Hi y’all!  This morning we did 1 hour and 1.85 miles.  It does seem like the amount every day varies.  I am not sure why that tends to vary but it does almost every day.  But it is ok because I am getting a lot of exercise in.  We still took the walking weights and the rope with us.  We didn’t get much rope in today because we just couldn’t get coordinated.  I guess that happens.  I am getting really excited over the results because I took some pics today and I can tell I am losing and it has inspired me to keep going.  I have to run into town Monday to the DR office to pick up a prescription and I will have a chance the check my weight and see where I am.  Around a week and a half in I had lost 14 pounds.  We will see what it is next week.  I am excited!  This is random but my foot has been killing me all day.  I don’t think I am overdoing anything but I am not sure why it was hurting.  Hopefully I will get enough rest tonight so I will feel better in the morning.

This morning we talked about Annie trying to get a new car.  She wants to get a truck.  I think that would be a great idea.  She has decided she is going to save up the money to get it.  I think she will be able to get the one she wants.

I have gotten my blog listed over on The Blog Centre and today on Twitter i was one of the featured bloggers!  That was awesome!  I appreciate that so very much!  I found that out this morning even before we went on our walk.

I also have to do some stuff with a  Liebster Award I was nominated for a day or two ago.  I was going to do that tonight but I think I may wait until tomorrow and work on it.  I think that is pretty cool too!

Today was Jeffrey’s last day of school.  He will be a sophomore next year.  My how time flies!  One of his teachers that I had in school for a teacher too gave him a notebook that he had written in 2nd grade.  I haven’t looked in it yet but I am sure it will be pretty cool.

We had some errands to run today and spent the afternoon hanging out with one of Derek’s friends.  He lives right on the highway so we sat outside in the breeze talking.  It was a good day.

I have a few errands to run tomorrow but I will be back to blog.  I am exhausted today, as there was some other stuff going on that just really disgusts me.

Have a good night!



3 thoughts on “Friday”

  1. Well done on the weight loss – sure there will be a loss when you weigh today. Becoming healthier as opposed to dieting is always a win – if that makes sense. Thanks for the shout out on your blog.


    1. Yes it does make sense! I have to become healthier and I am on my way! You are welcome for the shout out! My daughter listed her blog too. She is annibanannie on Twitter. Thank you so much for listing us!


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