More Weekday Adventures

HI y’all!  We had an adventuresome day today.  Today we walked 1 hour 10 minutes and 1.95 miles.  We took the walking weights and jump rope with us.  The walking weights are only 1 pound each but that is ok.  I don’t think huffing down the road with more than 2 or 3 pounds total would be cool.  Someday possibly but not yet.  We walked with those, changing our arm motion and swinging as we go, with a song, or with whatever we decided to do.  When we made it to my Mom’s driveway we stopped and used the jump rope.  The first set was horrible–seems like you can forget to jump a rope but apparently not forget how to ride a bike.  Just sayin’.  Anyway, we did our laps up and down the driveway and on the way out we stopped and did the jump rope again right in front of a huge patch of honeysuckle.  Much easier this time.  We decided that this was going to work out really well because the weights work our arms but not wear them out, and the rope works everything.  It jiggles everything.  Ha!  We are going to continue with this until we think of something else to add.  I did have an interesting thought, that the poor people driving by would have had a show.  We stopped just as a car came up the road and I am glad they didn’t have to see that show.  Ha!

Back to the honeysuckle, the whole walk this morning had some really flowery smelling stuff.  There were all sorts of flowery scents up the road, and when we got to the honeysuckle that smelled all the way up and down the driveway.  It is just a good smell, that you just want to spray it all over you in a perfume but the perfume I have smelled can’t hold its own to the real thing.  Here is a picture of the huge patch of honeysuckle.  Also, the cats have stopped walking with us.  We must have bored them.


Along the way we of course run into some interesting things.  We heard a real low flying plane coming over us.  We of course stopped to see what it was but never did see it.  I told Annie that I hoped it went on over and didn’t decide to land in the cornfields down home.  That triggered this memory: when my aunt EJ (Juanita to everyone else) had surgery, she had a dream when she was out that a plane landed down home somewhere.  In each surgery she had after that, I told her she needed to finish that dream because she never did find out what happened to the plane.  She never did.  I wish she had though.  Also, another story about her that Annie and I were talking about today was Cap’n Purple.  When I was in school, she would always find out what was going on out there and of course her wrath was worse than my Mom’s.  I always asked her who was telling her?  Cap’n Purple she would say.  She always seemed to know everything that was going on even when it seemed my Mom had no clue.  I learned fast I couldn’t hide anything from her, at school or elsewhere, and I was never prone to seriously misbehaving but the things I did do someone would always know about. Hmm….I tried for many years unsuccessfully to guess who Cap’n Purple was. I thought it was her aunt who was a custodian out there for a while.  Nope.  She told me who it wasn’t it but never who it was.  I would randomly ask her who it was all my life, or she would mention to me that Cap’n Purple would just have to find out.  A while before she passed away I always asked her and she said it was someone I knew very well and when she was gone, Annie would tell me.  On the day she passed away, on our way out of the hospital, I asked Annie.  Cap’n Purple was EJ!  I had a feeling sometime after I got out of school it was her.  Oh the memories I could share!

So we had acted silly this whole walking trip this morning, but on one of our last trips I was all down and doing this goofy dance and Annie just looked at me like I was nuts.  I told her I was jamming to Justin Timberlake.  The look she gave me was priceless!  I know, I can’t dance, but as long as it burns calories……

I did have a strange revolution today.  First of all, next Monday will start week 6 of the diet and week 5 of exercising.  Just for your information I had originally decided to give the diet two weeks and then start the exercise.  My daughter had a different plan.  She suggested walking and we took off and we have been going ever since.  Many thanks to her because now we go 6 days a week.  Anyway it occurred to me today that I think I am loving the journey as much as the destination.  I love getting up and walking every day. I also enjoy all the extra stuff that we do too.  I don’t huff and puff when I walk and I like using the weights and things. Don’t get me wrong because I am going to love getting a new wardrobe once I get to where I am going.  I get to spend time with her and we just jabber like you wouldn’t believe and I absolutely love that. Most days I thank God that I have a great relationship with her and I often wonder if anyone else has had that kind of relationship with their daughter when they get older.  I never once thought that I would or could groove on such a thing as this complete lifestyle change but I have.  It seems like I have really taken to the diet and exercise and again I can’t say it enough that I am seeing results.  A shirt that was tight on me fits perfectly now even with some slack in it!  I still need to punch the hole in my belt and I was going to do that at my Mom’s tonight but I forgot. She has an ice pick and it is much easier with an ice pick.  I don’t have one.

On the way back to the house Annie apparently was all weirded out, again, by the dragonflies.  She did some screaming and yelping and some sort of weird dance where she ran into me too.  It is just a dragonfly!

So we get back to the house and we are getting our waters and I told her to get me an h punch (Hawaiian Punch) for the water.  She turns, says h, and lightly punches my arm.  Ha!  I guess  I got what I asked for.  At this point she had decided that we, yes WE,  were going to go find her a new mattress today.  This started a whole other adventure.  I got Derek’s lunch ready and we took off.  I hadn’t had breakfast but she hornswaggled me into going to the Chinese restaurant with her.  I did really good with it but I will tell you, it was mainly all carbs.  I like the crab rangoon, vegetable lo mein, potatoes and the sugary biscuit.  I hadn’t had my cinnamon sugar for breakfast so I figured I could have one, and believe it or not I  only had one, of the sugary biscuits.  I wanted two but I didn’t . I didn’t eat much so that was good. I also noticed that I fit in the booth really well.  They didn’t seem like they were larger.   My eating seems to come and go, as in I go starving and wanting to eat everything and then I go through periods of time where I don’t want to eat much.  I seem to be doing that this week.  I can deal with that.  Anyway the biggest thing again is I didn’t drink sweetened tea.  I had my own sweetener with me so I added that to unsweet tea.  I drink hot tea sweetened with Splenda for breakfast.  Then it cools down and I have a pitcher of regular tea the rest of the day.

While we were talking about the booth thing today it occurred to me that no matter how much weight I will lose, I will never be small.  I am around 5’9″ or taller and there is no way that I will ever be petite.  Let’s just be real here–I will be slimmer but never petite.  I have often thought I would like to be shorter, as if in some strange universe I could change myself or the fact that I believed that shorter would make me prettier.  Fact is, if I was shorter now, I would be largely fat and mercy sakes it would be harder for me to get things under control.  I will just stay as I am as far as the height goes.  Marilyn Monroe was a size 16 so that seems doable to me, if I HAD to pick a size I would like to get down too.  That brings up another idea too–where do I stop at?  I am not sure of the healthy weight for my size but if I really go down to that size, would I look healthy or really sick?  Also, what will happen to my feet?  Won’t I look funny with the same size feet or will they look ok since bone structure don’t normally change?

On the way out a chipmunk ran across the road.  Annie had no idea what it was!  Jeffrey saw one last week and he didn’t know either.  No, they don’t look like Alvin, Simon or Theodore!  So we are plugging up the road and we come onto a truck with the flashers on.  Country back road etiquette tells you at this time of year there is a honking sized tractor coming so you best move over.  And guess what?  There was, which had huge rows of tires and a disk sticking out toward the car.  There was plenty of room so no issues.  Wish everyone used country back road etiquette all the time.  It would make life so much easier.  Or hilljack logic.  Lots of the world’s issues would be fixed if we just ran with back road etiquette.  🙂

As I was doing all this stuff today I kept a note of everything I wanted to talk about.  I get so excited when I get to blog.  I love writing and I love computers so I put the two together and it is like mind=blown.  I know maybe y’all don’t get that but that is ok.  I think I am one of the only humans who don’t panic if something to be written is thrown on me to do.

So we end up at our destination finally and it takes her forever to find the bed she wants!  But we finally get it and make one last stop at the DG and then home.  So on the way home we did another one of our favorite things to do and that is play games with our music.  Today she wanted me to pick random songs and things on her phone but before that I told her I actually had a Pitbull song that I liked.  I think I shocked her on that one but once I turned it on she said she heard that on the radio and had no idea who it was.  So on the chorus parts she got started doing this wild dance in the seat and I about died laughing!  When we switched to her phone I had her play the Pitbull song she had on her phone and we both started doing that wonky dance!  I did notice that when I named random artists and asked her to play her favorite song of theirs, she grooves more on slower songs while I groove more on faster songs.  Interesting to be able to dig that deep and figure those things out.  I had noticed that about her songs for a long time.  I just didn’t verbalize it until today.  We got home and the dogs were all moping and happy to see me and sat with me and they snoozed for what seems like forever.  I love my critters!

I have come to the conclusion that if I can do this weight loss stuff, there is nothing out there I can’t do.  I hope to be able to use that same idea on everything that I plan on.  I am not sure how many times one has to be knocked down before you can come to that conclusion but I have enough.  In my devotional today it was talking about how Jesus may leave the problem and give us the strength to handle things.  If that is the case, I think some days my nerves and strength should be diamond weight.  But I do know I have been made stronger by my battles.  I really believe I can do anything and can whip everything that gets in my way.  Another thing is I am not afraid of anything either so there’s that. I was telling someone earlier today I was tall, and fat, and sassy. I think sassy is about the best word to describe me.  Ha!  I just hope to be able to achieve my dreams and with this attitude, I may be able to do anything!  The weight loss is either clearing my head or inspiring me one!

When we went to my Mom’s tonight we played a game of Scrabble.  I remember when Jeffrey was little he tried to play Scrabble with us and he couldn’t spell very well. Now he can and he is a real competitor.  We had fun playing.  Am I the only one that records the score and the word?  I have records I know back to 1997 of the games we have played.  Those are interesting in looking through.  Anyway, I won.  We have an old bag from On Cue that I keep the letters in.  I brought the Scrabble dictionary home in it many years ago.  The gray letter bag the game came with tore up but we still have it.  Anyway the On Cue bag is a relic because On Cue in Jasper went out years ago but the bag is well-preserved.  Interesting to know things stay that good for that long.

I have lots more to say but I better shut this off for tonight!  Have a good night and I will have another adventure to talk about tomorrow I am sure!



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