Lit My Fire

Well here it is Friday.  I guess everyone is getting geared up for Memorial Day weekend.  We are going to grill out and my brother is coming down tomorrow so it should be a good day.  I make hot dogs, burgers and potatoes on the grill.  Oh those potatoes are something else!  Slap some butter on them and yummy.  I cut down today and yesterday and even though I wanted potatoes I decided to wait until tomorrow so I can enjoy them with everyone. Church on Sunday and Derek works on Monday I think so it will just be a normal day.

This morning again I cut it down by about a little on the time and stuff just to get myself straightened up.  42 minutes and 1.43 miles I believe.  Not too shabby even for cutting down!  My bp didn’t raise this morning and I felt a little woozy when we got back but the bp actually fell from the reading I took before I left.  Maybe I need to get up earlier and take my meds earlier or something.  I will get the key to this figured out.  I am open to any suggestions too.  Maybe the order of things is out-of-order or something.

This afternoon waiting for Jeffrey to get home I finally got the shake weight out.  I had been wanting to get it out and do it in the evening as a supplement to work parts of me that the walk may not exactly hit on, like my arms and hopefully I can jiggle some more of my chin off.  I have been doing chin exercises a few times a day, and my son told me today that made me look like “I was calling whales in.”  Nice.  As long as it takes that infernal chin off, I will call in every last cow or whatever if necessary. Anyway the shake weight is one of the funniest crafted things I think I have seen in a long time.  But I tell you I can feel it working when I was shaking it.  I did some research because the one I bought I bought at St Vincent’s and it had no video or anything else with it.  I discovered that of course, there was a video that came with it.  There were also other places that explained what do to with it.  While I was doing this I hit on a link that asked if the shake weight actually worked?  I read two different articles.  One was a lady who was used to lifting weights stopped her normal routine and did the shake weight for a month.  She lost a little flab on her arms and all but she had some problems exercising normally when it was over.  She thought it wasn’t a good thing and recommended it for people who are not exercise savvy.  Another one I read said that the shake weight does work those muscles when you use it and works them well.  The whole idea I got out of both of those was this:  for someone like me who is not exactly lifting 200 pounds in the gym twice a day, the shake weight will give me some decent results.  Even if it don’t tone me up like a regular weight room, it has to be better than nothing.

Next Monday will start week 5 of my diet and week 4 of our exercise.  I can’t say this is the longest I ever dieted because I remember back in high school I stuck with it one whole summer.  Not sure what fell off there but oh well.  I have never been able to stick with anything very long but this time I think I will be able too.  Not just because of my weight and all and my need to lose it, but because of my health.  I have to do this.  One of my main motivations?  I want to look as beautiful on the outside as I feel on the inside and they don’t match.  The exercise comes into play here too.  I have issues with my back and my foot but I am pressing on anyway with the idea that once I get some weight off maybe, possibly, HOPEFULLY some of that will stop.  Everyone says it will.  I plan on finding out.  I bet one thing:  when we go to our rescheduled Reds game in July I bet I won’t huff and puff into the ball park.  And I figure i will have to have my Reds shirt altered because it will be TOO big.  Almost too big before but now it will be.  I can tell my arms are losing and my gut is too.  I feel like I need to do some more to my gut in the afternoon but I am not going to rush it.  It is coming along nicely.  I know on low carb you are supposed to lose faster but I know everyone is different and if I can just lose period I am happy.  Speaking of low carb I got an Atkins carb counter book and another book in the mail today.  That will make eating a bit easier.  I looked at it and it has restaurants in there too so hopefully that will help when we go out to eat.  I am still struggling with side dishes but I think for me I need to have one day with potatoes as a side and limit myself the rest of the week.  I need to keep it as low carb as possible and I am.  I also had Annie pick up some sugar-free cookies today, the Murray brand.  Of course she gave me that look over Murray and I had to explain to her that Murr did not own a cookie company.  🙂

So after the shake weight and that paragraph just went all over the place up there, when Jeffrey got home we mowed.  I have been complaining about needing a mower because the side yard is all inclined and I do not want to tackle that on a push mower.  Well we did the front yard today with the push mower.  That got me an additional 53 minutes and 1.4 miles onto my count for today.  I do have to say I am beat.  It was all on the flat but one part is a bit inclined and I have to swing it up and down the edge of a bank a bit. . Jeffrey only did a few minutes but I did get a small break in there.  I also discovered that I am now apparently allergic to grasses.  A few years ago I figured out I was allergic to thistles because when I chopped one of those up with a weed eater it flung juice all up in my face and I broke out.  I ran into one of those but it didn’t get one me.  So now I am worn out and all sneezy too.  But part of the jungle is gone!  Yay! So I had my iPod going while I mowed,  I have to say I Maroon 5’ved, lit my fire, Rob Thomased, and held on loosely all through the yard. I hope everyone understands those references.  But it sure did help mowing!

I know some people may read this and think all this trouble I am going through is just that: trouble.  I can’t look at it like that.  I again try to see the positive in everything even in the darkest of times.  We all have something to learn from our experiences, whether the experiences are good or bad.  I have learned that I do need to take care of myself inside and out better than I ever had before.  No one pays attention when they are younger.  But I have been hearing a lot of people say lately that their mind and body and soul seem to line up at 40.  I am almost there, so maybe it is just time it all came together for me.  Hopefully that will be how it goes.  My next part of life I am going to be rocking healthy and dadgum cute!

Ok, I have rambled enough.  May or may not get another posted tomorrow.  Have a good weekend!



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