Shopping Day

Hi everybody! Today was the dreaded shopping day.  Well maybe not so much dreaded but it had to be done.  We end up not going on our regular walk but we did end up with a total of 2.23 miles after all our stops.  I can live with that today.  So we went to Save-A-Lot, McDonald’ s for breakfast which was a carb lover’s dream and I didn’t need, Goodwill, IGA or Hank’s as they call it now and then to Wal-Mart and Ruler.  What a day!  We got it done, found some good bargains and got it put away.

We picked up some walking weights and jump ropes while we were out.  I just think that I need to work the arms and the gut a bit more.  I had been thinking this all along but I think it will do some good.  So we plan on walking with the walking weights and then somewhere along the way stop and do some jump roping.  I think this will be good or completely wear us out.  Will let you know how that goes.  Regular walking will start back tomorrow so I will know soon if this will be a good idea too.

I have gone through a period of time where my main goal was to get decent kitchen cookware and gadgets and things.  I have all these things and just feel disgusted because I have had to radically change my eating.  I guess I shouldn’t though because I can still cook low carb on these things.  Maybe I am just bleh because I am tired.  I did find some sugar free baking mixes today that when you figure up the carb intake the Atkins way.  Those should be good.  I have noticed that although I like drinks and things with sweetener in them, cooking with sweetener and making tea when it is hot with sweetener works out better because putting sweetener in something cold other than milk tends to make it taste icky.

People are telling me they can tell that I am dropping weight.  I hope so.  This hasn’t been easy but I am seeing results.  I am glad of that.  I think that dieting the regular way where you cut calories takes forever to see results.  That is one thing that I like about the carb diet.  The results come faster or at least I think they do.

I just don’t have too much to say today.  I believe that this is all for now.  I think I am just tired from shopping.  Will talk more tomorrow.  Have a good night!



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