Shopping, Dressing and a few other things

Hi! Hope your day was a delightful as mine.  Today was the big shopping trip to Wal-Mart.  It is usually an almost-all-day event.  My daughter had just finished her shift at work and she came with me too so we could get our walk in.  It wasn’t a continuous walk but it was 1.98 miles total in all the places we shopped at.  I can take that.  Regular walking will resume tomorrow.  I do know that the concrete floors there just really about do me in.  I can’t take much of that.  I can do this uneven pavement out here all day.  But concrete kills me.

NCIS—you are killing me!  I won’t say because I know not everyone has seen it but goodness!!!  What in the world??  I am still in shock.  I sure hope it is just a three month cliffhanger and all will be well in Aug/Sep.  Sure shocked me.

So on our shopping excursion I do believe that we have figured out what the problem with people is today.  It is either dressing or buying clothes.  We are doing it all wrong and I have the picture to prove it. bra

So if this is what they are, well, this explains a lot. I do believe those are a little small.  I will leave it at that.  Oh the things I run into when I am out and about.

Speaking of such, I have a story from several years ago that still just boggles my head and makes me laugh hysterically.  We were at a local laundry mat.  I am so thankful we don’t have to do that anymore!  Anyway, in this laundry mat was about oh 30 washers and about 20 dryers or so.  They were split in the middle for a walkway, or the washer line was.  On one side was all regular washers, and on the other was a few regular washers and 4 heavy-duty large washers.  I had I think 3 baskets of clothes and I had filled up one large washer and about 3 or 4 regular washers next to it.  This left one large capacity sitting there empty in that row.  Well there was this guy, and he was over across the way talking to the attendants about motor scooters or some such stuff.  I had determined at that time that this guy was something.  Anyway, he finally worked his way over to where we were and put his stuff in the washer, the heavy-duty one, beside the one I was using.  The whole laundry mat and he had to have that one!  He began making small talk about washers and such.  And then it was out.  The main reason why he had to come over there.  He proceeded to explain that he bought that motor scooter in the lot from his earnings of mowing grass over the summer.  He talked about how nice the scooter was and then there it was. He worked his way around to asking “so you all drive motor scooters?”  Huh?  You are seriously asking me this?  I hope your powers of observation are better when mowing lawns.  I simply replied “No.”  He wasn’t too hip to talk more after that.  I did turn to Annie and ask her if he really thought we drove scooters.  I wanted to say either yup, I put these 3 baskets of clothes, 2 kids, myself and laundry soap on a scooter, or yup, but the scooter is in the shop, the Jeep is our loaner.  My sense got the best of me and I didn’t say that.  I will never forget that particular conversation.

I started this blog yesterday but today we walked 2.05 miles for 1 hour and 12 minutes.  I feel so good anymore after we walk.  I didn’t feel bad yesterday but I can tell if I don’t walk.  We did do what I would say is a normal amount but it wasn’t at one time which messes me up.  We usually have a cat or two that walks with us.  I find that absolutely hilarious.  You can’t herd cats but apparently you can inspire them to walk with you.

It is hard to find low carb foods when you are out and about. Any suggestions there?  I am not sure how to handle that because I can’t cook my lunch in the middle of Walmart.  I guess I can but that may not work well.  After I get some more weight off then I will be able to dine out a bit and not have to worry so much as long as I factor that in.

Speaking of which, my chin is getting smaller!  I am going to see if I can do a side by side here so you can see.


So there we go.  That pic alone is really inspiring me to keep going and get this weight off.

When we walk we like to cover all sorts of topics.  One thing I was thinking about is if there is a no trespassing sign, if an animal crosses, is that considered trespassing?  Just a thought.

The other thing we discussed is friends.  Neither of us can figure out why after x amount of time the friends seem to just grow apart.  Friendship is something neither of us take lightly.  I don’t understand how it seems as if some people just fall away or something.  It has been mentioned to me that maybe I expect a level of friendship and actions in return that people just don’t want to do.  I don’t understand, then, how hard it is to fire off an email. pick up the phone (gasp! yes CALL), or any other action that may show they are responding and care what you have to think or say.  Maybe friendship is dead.  I really don’t have a clue.  I have analyzed this for years and have thought many times it is me.  I am still not convinced it isn’t.  My life has changed, in many ways for the best.  The stuff Jeffrey went through really changed how I view things.  Things that I thought were important then don’t seem so important now after his leukemia.  I will do a separate blog on that very soon.  All of it.  Anyway, I have been saved and am going to church and that is a huge part of my life. I take the fact that Jesus died for me very seriously.  I don’t understand why my beliefs would bother people, because you love people more, or at least I think so, after you learn about Jesus and how He loves you. I also understand we get busy but it takes 45 seconds to send a two line email–Hey been busy! Will catch up soon!–so there’s that too. Needless to say, the friendship thing really bugs me.

That is all for now.  I was told on my walk this morning that someone was disappointed that there was no blog yesterday.  Annie, here ya go.  🙂


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