Memorial Day

Hi all!  I didn’t think I would blog yesterday because I had company for Memorial Day.  Yesterday I did walk 57 minutes and 1.97 miles.  I think I have said before that we take Sundays off so there was no walking today. We will be getting back on it tomorrow though.

So my brother came down for Memorial Day.  We grilled out hamburgers, hot dogs and potato packs.  MMMM good stuff.  I had taken it easy eating Thursday and Friday so I could have potatoes.  We also had chips, macaroni salad, and all the other things that go along with a bar b que.  This random but I am getting to where I like the taste of the Splenda sweetened stuff and I can’t tell a difference.  I had always thought that if I ever had to give up sugar I would never be able to but I guess I showed myself, huh?  I did and am even liking it!

My brother always goes to the bookstore and he brings me books and he ends up letting me look at his books that he bought.  I like to tell him that I love it when he brings the bookstore to me!  He brought me 3 new Civil War books and one new ghost book.  I love reading about the Civil War and ghost stories have always been an obsession of mine since I was 9.  One of the Civil War books mentions the battlefields we were at in Alabama and Louisiana so that was cool.  After that we went down to our Mom’s and talked to her and our uncle for a bit.  We decided to go to the cemetery so she could see the flowers on the graves.  Jeffrey decided to stay home. Annie had to rest to work and Derek had a ballgame, in case you were wondering what they were doing.  In the meantime, my aunt had been trying to call me and my Mom.  I didn’t get her call returned so I just showed up at her house.  She went with us too.  We went out to the cemetery and took the back roads to town.  There were 2 other cemeteries on the way back to town and we stopped at both of those. One had a big hill we had to spring up and back down and had I not been being as active as I have been I would have never made it.  I did all this trekking without any huffing and puffing too so that is an accomplishment.  They had some old graves that were interesting to look at.  One of my favorite things to do since I have been driving is to go through the cemeteries.  Not sure why but  I love to do it.  I think I like it because I love looking at the dates on the stones and it is so peaceful.  Or I am just weird.  Who knows! My brother left when my daughter took off for work so that was our celebration.

Today was church and our pastor had two really good messages about how God protects us.  I did an interesting thing there tonight though.  When church was over I hopped out of the seat without grabbing anything.  That is a first!  I know all this exercise and dieting is paying off.  My Mom also said she could tell I am losing.  I was glad to hear that.  I can tell with how my clothes fit but it is nice to know someone else can tell.

In between services the Indy 500 was on.  It really is the greatest spectacle in racing! Not just saying that because we are native Hoosiers either. 🙂 I had been to several Indy 500s when I was a kid with my aunt and uncle and there are no words to describe it unless you have seen it yourself.  The atmosphere, the feelings, the deafening noise–it was all exciting and still is.  It is all my uncle’s fault!  He passed away in 2013 but I tell you there was no one else I know who had that kind of excitement as he did for it!  I sure miss him but his memory will always be here as I do the things that I loved to do with him.  Anyway, I remember one year my favorite driver wrecked right in front of us.  We always sat on the inside track between turns 1 and 2 and you know how that goes when the race starts.  He wrecked right there but I don’t remember if it was first lap or later but I do remember being so disappointed!  He was ok though thank God!  They put his car over in front of the fence where we sat so I was able to go down and get close pics of it and the damage done to it.  We are also talking about going again, me and my aunt and Derek and the kids and my brother. That would be awesome!

So the race was on at 12, the Reds came on at 1.  Dilemma!  I knew we were going to change the channel at 1 but Derek remembered we have PIP on the TV.  Awesome!  We sat and watched two shows at once and since he was just disgusted over how the Reds were doing, we would watch the race, flip to the Reds on a commercial, and back to the race when it came back.  I hooped and hollered at the TV all through the race.  Roger Penske owned the car of my favorite driver and he was the owner of the winner today so that was cool. Who was my favorite driver?  Rick Mears of course! Several other famous names there in the race today, Unser and Andretti.  The Andretti driving today, his dad is Michael Andretti and we got to meet him when Jeffrey was at Riley.  Also Eddie Cheever and one of the owners was on there, Chip Ganassi, and a few others I have always heard about for many years.  I love that race and when I was younger, I would have loved to have been a driver.  Yeah, there is one not many know.  Even today I still have gasoline running in my veins and would love to take a trip in an Indy car around that track as fast as I could.  I have sat in one at the museum. It was very cool.  I have also been around the track with the museum tour.  That was cool too.  And how cool would it have been to be Jeff Gordon driving the pace car??

This was a totally random thought I had the other day but I wonder how many kids want to be a fry cook thanks to Spongebob?  It may be worth thinking about.

This is about all I have for today.  Going to rest up and get ready for my walk tomorrow morning.  I know it is a holiday but it will be a normal day here.  Derek works and we will just hang out otherwise.  Have a great Memorial Day and don’t forget to honor those who have served and paid the ultimate price for our freedom.


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