you. It ought to be allowed more often.  I am a critter person in case you didn’t know this.  🙂

So we finished up there and ran to Ruler and we got a serious case of the giggles in there.  Jeffrey was hearing me say words I didn’t say and the first thing that got us was the smell!  It smelled like straight up cow poo in there! Not sure where that was coming from but it was a hoot.  No folks, smells don’t bother us.  We are from the country, where cow poo and smelly things reign supreme.

On the way home and all the time we were out, it was clouding up and we knew it was raining a bit further south toward home.  We ran into a good one.  The wind started whipping, the rain started pelting, and the ride got rather bumpy.  I did what every normal person does when confronted with a storm:  I plowed on.  Never skipped a beat and didn’t have any trouble but I hammered on down the road.  I wasn’t scared.  Jesus was and is right there with me.  I had the faith He was and this wasn’t going to bother us.  It didn’t.  I need that faith in all I do, not just driving.  I do have it in lots of things and in everything really, I just need more of it in those things so I don’t spazz.  Anyway, we got back to town and found out the power had been off there, and there were some tree parts down on the way home, but it didn’t storm out here like it did there.  That is good.  I didn’t want to come home to no power.

On the way home we did the tell me what song for what game.  At one point. I thought she said Chris Brown and pickle but she said Pitbull.  Ha!!!  Not sure what that was about but my hearing was playing tricks on me.

This is all for today.  I know, two in one day! I may not blog tomorrow.  Church all day and I need to catch up on my Bible study.  Have a great weekend and a Blessed Sunday!



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