Writer’s Block

Writer’s block–not sure why but I figured I would start with this.  What a concept for starting a blog!  Let me give some background here and I will properly address the writer’s block.  My daughter and I have been walking for a while now or at least it seems that way.  While we walk I can think of a zillion things I would like to talk about or record or whatever.  Now here I sit, finally after convincing myself that this would be a good idea, and I can’t think of a thing.  So writer’s block was born.

I do find however after I get my fingers moving that tends to fade away.  The whole point of this blog is to document our crazy thoughts and our goal to become healthy.  Several people watch that on Facebook as I am always posting something on there about our walking adventure.   But there are things I do leave out, like the things we see when we walk and all the craziness we come up with.  That will have to go here.  I also ask myself who in the world wants to read my crazy thoughts?  Someone I hope.  Someone important.  Someone somewhat important.  Someone no one knows.  Me.  We shall see.

We have got to get ourselves healthy.  After spending most of my life as a chubby girl, it is time to fix this.  The DR says so too.  Too many big words there at the last visit that will, at the time I thought, unfortunately have to be changed.  I am 15 days in and I am feeling so much better.  Low carb with exercise he says since I detest fruits and veggies.  Yay.  I accomplished this by cutting out all added sugar, except for my cinnamon sugar butter on my low carb bread in the morning.  I will not hammer on that one just yet.  Life is still going, although I thought it would just shrivel up without the sugar and sweetened drinks.  I did figure out the key to good tea with sweetener and boy am I grooving on that!  Anyway, it is hard to cut carbs out of regular food.  I understand the bread and taters (yes I said taters) and those things but in green beans?  BBQ sauce without sugar in it?  What in the world kind of madness is that?  The only other alternative I have is just to cut them down as much as possible and I think I have.  I really limit my intake.  I am losing weight says the scales at the DR office so that is awesome.  I am trying not to look at food like the enemy because we have had such a loving relationship, but I have to make it work for me.  I am into the computer stuff, so I am looking at this as a challenge and a way to just reprogram my operating code.  It works for me.

I am also pursuing a Master’s degree in Electronics and Computer Technology.  My GPA total is 3.6.  I can take that although that class this semester drove me nuts.  I am sure that won’t be the only one.  My brother was one of my influences as to why I started this.  He has inspired me for years to be all I can be and I am taking that to heart.  My professors also.  I had two of the best at VUJC and this mess is all their fault too (mess as in a good thing). They inspired me to do all I can and I could do anything I want.  I have.  But I thank all three of them for molding me into who I am and not giving up on me.  I remember a conversation I had with another professor there.  She was talking to me and one of my good friends about what we wanted to do with ourselves.  I told her I wanted to do what her husband does, who happened to be my computer professor and one that I am referring to above.  She told me there would be a lot of writing and other stuff involved.  She wasn’t kidding!  But I have this.  Writing doesn’t scare me.  🙂

Before I end this, I must talk about my kids.  I know everyone says they have the most awesome kids in the world but I really do.  Jeffrey, he is a leukemia survivor.  Yes he whipped it!  He has the biggest heart of gold that there ever was in a kid.  He has been known to do things such as take his Christmas money and buy something for someone else.  He even wants to take a part-time job so I can stay home, he says. We play games and act a fool most every day.  He is just my baby and I love him to the moon and back.  According to my friend, my daughter has raised the bar of gift giving to mothers the world over.  She gave me Maroon 5 tickets for Christmas, and Rob Thomas tickets for my birthday.  The one she is determined to get though is meet and greet with the Impractical Jokers.  I can’t wait for that.  Anyway, all that stuff aside, when I came home from the DR office, and oddly enough she had gone with me, when we sat down and discussed what I was going to have to do she asked, “Do you want me to do it with you?”  Talk about a true friend.  She has done it all with me.  Inspires me to walk every day.  And checks how the eating is going.  She will be 20 and still lives here and doesn’t have to do any of this, but I am so thankful she does.  I love her to the moon and back too.  I would never make it without both of them since they complete me so much. I can’t forget the hubby.  He doesn’t say much about the health issues because you all know how husbands are.  He does tell me to keep a watch on it and take care of myself.  Out of a husband, that speaks volumes.  🙂

And tonight, NCIS may bring me to screams.  A main character goes? Oh dear I dread that one.  It better not be Tony or Gibbs or Abbie.

PS Remember this may be grammatically incorrect.  My thoughts don’t always adhere to rules.  🙂


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