Walking Thursday

So today it was 48 minutes and 2.08 miles.  The time went down but the miles went up.  I did talk to the Dr office yesterday and somehow my breathing was causing me to hyperventilate and causing my bp to go up.  That is what all the issues were about.  So we switched it up a bit and did more on flat ground than the hills.  I do say I felt the same all over on the flat as opposed to the hills.  I guess I will just need to reduce my time and our routine until I can get this lined out.  I am sure that it will help as soon as I either get the hang of breathing the right way when I walk or I get some more weight off me.  I am not sure.  I think it will.  It was really cool out walking this morning and it was sprizzling on us.  I don’t mind a cooler walk because that way I don’t sweat to death.  I am really grooving on the walking though every day so I hope that I can get worked through this issue so I can continue on.  The Dr also didn’t advise me to stop either.  So I won’t.

Every so often you see something that is just completely unique when you are out and about.  This morning walking, the win was blowing but it was only blowing on what looked like one specific tree that had a branch waving at us.  We noticed it doing that twice this morning.  It was quite odd but quite cute.  I took a video of it but WordPress don’t like videos yet so once I get that figured out I will post it.

We went today and put the flowers on the graves for Memorial Day.  That was an interesting job.  I hadn’t done it with them before but it requires some serious mashing of wire that wasn’t exactly easy but I got it.  They are all beautiful flowers.  I also plan on grilling out Saturday.  That should be good.

Here is the last entry of Jeffrey’s blog.  It was posted around his 3 year remission date.

Hello all!  Today marks Jeffrey’s three-year anniversary of being in remission!  I am so thankful to God for this happening!  I think back over that time we spent at Riley and realize how very rough and sad it was.  He was so sick, so very sick while taking all of his treatments.  We were so far from home and just basically clinging to the hope that this, this madness that was injected into his body through an IV, would make it better so we could go home someday for good.  I also have to think of those kids that lost their fight.  It is so sad that children can’t be immune to these types of things.  I pray someday they will!  

Around Christmas, Jeffrey had gotten sick.  I may have mentioned part of this in my last blog, but if I did, just humor me!  Anyway, Ann decided to pull a blood test on him, since he had been having nosebleeds.  The results came back with an abnormal cell in his blood.  That pretty well made our world stop again.  After talking with Riley, they assured me we weren’t going to be on our way there that day or anytime in the near future, as they wanted to retest the blood again.  Also about the same time he came up with an abnormal chest xray.  They said it wasn’t something, but it wasn’t exactly nothing either.  Riley wasn’t aware of the xray at the time, but they did tell me to take him on Christmas Eve to get his blood tested again, and that also would work for the day Ann wanted his chest xray redone as well.  Riley said they knew it was a bad day to go get medical procedures done but they would know then what to do.  I wanted so bad to tell them hey, we spent Christmas 2009 in Riley….one day to do a test wasn’t nothing!  
So there we go, to Jasper, to get these tests done.  I had been hit the night before with some sort of stomach ailment and was not at my finest (whatever that may be–ha).  We get his blood drawn and I have to say in the Lab at Memorial Hospital was the prettiest Christmas tree I had seen!  Anyway, they had the orders, got the blood drawn, the xray done, and off we were to wait to meet my brother to finish up Christmas shopping.  And it is odd how things work.  The week before, for several hours that day they called to say he had an abnormality in his blood and for several days later, I was worried.  I laid awake that first night, worried.  Oddly, after his blood was drawn, I forgot about it.  We went on our way, and we both totally forgot about it.  I met my brother at my aunt’s house, and we took off.  As we were leaving, my Mom called me on my phone.  She said she had great news to tell me.  Riley called and said all was well!  Talk about the greatest Christmas present!!  We could have Christmas and a good day and not have to worry!  (Other than the blizzard warning that came out the next day….)Prayers were answered again.  God is so good to us.  We should all take an opportunity and praise and thank Him, as often as we can remember for all He has done for us.  Without Him, I would not have my son.  
After that scare, Christmas was great.  We all received some really fabulous things.  I ended up with a Kindle, some other new books, pens, and blankets.  Jeffrey got a telescope!  Annie got all sorts of One Direction stuff.  And my Mom got some new books and writing.  For the first time EVER we surprised my brother with a DVD, that he said he passed up buying a while back.  Yay!!  
We had a regular Riley check up in January for Jeffrey.  Dr said all was NORMAL!  Yay!  Here are his numbers, for those who may be curious:  Jeffrey is 5’9 1/2″ tall, 135 pounds, ANC 1400, platelets 180,000 and hemoglobin 14.6.  We are on the 6 month check ups now, so that tells me we are moving further and further toward being cancer free!  
I think this is all for now.  Roads are nasty here today, although they look clear there is a slight coating of ice on them.  Not sure why they had school but hopefully Annie will make it home ok.  
I still will have the blogs posted soon about our Make A Wish trip.  Things got crazy there at Christmas.  I hope to get caught up soon!!  
Of course I will post more on here as I go but these have been all the entries that I entered then.  I had some other stuff that I had thought about talking about but I am so tired that I think I am going to stop for today.  Have a good night!

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