Hi everyone!  Today was a typical Friday so far.  Had to run to the store for my Mom and pick Jeffrey up at school.  I usually wait until then so he can help me get her stuff together.  Didn’t see anything too mind boggling while we were out today.  This morning my Annie and I walked 2.05 miles for 1 hour and 5 minutes I believe.  It was tougher this morning.  It was muggy out when we walked and it was really bothering me.  I get so hot though.  Not sure why I get that way but I can smother just sitting.  Anyway maybe getting some weight off will help that.  Knowing me, it will bother me more because that is just how things go.

Since this all has happened I think I have mentioned that I have had to make some serious changes. It is just weird how all of a sudden my tastes and things have changed.  I absolutely enjoy water with the flavors in it.  I almost crave it.  They are all sugar-free but somehow they taste like there is real sugar in it.  The tea I make I make in the coffee pot and I put Splenda in it and it is as sweet as sugar.  I don’t notice it at all.  Splenda or the generic version that I use has almost no bitter taste or nasty aftertaste.  In fact I have bought liquid of it to take with me if I need to use it. Plus now I have a never-ending tea-pot!  Yay!

I know to some that walking for about an hour every day and doing around 1-2 miles doesn’t seem like much.  Let me just describe how far I have come.  We went to a Reds game a couple of weeks ago.  The parking lot we park in is a little ways from the stadium and we have to walk.  So walking in I end up dragging behind everyone.  I am huffing and puffing and just cannot keep up.  I start mouthing off that we need a golf cart because I am old and fat.  A lady coming up beside me agreed wholeheartedly because she couldn’t do it either!  Well now, I can go up and down these hills out here, on foot, with minimal huffing and puffing.  I can catch my breath and keep going.  I don’t stop to rest on the hills nor do I dread them.  It may seem so simple and not so much but for me it is a monumental accomplishment.  I can’t wait to see if i huff and puff on the way into the next Reds game.

With that let me tell you about the last game we were at.  It was raining.  We had hoped it wouldn’t rain.  So we sat and waited most of the day in the rain because they thought they could start the game at 330.  Well no.  They cancelled it around 5 PM or so.  So I took some awesome pics this time.  I happened to get over where they were doing Reds live and took several pics.  I also took several of the kids and the two lone umbrellas  I will post below the kids waiting on us.  We went ahead and set up the DVR to record the game while we were there and oh my what we found!  Derek and I were shown sitting in the rain!  I will see if I can find that and post it here too.  The kids were sitting between us and had just gotten up to go get something to eat.  Good times, and we will get to go to the rescheduled game when they figure out the date.

IMG_0345 IMG_0371 IMG_0374 IMG_0378

I can’t get the video to upload but there is a picture of it. The bottom pic is Derek and I, what they ran on TV. You can see I have it paused on the picture of us. My poncho was completely over my knees to keep my iPhone, iPad and stuff dry.  It was almost impossible but those things stayed dry.  The first one, the girl and boy on the right of the photo are Annie and Jeffrey waiting on the ballplayers to sign autographs and the middle is Reds Live and the next one, the two umbrellas in the middle by themselves are Jeffrey and Annie.

I had to run to the drug store today and I had my Murr & Sal & Joe & Q shirt on.  One of the ladies there actually knew what my shirt meant!  Holy smokes!  I haven’t run into anyone who has known yet.  Y’all are missing out.  I will let you chew on that one.  I will put up a blog in the future or maybe later in this one about all my comedy loves.  That may take a whole blog actually.

So yesterday I had started a blog that talked about Jeffrey having leukemia.  I had published it before I was ready really but I am going to continue on with it a bit and start adding my Caringbridge entries too.  I had blogged those when he was sick.  I may put one a day until I have all of them on there.  I didn’t blog much but I did longer posts mostly so I could tell the whole thing at once.  I just feel like I need to continue talking about that and who am I to argue with my gut.

Here are the first two entries that I made on Caringbridge.  I haven’t read these for a while so it will be interesting for me to re-read them as I go.

I am sure some of you are wondering just how did we come to this conclusion.  It was just by chance.  I  took Jeffrey to the DR because we thought he had an infected tooth, and to get his medication prescription refilled.  The DR thought he looked a little pale and decided to do bloodwork on him.  The next day, Wednesday, they call and tell us that they have found something wrong with his blood that could possibly be leukemia and to get to the Riley ER as soon as we could and not to delay, go there that day!  We get him here, and Riley’s blood tests match up to what the DR office found, and they believe it to be a type of blood cancer but did not want to put a name on it until a bone marrow test was done the following day.  He did really well with the bone marrow test and didn’t have much pain and in fact I could say he didn’t complain at all.  He did the easier type of sedation for it.  Early afternoon they came in and told us that he did for sure have leukemia and the type they believed it to be at that time, AML, does not have a good prognosis but he will be treated for it fast since it is a fast moving cancer.  They say kids recover faster than adults who have the AML type,  and the majority of the kids are in remission when they leave the hospital.  They are going to discuss the diagnosis, treatment and other options and things with us today.  This morning he went for an EKG and an ultrasound of his heart.  This afternoon he will be getting a central line in, and having his first dose of chemo.  The first round will be 28 days long, and they should tell me today just how many days of chemo it will consist of.  As soon as I know anything else, I will post it!  Thank you for your love, care and thoughts!  It is all very much appreciated!
Yesterday was a very long and tiring day.  The day went so fast with hardly no time in between things that were going on.  Jeffrey was taken in early for an ultrasound of his heart and an EKG.  They needed to check it due to toxins in chemo that affect the heart in a negative way.  We no sooner than got back to the room they came to take us to OR.  He had his central line put in and they drew some spinal fluid, and if I understood correctly, it was to test to see if there was any cancerous cells in the fluid.  While he was having surgery the Dr.’s came and consulted with us, explaining that it is indeed AML type leukemia, and explained exactly what would be happening during his treatments and that he would get an additional drug in two of his blocks of treatment that was a combination of an antibiotic and an antibody, which will latch on to the bad white cells and the antibiotic will then fight the cancer.  Grandma Crowder, Aunt Rheta, Aunt Robin and cousin Lacey came to see him yesterday and toward the end of the day, the nurses let him come out to the waiting room to visit a while.  He has to wear a mask and stuff, due to infection risk.  When his white count goes to zero, he is at such high risk that a paper cut that becames infected could be fatal if not tended to properly.  Jeffrey received some gifts yesterday before I got back, and some balloons from my coworker Martha.  Thank you Martha!  Then Santa Claus found me at Wal Mart and I returned with several presents for him.  At 1AM this morning they started his chemo.  He has three separate types today, and should be complete for the day at 11:30AM.  It will begin again around 1AM.  He is sick.  So very very sick.  I have never seen him in this level of sickness before. And I didn’t really realize that chemo will hit him like this this fast.   I knew it would make him sick, and very sick, and knew he could get sick today, but nothign like this.   He at this time has finally konked off.  I tried to encourage him to rest about 2 hours ago but he, as Jeffrey is, wanted to argue and fight.  I tried to explain, he will be far more tired if he won’t rest.  Apparantly, he finally agreed with me.  He went to sleep before they gave him the stronger of the nausea meds which will keep him sleeping for a while, and in other kids it makes them fidgety.  I think he will do better if he goes ahead and sleeps some of this off.  I hope he is hungry this evening.  I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to post to the guestbook or whatever you may have done.  I am having a hard time keeping up with all of the emails and things, which isn’t typical of me I know.  In case anyone wanted to know, his room has been moved to 5124, and some have wanted an address.
Jeffrey Crowder–Room 5124
Riley Hospital for Children
702 Barnhill Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Thank you all so much for the love and support!  —-Stacey

Remember this is from 2009-2010, not today.

It looks like it may storm so I better shut this off for today.  Have a good night!


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