Weird Stuff

Hi all!  Today we walked for 53 minutes and 1.89 miles.  I cut it off a bit today because I was having some odd stuff happen.  The last three times we have walked after we get back I have felt light-headed, the room has been moving and in a funky direction and like a cross between falling over and passing out.  I was hoping it was maybe just my eyes but I am not sure what is going on.  I looked up a few things and got some great suggestions from friends so I will see if that will help.  If not, I may have to just cut it back until I get myself lined out.  Notice not stopping, just slowing.  Makes me mad though because I have gone all my life with no motivation to exercise and then now that I have more motivation than I need, I have to hold up on it to see what is my issue.  Meh, how it goes I suppose.  It kind of reminds me of people who you hold in high regard.  This is not referring to someone who there is a crush or a love interest about.  This is referring to people who you like for whatever reason.  You know how it goes, they say or do something and you know that you completely unconditionally support anything they are doing and when the meeting or party or whatever is over, they choose to talk to someone who you know don’t even LIKE them let alone stand their presence, which is someone other than you although you have stood by them all the way through.  They never notice or don’t care.  I have never figured that one out.  The people who do tend then to gravitate toward you are the ones you wouldn’t give the time of day too. You get the idea.  The point is, it seems like we are always on the edge of something wonderful but something comes through and knocks us completely off our rocker. You are right there. so close to the things that you adore and want to achieve and bam.  Such is life I suppose.  I can’t stop now but it sure does aggravate me.

On a happy note, I got to hear from one of my best friends that I don’t get to hear from very often.  That really made my day!  She encouraged me and said she hoped we could get together soon.  She has been having some health issues and I understand. I was so glad to talk to her for a while!  If you would say a prayer for her because I know she needs healing.  She has been such a wonderful friend to me and it bothers me so much that she is sick.  She never judged me and always cared about what I had to say and in truth, has helped me through many situations that I thought were hopeless.  She will get better I just know it.

We started our Bible study last night.  It seems like it will be a good one.  It is talking about joy and how it is different from happiness.  We also have our regular Wednesday night Bible study tonight and it is always good. Our Pastor is just awesome.  He isn’t afraid to cover any issue that is brought up and once the study is done, you have a complete understanding of what is going on.  Wish there were more people like that in this world.

The next to last blog that I have on Caringbridge was talking a little about Jeffrey’s Make A Wish trip.  When we originally signed up for Jeffrey’s trip there were some issues so we had to change organizations.  We met two wonderful ladies who met with us to see what Jeffrey wanted to do.  We had talked before they got there, and with the tour guides we ordered and looking online we made a game plan.  Jeffrey wanted to see stuff to do with the Civil War.  I told him you will not understand the Civil War until you see the South.  He agreed.  We planned a trip that started out in Alabama, and ended up in Louisiana.  We absolutely had the time of our lives!  Make A Wish is such a wonderful organization, I would encourage anyone out there to help them out in any way you can.

So a quick summary of our trip-in Alabama we want to the battlefield at Blakely State Park where one of the last battles was fought AFTER the war had ended.  Jeffrey got a souvenir bullet from there, a real life bullet that was recovered on the field.  The guide, whose name was Stacey (good name since that is mine), showed us where the troops from Indiana were at during the battle and how tough they were compared to troops from cities and such.  I am not kidding when I say this, but I did smell cannon smoke while we were there.  Very interesting.  We also saw Hank Williams’ grave and museum, the Alabama Department of Archives, Jefferson Davis’ house, The History Museum of Mobile and Fort Morgan.  At the History Museum he was given a real button from a uniform and an honorary title in one branch of the military.  At Fort Morgan he was given a rank in another branch of the military and he got to shoot the canon!  There was also a photographer who took pictures for us and they were awesome! We had supper at Tacky Jacks and that was delicious.  We took the ferry to Fort Morgan and they held it for us because we got lost.  On the way back they got to go up and look out over the Gulf.  That was an awesome experience for them.

That same night we drove to New Orleans.  OMG you talk about a sight after you cross Lake Pontchartrain and see it all spread out before you!  We spend a few days there.  We toured St Louis No 1, Destrehan Plantation, the French Quarter, Cafe du Monde, the mall on the Mississippi, and Cajun Pride Swamp Tours.  We got to hold an alligator!  We took a 2 1/2 swamp tour and it was absolutely amazing.  It was on Manchac Swamp and I would go back there in a heartbeat.  New Orleans was just awesome period.  We went then to Oak Alley Plantation and the Myrtles Plantation, both of which were absolutely stunning plantations.  We also got to see Kent Plantation and, and, guess what?  You remember the show on the History Channel Cajun Pawn Stars?  Jeffrey wanted to meet them and we were told we could see if they would meet with us. I emailed them and Jimmy DeRamus called us!  We got to hang out all afternoon with them and they were the most gracious people ever!  The next day we went to another battlefield at Mansfield State Park.  We met several Civil War re-enactors there who we are still friends with today.  The next day we got to see Frogmore Plantation and then head home.

Here is a picture with the Cajun Pawn Stars.


I know that we had a wonderful experience on our trip. We would never be able to express really how much it meant and there is not way to ever know the impact all the kindness truly had one us.  We truly do talk about it every day and we will never forget what they did for Jeffrey and us.  A huge thank you to all of you who may read this and may God bless you all!  It mean the world to us!

Here is the blog entry from Caringbridge.

Hello all!  I know, it has been a long time since I have written anything on here.  I have determined that I need to add more on here, so everyone will know what is going, although there shouldn’t be too much happening.  I also want to post stuff directly here, to stamp out confusion.  So if I haven’t told you directly, please check here.  If you find nothing, great.  If you find a good update, that is even better.  I hope I don’t have to blog on something that has gone askew…..

Since Jeffrey has been out of the hospital in 2010 we have had frequent checkups with the doctors at Riley.  Dr. Zeng is no longer there so now we are with Dr. Shih.  We saw Dr Shih on his last check up and everything was going well.  That was in July of this year I believe.  Jeffrey said that there was something odd they found but nothing to be freaked out over.  Time went on, both kids went back to school.  Jeffrey plays clarinet in the band, which i will post some pics of here soon.  I plan on updating many pictures here in a bit.  This week Jeffrey has been sick.  Well this opened up a whole new world of issues, or at least some scary days.  
Jeffrey had been having some nose bleeds.  I had spoke with Dr. Zeng a few times, over the phone and at check ups over why this would be happening.  This, she says, is generally caused by sinuses, and with dry weather in the winter, with the heat on, you get the idea.  Well Jeffrey had been having them again in the last few weeks.  Those coupled with the fact that he was sick was a bit unnerving.  Monday when I went to the doctor for myself I had mentioned to Ann that he had been having these nosebleeds and was sick, and I kept him out of school.  She said to bring him on in and run a blood test on him.  Ok.  This was nothing out of the ordinary, as she does this to monitor the meds he takes plus to ease my mind if he is sick.  She called me Tuesday.  They found 1% abnormal cells in his blood, and she was faxing this to Riley, and not panic.  That didn’t happen.  There were several hours there I don’t even remember what happened.  All I could do was make mental preparations for the worst, and what to do with our stuff, pets, what we would need to pack, etc.  Being through this once, packing would of course be the easiest part.  Ann told me that if I hadn’t heard from them by 3 PM to call them.  I waited until 2:30 and could not wait any more.  I called and spoke to Tiffany, the on call nurse.  She said that nothing to worry, with him being sick his bone marrow was probably doing some strange things to get him better.  Since he was showing no other symptoms, there was no need to panic.  They want the blood test repeated on Monday, which we will do.  She also said that nose bleeds with the heat running at this time of year was common.  She called me the next day as well, on Wednesday, and said she had spoke to Dr. Shih and he wanted the blood test repeated but no need to worry.  Whew.  I went back and reviewed my past entries on here and read where they consider anything 5% abnormal or blasts in the blood to be in remission.  Jeffrey hovers around 0.9% which is basically 1%.  So this is perfectly normal.  The weird part is, three years ago on December 16 2009 we were told to get to Riley because they thought he had leukemia.  Three years and two days later, we had a scare, and still are a little unnerved about it.  Kind of strange on the timing of that.  
Later in the week we ended up going back to the doctor and he had to have chest xrays to check of pneumonia.  Didn’t find nothing but want to repeat it in a week and to treat it as if he has bronchitis, which is with antibiotics.  Poor kid has been miserable all week ,and so has his sister.  She has a middle ear infection.  A big welcome to winter weather huh?  I truly hope for some sub-zero temps, so we can kill off these cold and flu germs.  Sorry everyone who hates that kind of stuff!  I would rather be colder than sick!!  
We got to go on our Make A Wish trip in October.  I will make a separate entry for that along with more pictures.  We had a wonderful time and we are completely grateful to Make A Wish and everyone involved for making his trip special.  I will try to have that up here in the next few days, but I may have to add it in chunks.  I have SO much to write about that!  
Hope everyone stays warm and has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  
This is all for today.  Have a great night!

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